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WholecellUSA have the most comprehensive and current inventory of phone accessories and equipment! From cases and covers to headphones and cables, we have it!

The Super Fast Charging Cables for IPhone. – Wholesale Phone Accessories USA. With life getting busier and faster each passing day, the demand for effectively working and time saving gadgets is increasing.

The Super Fast Charging Cables for IPhone. – Wholesale Phone Accessories USA

The world is running ahead and to compete along, one must have such devices that are not only helpful in getting the work done quickly and efficiently but also, they must be easy to carry and match the trends as well. Smart phones are almost everywhere these days. Life seems impossible and non-functioning without them. Where we spend most of our times using them for almost a lot of our tasks, their charging and long battery life is also an option to ponder about. HTC, Apple, LG, Samsung and many more brands are there in the market with the evolving products in order to catch the eye of the buyers. Considering the super fast charging cables made for iPhones, first comes the ultimate, gold standard; Lightning to micro USB adapters.

How Gorilla Glass Protects Your Cell Phone? Protecting your smart phone from scratches after your new purchase is always a matter of concern.

How Gorilla Glass Protects Your Cell Phone?

Who would like to see marks and scratches on their costly cell phone when they drop it accidently? At least, no me! Corning Gorilla Glass protectors are always the most reliable when it comes to saving your phone from unwanted marks and scratches. This toughened; hard with high scratch resistance ability glass is always the top most choice of the buyers around the globe when it comes to screen protection. The Gorilla Glass is harder than the metal used to make keys and coins and if put together with these items, the glass would not get marks. 1. Withstood the drops twice as much as any other protector, this type is the most innovative and tough when put to force on jagged streets, parking lots and pavements; saving your phone from major breaks and marks. 2. 3. Aple IPhone 6 Plus 6S Plus Hybrid Slim Jim Protector Cover. IPhone 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7. Wait, what?

IPhone 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7

The title sounds crazy, no? It does! But crazier is what we are going to spill in the article as how the two different products are creating a storm in the world of smartphones. iOS 10 vs. Android is an old rivalry. However, with the upcoming launch of IPhone 7, there might come up some tough competition for the Samsung Galaxy S7. What is on the display? IPhone 7 is yet to hit the market but as far as the details have it, this stunning product presents with two variants: one is a 4.7in screen and a 5.5in screen. How compatible is your smartphone? Compatibility is what attracts a buyer the most. Love taking pictures? Everything You Need To Know About IPhone 6 And IPhone 6S. No!

Everything You Need To Know About IPhone 6 And IPhone 6S

This is not another comparison article among the many you come across daily leading to a concluding solution by the end. Rather it is going to tell you what was there in store for everyone regarding the IPhone 6 and all that you need to know about 6S, a detailed review of both the phones that might help you make a decision when you are looking to buy one. The launch of 6S brings rivalry or a friendly companionship; we leave it for you to decide by the end of this article. However, for now, let us jump into the details about what the two marvelling products have to offer.

In terms of design: Both offer more or less the same features when it comes to design and display. In terms of Power: Both the phones are packed with built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. In terms of camera: Now this is where most of the people seem to have their interest. In terms of the chip installed in each one: What do we get by the end? Like this: Like Loading... Plastic screen protector vs Glass screen protector; which one stands out? The first question that hit us all after buying a new phone is how to protect it?

Plastic screen protector vs Glass screen protector; which one stands out?

And there starts a never ending quest of all the safety items. From mobile phone covers to pouches to wallets to the screen protectors, everything needs to be purchased for an ensured safety. Sounds like a lot of labor, no? It sure does but we are going to make it an easier one for you.