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What is an outstanding PE lesson? Throughout my career as a PE teacher, SSCo, a PE subject leader and most recently, as an Assistant Vice Principal with responsibly for a Performance faculty, I often have discussions with school leaders and teachers about teaching and learning within this area, and the question I am asked most is “What is an outstanding PE lesson?”

What is an outstanding PE lesson?

My answer used to involve a list of teacher jargon or buzzwords which would often include quoting the most recent research I had read or the keynote speaker I had listened to at the last PE and Sports college or Sports Partnership conference. My answer now involves just 3 simple statements: GCSE PE [Flipped Learning Videos] GCSE Instagram. GCSE Physical Education. My GCSE PE. Gcse-pe-revision-guide.ppt. Course: GCSE PE Year 11. My GCSE PE. GCSE Bitesize - Physical Education. GCSE Physical Education brought to you. GCSE PE Revision flashcards. EDEXCEL GCSE PE.