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EduMooc 2011: Week#7 MOOCast - August 10, 2011
More Inspiration: 7 brand new ideas from teachers
EdmodoTeacherHub - Selling edmodo EdmodoTeacherHub - Selling edmodo Show summaries to give to your bossThe moodle argumentAs a former marketer, I use the word "selling" unashamedly : we do sometimes need to do a sales pitch to our colleagues and supervisors. This page for links to resources and ideas specifically aimed at encouraging others to come onboard! See the Parent page for discussion about communicating to parents.
What Happens The Instant Defense Spray Reaches Your Attacker The second you spray your aggressor with self defense spray, he’ll feel quickly like his skin as well as eyes are on fire. If this is a potent pepper spray like Wildfire Pepper Spray, then he will even more cough ceaselessly, gag, and be not able to keep his eyes from folding because of inflamed blood vessels within the eyes. Ordinary 10% pepper spray performs all that. Now, think about what 18 percent self defense spray can do. www.tcea2012.org/2012/Custom/Handout/Speaker6734_Session1219_1.pdf www.tcea2012.org/2012/Custom/Handout/Speaker6734_Session1219_1.pdf
Edmodo – A Social Network For Teachers & Students Fortunately, the situation has slowly shifted for the better. There are several great educational tools popping up here and there, and Edmodo is one of them. Let’s take a look to see how it can help. The Teachers’s Perspective If I have to explain Edmodo in one short phrase, it would be: “Facebook for Education” (and you’ll see why shortly). Edmodo – A Social Network For Teachers & Students
Goals of the class: To learn how to use Edmodo as a teacher and a student.To improve class communication and have an electronic means to communicate with your students and parents.To provide a forum for your students to submit assignments electronically, watch or listen to tutorials, and blog.Establish a new PLN community. In this class you will earn one (1) C.C.U. and have everything set up for the beginning of school to share with your new students. I use Edmodo in my classroom everyday. techtools4teaching.wikispaces techtools4teaching.wikispaces
Edmodo describes itself as a "social learning network," enabling collaboration and information and file sharing among teachers, students, and school administrators. The web-based application is free, and enables the establishment of groups that share information within a defined entity, such as a class. Participation requires permission and a school code, so it is relatively secure from participation from unauthorized users. Posting comments, photos, files, links and other digital content, as well as calendar updates are all included, so that due dates, events and information can be accessed at any time. Furthermore, Edmodo is accessible from iphones and other mobile devices, so it is useful for many students even if they are away from desktop access. suweb20.wikispaces suweb20.wikispaces
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Why I love Edmodo Why I love Edmodo Classroom Spaces → If you had come into my year 5 classroom last term, for the most part you would have seen clusters of desks usually arranged in groups of four or six. […] Generosity →
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Simon Haughton's Blog: Edmodo Simon Haughton's Blog: Edmodo Last week my deputy head put a writing task on Edmodo for KS2 - within four days, 42 children had chosen, in their own free time at break or at home, to complete it! They weren't forced, it wasn't formally set as homework - they just decided themselves that they wanted to do it. To say that Edmodo is a success at my school would be putting it mildly. Since my last post (view here), I've managed to get about half of KS1 signed up too and have even had children who are off ill logging in at home during the day. Having had more time to explore Edmodo, I can now explain some of the tools I overlooked last time, as well as give you some useful little tips I've discovered to help get the most out of Edmodo.
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