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Page not found - Queens College Cambridge. Colours of the Cambridge Colleges See also a page of colours of blades of college boat-clubs. new Jan 2000 Christ's College Churchill College Clare College Clare Hall Corpus Christi College Darwin College Downing College Emmanuel College Fitzwilliam College Girton College Gonville & Caius College Homerton College Hughes Hall.

Page not found - Queens College Cambridge

School Calendar - Physics and Astronomy, University of Birmingham. ...we want to hear from you Tell us about your experience of using our new intranet pages.

School Calendar - Physics and Astronomy, University of Birmingham

Did you find what you were looking for? Have you learnt something new today? Or do you wish we could improve your intranet experience? Developing these intranet pages will be ongoing and, if you share your view and ideas, it will help us to continue to improve this important resource for the benefit of the entire University community. We also welcome your comments on university internal communications in general. If you have a technical question you can contact our IT colleagues as they are much better at that stuff than we are! University of Birmingham - eLibrary. University of Essex. What To Take To University. TSR Wiki > University > Freshers > What To Take To University This is a descriptive inventory of nearly everything you could possibly want to take to university with you.

What To Take To University

It has been compiled from suggestions given by people already at university to prospective students and freshers. Using this as a guide, rather than a prescriptive list, hopefully you shouldn't forget anything vital! (And if all else fails, you can always buy them when you get there!) Think carefully about the amount of stuff you take to Uni - and avoid taking heaps of extra stuff 'just in case'. Bedroom items Bedding Before you go out and buy stuff it is a good idea to check what the uni will be providing.

Duvet - one with two different 'warmth' layers that fix together is best Sheets x 2 Duvet/quilt covers x2 sets Pillows x2 Pillow cases x4 Warm blanket/fleece throw Underblanket/mattress protector Bath towels and hand towels x 2 Other Bedroom items Coffee mug Laundry items Clothing Other Bag etc Personal items Stationery Items. University of Hertfordshire - UK. Applications and UCAS. GCE Advanced Level. The A Level logo The General Certificate of Education Advanced Level—generally termed the GCE Advanced Level or, more commonly, the A Level—is an academic qualification offered by educational bodies in the United Kingdom and the British Crown dependencies to students completing secondary or pre-university education.

GCE Advanced Level

A number of countries, including Singapore and Mauritius have developed qualifications with the same name as and a similar format to that of the British A Levels. The qualification is generally studied for over two years and split into two parts, with one part studied in each year. The first part is known as the Advanced Subsidiary Level, or AS Level, and was previously known as the Advanced Supplementary Level, with the same abbreviation.

The second part is known as the A2 Level. Current usage[edit] A number of countries use the A Levels as a school leaving qualification. United Kingdom[edit] Brunei[edit] Malaysia[edit] Mauritius[edit] Seychelles[edit] University of Sussex. Student Handbook : Students : Activities. Welcome.

Student Handbook : Students : Activities

I hope that you will find this academic year intellectually stimulating, personally fulfilling, and academically rewarding. This Handbook provides a quick guide to what the University offers, what we aim to help you to achieve and what we expect of you. It also provides links to all the web pages for detailed information of the support services available and to the various regulations that you should be aware of. We want you to achieve your academic and personal potential, to develop networks of friends, new interests and life skills.

In order to achieve this we recommend that you: work hard - we expect you to engage with your course by attending lectures, seminars, labs etc as students with good attendance are the most likely to achieve the best degrees overall. I wish you every success during your time at Sussex. Claire Powrie Director of Student Services. University of Birmingham. <p>Browser does not support script.

University of Birmingham

</p> University of Birmingham Mind the gap: What is missing in the autism research agenda? A better understanding of how autistic people think is vital if we are to produce viable interventions, say University of Birmingham experts. Read the perspective.... Search for Courses Powered by Contensis. University of Birmingham. UK Active Map of Universities and HE Institutions.