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EduMooc 2011: Week#7 MOOCast - August 10, 2011. More Inspiration: 7 brand new ideas from teachers. We admit, this is starting to get a little crazy — every time we ask for ways you use Edmodo in the classroom, we receive new and fresh ideas — seems like you never run out of new ways to use it! Here are a few more creative ideas from some of our educators: EdmodoTeacherHub - Selling edmodo. Edmodo – A Social Network For Teachers & Students. Fortunately, the situation has slowly shifted for the better.

Edmodo – A Social Network For Teachers & Students

There are several great educational tools popping up here and there, and Edmodo is one of them. Let’s take a look to see how it can help. The Teachers’s Perspective If I have to explain Edmodo in one short phrase, it would be: “Facebook for Education” (and you’ll see why shortly). Edmodo describes itself as “Secure social learning network for teachers and students“. For experimental purpose, let’s look at the service from both perspectives. The sign up window looks ordinary with all the usual fields to fill.

After signing up, you’ll land in your Edmodo home page. The update area is “adjusted” as a tool to send Notes, Alerts, Assignments, and Polls to fellow students or other teachers. If you are a teacher, you’ll appreciate the ability to easily send assignments. Teachers also have the privilege to create groups. Then your status will be updated with the group that you’ve just created. The Students’ Perspective The Social Side. Techtools4teaching.wikispaces. Goals of the class: To learn how to use Edmodo as a teacher and a student.To improve class communication and have an electronic means to communicate with your students and parents.To provide a forum for your students to submit assignments electronically, watch or listen to tutorials, and blog.Establish a new PLN community.


In this class you will earn one (1) C.C.U. and have everything set up for the beginning of school to share with your new students. I use Edmodo in my classroom everyday. Suweb20.wikispaces. Edmodo describes itself as a "social learning network," enabling collaboration and information and file sharing among teachers, students, and school administrators.


The web-based application is free, and enables the establishment of groups that share information within a defined entity, such as a class. Participation requires permission and a school code, so it is relatively secure from participation from unauthorized users. Posting comments, photos, files, links and other digital content, as well as calendar updates are all included, so that due dates, events and information can be accessed at any time. Furthermore, Edmodo is accessible from iphones and other mobile devices, so it is useful for many students even if they are away from desktop access.

It is a Web 2.0 tool because it enables back-and-forth collaboration, user-created content and sharing of the same, and is a dynamic, evolving tool where users can create and define its value. Special Features: Learning Connections Tutorial. The Help Center, powered by the Edmodo Community. We are pleased to announce the launch of the Help Center, powered by the Edmodo Community. Whether you are a classroom teacher looking for introductory videos to show your students how to get started, a tech director at a school district who wants to make the case for rolling out Edmodo to all of your schools, or a school media specialist looking for helpful hints on effective ways to ensure all of the teachers at your school are registered, this will serve as a resource center for all of the tools you need to introduce Edmodo to your community.

Although we’ve contributed core materials such as User Guides and basic data sheets, our goal is for the Help Center to be a rich and dynamic repository for content developed by the Edmodo user community. Some of the highlights of the Help Center include: Webinar Schedule: For users who prefer a live walkthrough of the site, we offer regularly scheduled webinars for users at all levels. Why I love Edmodo. Classroom Spaces → If you had come into my year 5 classroom last term, for the most part you would have seen clusters of desks usually arranged in groups of four or six. […] Generosity → The assembly theme at my school this week was generosity.

Why I love Edmodo

Our principal gave a humorous talk about the need for generosity in our lives. It involved lollies (sweets) so not surprisingly […] Persistance → EdmodoTeacherHub - About. Simon Haughton's Blog: Edmodo. Last week my deputy head put a writing task on Edmodo for KS2 - within four days, 42 children had chosen, in their own free time at break or at home, to complete it!

Simon Haughton's Blog: Edmodo

They weren't forced, it wasn't formally set as homework - they just decided themselves that they wanted to do it. To say that Edmodo is a success at my school would be putting it mildly. Since my last post (view here), I've managed to get about half of KS1 signed up too and have even had children who are off ill logging in at home during the day. Having had more time to explore Edmodo, I can now explain some of the tools I overlooked last time, as well as give you some useful little tips I've discovered to help get the most out of Edmodo. Firstly, let me talk about 'assignments'. To complete an assignment, children have to click on the 'turn in' button on the assignment description before typing their work in (and upload any pictures/files) - they shouldn't do it by replying to the message.

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