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WordNet Search - 3.1. Schools Online Thesaurus. Cook's Thesaurus. Tim Craven - Freeware. 32-bit Windows packages (The self-extractors for these packages currently all require 16-bit support.

Tim Craven - Freeware

In case of a "16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem" error message, consult the Microsoft help page at (In Windows Vista, running the self-extractors as administrator is recommended. Running one of the self-extractors as an ordinary user typically produces the useless error message C:\Users\username\Local\Temp\_INS0432. (An alternative to running a self-extractor as a program is to change the extension to , extract the contents, and run in the folder containing the extracted files.) (Using XP compatibility mode may also help with some problems.) (In Windows XP and Vista, the applications are best viewed with "Windows and Buttons" set to "Windows Classic Style".) Software for building and editing thesauri. This page is rather out of date and is not being actively maintained.

Software for building and editing thesauri

It is retained here because some of the information is still valid, but users should check with suppliers of software packages for current information. We are discussing the transfer of this page to someone else who will maintain it, and when that happens a link to the new site will be given here. - Leonard Will. What is a thesaurus? This is a list of software for the development and editing of information retrieval thesauri. These are primarily thesauri which are used to standardise the terms used when indexing and searching for items in a database.

How to Use the TGN Online. Thesaurus of Geographic Names. Download The AIATSIS Thesauri. Conditions Of Use This work is copyright.

Download The AIATSIS Thesauri

You may download, display, print and reproduce this material in unaltered form (retaining AIATSIS copyright statement) only for non-commercial use. You can use the terms in the thesaurus to describe items in collections held in Libraries, Archives and Keeping places. All other rights reserved. Requests and inquiries concerning reproduction and rights should be addressed to: Metadata: Cataloging by Any Other Name. Metadata: Cataloging by Any Other Name ... by Jessica Milstead and Susan Feldman ONLINE, January 1999Copyright © Information Today, Inc.

Metadata: Cataloging by Any Other Name

Editor's Note: Be sure to take a look at this article's companion piece, also by Jessica and Susan, entitled "Metadata Projects and Standards," for an overview of the variety of emerging and often conflicting projects for standardizing electronic resources. Also see the extensive list of metadata project and resource links referenced in the text. Cathro. Australian Thesaurus of Education Descriptors.

Thesaurus Construction - Glossary. Broader term The superordinate term in a hierarchical relation.

Thesaurus Construction - Glossary

A symbol used in a thesaurus to identify the following terms as broader terms to the heading term. Chain A sequence of terms in which the class represented by each term includes all the classes represented by the terms that follow that term. Controlled indexing. LC Thesaurus of Graphic Materials - About. Course: Principles of Controlled Vocabulary and Thesaurus Design (The Digital Library Environment (Cat21)). Catalogers Learning Workshop, Program for Cooperative Cataloging, Library of Congress. Back to Workshop Course Materials Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF documents.

Course: Principles of Controlled Vocabulary and Thesaurus Design (The Digital Library Environment (Cat21)). Catalogers Learning Workshop, Program for Cooperative Cataloging, Library of Congress.

Course Description The Principles of Controlled Vocabulary and Thesaurus Design course provides an overview of these topics. It presents a rationale for the use of controlled vocabularies and prepares catalogers to participate in the development of specialized thesauri or glossaries for specific projects. During the course, attendees explore the following: TGM I. Summary of Features: I.A. Scope and Purpose: LC Thesaurus for Graphic Materials. Thesaurus for Graphic Materials I: Subject Terms (TGM I) INTRODUCTION (1995 printed edition) I.

TGM I. Summary of Features: I.A. Scope and Purpose: LC Thesaurus for Graphic Materials

TGM I - LC Thesaurus for Graphic Materials I: Subject Terms (TGM I) ERIC Thesaurus. A thesaurus provides a standard language or set of terms with which to describe a subject area.

ERIC Thesaurus

Applied to indexing of a database, it indicates to a searcher which terms to use to retrieve the maximum number of relevant documents. The thesaurus terms are used by indexers to describe the contents of publications in a consistent, comprehensive and concise manner. These terms are listed in the Descriptors field (DE=) of each record added to the database. When logged into CSA Illumina, you may browse for terms via a hierarchical, alphabetical, or rotated index display using our interactive Thesaurus Search. These display formats allow you to navigate the thesaurus alphabetically or through the hierarchical relationships between terms. State Records of South Australia - Thesauri. Thesauri On This Page <p><b>Some features on this web page need JAVASCRIPT to be available from your browser.

State Records of South Australia - Thesauri

Your browser appears to have JAVASCRIPT disabled or does not support it. <br />Hence certain capabilities on this web page may not work correctly. </b></p> Art & Architecture Thesaurus. Controlled Vocabulary: your site for information on Keyword, Hierarchical Classification, Thesauri, Taxonomy and Subject Heading systems used to describe images in databases (Thesaurus, facet classification, hierarchy)

UNESCO THESAURUS. British Museum Object Names Thesaurus. Contents IntroductionRules for Compilation of the ThesaurusBibliographyWorking PartyList of Top Terms for the Object Names ThesaurusCopyrightAlphabetical listing with relationships:A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, ZSimple list of terms:A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z Note on This Version Introduction A Collections Data Management Section (CDMS) Working Party was set up in the 1980s to analyse the terms used to record object names in the British Museum, and to incorporate them into an on-line thesaurus.

British Museum Object Names Thesaurus

Hierarchical and other standard thesaural relationships were added, as well as explanatory notes where appropriate. The thesaurus architecture is based on ISO 2788. Curatorial advice has been sought at all stages of the project, and a number of publications were consulted, which are listed in the bibliography. PT: Preferred Term. BT: Broad Term (a PT may have more than one BT). Welcome to APT - the Australian Pictorial Thesaurus. Thesaurus Design for Information Systems. In a humorous introduction, Dr. Sherry Vellucci, who teaches cataloging at St. John's University, suggested that Bella Hass Weinberg became involved in thesaurus construction through her love of hats. Bella wished to answer such questions as: When did women start wearing hats — and why?

What were the first hats made of? She took her request to the library of a well-known fashion institute. "Versace's friends passed the hat to help him According to Dr. Thesaurus construction tools & software. HILT Sources: Thesauri A-Z. This list will continue to be updated. Please feel free to recommend any thesauri that may be missing. We are hoping in the near future to organise the following according to subject. E-mail: Access to Asian Vegetables Thesaurus - Thesaurus of the key Asian Vegetables and the different names that these vegetables are also commonly known under.

About Thesauri. © 2000. Jessica L. Milstead. All Rights Reserved What is a thesaurus? For writers, it is a tool like Roget’s ­ one with words grouped and classified to help select the best word to convey a specific nuance of meaning. Publications on thesaurus construction and use. - including some references to facet analysis, taxonomies, ontologies, topic maps and related issues This is a list of printed and electronic publications about the principles of constructing and using information retrieval thesauri. It is not a list of existing thesauri, although some thesauri have been included when they are good examples or illustrate the results of different approaches to thesaurus construction.

At the end I have given a few references on the following: I have not yet examined all the articles listed, so in some cases the details and abstracts quoted have come from current awareness services and other sources.