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Facebook Twitter ShiftEdit. How-To Geek » How to Hide Zip Files Inside a Picture Without any Extra Software. Since images are read from the header down, and zip files are read from the footer up, you can easily merge them as one single file , and no one will ever know.

How-To Geek » How to Hide Zip Files Inside a Picture Without any Extra Software

Read on to find out how. Embedding Zip Files Inside GIF Files Note: During tests GIF images were the only image type to give consistent results, therefore we recommend you use them as well. The first thing you will need to do is drill down into the directory that’s holding both your GIF image as well as your zip file, so press the Win + R keyboard combination, type cmd into the run box and hit enter. When the command prompt opens you can use the cd command to change directories. All it takes to merge the files is one simple copy command, the trick is to use the /B switch like so: copy /B newfile.gif. How to Create a Secretly Disguised Folder Without Extra Software. Almost anyone knows how to make a “hidden” folder in Windows, most people also know how to make Explorer show hidden folders.

How to Create a Secretly Disguised Folder Without Extra Software

Instead, if your folder looked like an innocent shortcut no one would know you have data in there. Cachea tus páginas en 5 pasos (PHP) Cachear tus páginas puede ser algo realmente útil y más aún si tus paginas usan muchas conexiones a la base de datos y están generados con un lenguaje cómo Php, sobre todo cuando hablamos de hostings compartidos en los que el número de peticiones a las bases de datos esta limitado. Cuando tus páginas son cacheadas el servidor no perderá ni tiempo ni recursos en regenerar una y otra vez estas, unicmanete las cargará de la cache. Vamos a ver cómo podríamos cachear nuestras páginas con Php en tan sólo 5 minutos. Necesitaremos saber tres cosas antes de comenzar: Primero si nuestro sitio esta desarrollado en PHP, segundo deberemos saber dar permiso 777 a una carpeta de nuestro directorio (en esta carpeta se albergarán las páginas cacheadas), si no sabes hacerlo pregunta a Google que seguro que resuevle tu duda y por último necesitaremos saber la ruta completa del directorio en cuestión, esto quiere decir ruta física (/home/pepito/public_html/)

. … y esto es todo amigos. How to Install KVM and Create Virtual Machines on Ubuntu. If you’re using Linux, you don’t need VirtualBox or VMware to create virtual machines.

How to Install KVM and Create Virtual Machines on Ubuntu

You can use KVM – the kernel-based virtual machine – to run both Windows and Linux in virtual machines. You can use KVM directly or with other command-line tools, but the graphical Virtual Machine Manager (Virt-Manager) application will feel most familiar to people that have used other virtual machine programs. Installing KVM.


Flash. Css. QR code. Flash to ipad. Cache. Vi Complete Key Binding List. This is not intended as a tutorial.

vi Complete Key Binding List

It is a reference on what every vi key binding does, followed by some useful vi tricks and tips. An expert will probably know most of these already, but an intermediate vi user will find valuable information, and even an expert may learn a thing or two. complete key binding reference Definitions UNBOUND - this key is not normally bound to any vi commandword - a lower-case word ("w", "b", "e" commands) is defined by a consecutive string of letters, numbers, or underscore, or a consecutive string of characters that is not any of {letters, numbers, underscore, whitespace} Word - an upper-case word ("W", "B", "E" commands) is a consecutive sequence of non-whitespace. sentenceparagraphcursor motion command - any command which positions the cursor is ok here, including the use of numeric prefixes. Key Bindings in Editing Modes While in any edit mode (insert, replace, etc.) there are some keys that are used to adjust behaviour, rather than just to insert text.


Quick and simple image placeholders. A Smarter Way to Serve High-Resolution Images. Given enough time, all simple, already solved problems of the web eventually rear their ugly heads again.

A Smarter Way to Serve High-Resolution Images

Remember when limited bandwidth was a huge problem? Then bandwidth was infinite. Now it’s a problem again. And that means serving up images is once again a complex problem with no elegant solution. Its seems simple. Arguably the best solution right now is to send low-res images to every device. While that’s the safest solution for now, the web doesn’t get better if no one takes any risks. The latest image cleverness we’ve seen is Adam Bradley’s Foresight.js. Part of what makes Foresight.js appealing is its use of the proposed CSS image-set() function, one possible solution to the problem of serving up the right image at the right time. Foresight.js takes the image-set() proposal and uses an ingenious hack to make it work in other browsers: the font-family property.

Ffmpeg audio/video manipulation. How To Force File Download With PHP. HOWTO: quick reference on audio & video encoding with ffmpeg. The purpose of this article is to serve as a quick reference on how to use ffmpeg for audio and video encoding.

HOWTO: quick reference on audio & video encoding with ffmpeg

Boy can these ffmpeg flags be tricky to remember, especially codec names: they can really drive me crazy :) Let's cover audio encoding first (MPEG, MP3, AAC, 3GPP AMR, OGG, FLAC & WMA). Then, we'll talk about video (MPEG, FLV, XVID, MP4, Theora, WMV, H.264 & MKV), with a tiny bit of benchmarking as well. Finally, we'll try some heavy duty video compression for mobile devices. BTW, all these examples work (!) 1) Audio encoding. 19 ffmpeg commands for all needs. MP4Box 0.4.6 rev2735. OMA DRM. In order to encrypt a 3GP/MP4 file into a PDCF file, MP4Box uses the same process as ISMA encryption, only the drm file syntax changes.


Just like any XML file, the file must begin with the usual xml header. The file encoding SHALL BE UTF-8. The file is then a collection of OMATrack elements placed under an OMADRM document root (currently ignored). Each element describes all OMA DRM information needed to encrypt a given track. An OMATrack element may have children describing the optional textual headers defined in OMA DRM 2.0. XML Syntax Semantics trackID : specifies the track ID to encrypt. The following example shows how to encrypt a file with one track, using selective encryption of RAP samples, embedded keys and no IPMP signaling.

Mobile detection

Char0n/ffmpeg-php. CodeScale PEAR channel. EaselJS: A Javascript Library for Working with the HTML5 Canvas Element. Recent Updates Follow @CreateJS November 2014 Updates in preparation for next release (coming soon).New class model, with big performance increases October 2014 Lots of bug fixes and pull requests.New 'Extras' folder in GitHub with useful tools and classes July 2014 Major overhaul of Graphics to include a useful command pattern, and a big performance increase.Added / unstore() The Story.

Node.js. Convert 3gp Using Ffmpeg? Jul 24, 2007 I'm relatively new to PHP and am creating a website which will take uploaded files and convert them to FLV files for quick viewing using an FLV player.

Convert 3gp Using Ffmpeg?

It is similar to YouTube. After a successful upload I hope to first convert the video file to FLV, and then create a thumbnail from the FLV file. In my upload script, the two commands follow eachother: exec("Video to FLV Conversion");exec("Thumbnail creation"); The video converts always, and on very small videos (below 500k) the thumbnail creation works as well... but for larger files, the thumbnail creation does not execute. My thoughts are that the Thumbnail exec() starts before the FLV Conversion exec() is completed.

View 1 Replies View Related. Installing FFMPEG and FFMPEG-PHP on CentOS. Last few weeks couple of my colleagues were working on a website that required converting videos to FLV format which is much similar to what youtube does.

Installing FFMPEG and FFMPEG-PHP on CentOS

Inorder to do this they were using ffmpeg which does all the video conversion. What FFMPEG-PHP can do and how to use the most out of it. 6.5. Encoding to MPEG format. MEncoder can create MPEG (MPEG-PS) format output files.

6.5. Encoding to MPEG format

Usually, when you are using MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 video, it is because you are encoding for a constrained format such as SVCD, VCD, or DVD. The specific requirements for these formats are explained in the VCD and DVD creation guide section. To change MEncoder's output file format, use the -of mpeg option. Example: Ffmpeg-php.