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White Shoe Consulting specializes in Wardrobe Consulting, Career Development, and Life-Coaching. Together, this package of skills will take you to the next level, help you achieve, and make you a more confident individual. My reviews speak for themselves and I am so confident in my ability to help you achieve your goals that my first call is 100% refundable and risk-free!

Hannah Grant 2021 Valentine’s Day Style Guide. Tips on Creating and Growing Your Personal Brand. Many of you have probably heard of the term “personal brand”.

Tips on Creating and Growing Your Personal Brand

This term has long been confined to the business setting, however over the last several years, more and more individuals are starting to take notice and wonder, “What is my personal brand?” Consciously or not, we all have attributes that others recognize, relate to, and associate us with. When do you think of the company Target what comes to mind? The color red and the bullseye are probably some of the top answers.

But what about the Target experience? When others think of you, what do they think? Whatever the answer, you get to define that because if you don’t define your personal brand for yourself, then it will certainly be defined for you by others. When your name is brought up in conversation, how do you want to be perceived? First, to define your brand, take a look at yourself in the mirror. Second, ask your closest family and friends to describe you in 5 words and take stock. Happy Holidays - Denver 2020 - White Shoe Consulting. Dress Your Best For Virtual Holiday Parties - White Shoe Consulting.

December 2020 is finally here!

Dress Your Best For Virtual Holiday Parties - White Shoe Consulting

Congrats, you’ve made it and if you are like me, you have received several web invites for virtual family dinners, virtual secret Santa’s, and virtual work parties. It’s definitely not my first choice of communicating but such a wonderful option to connect with family, friends, and coworkers at this time of year in a safe space. Also, if you are like me you have slowly realized that you need to dress for some of these parties and really put your best foot forward with your stellar holiday style; maybe not so much with family but definitely with events where there are coworkers, employers, and new acquaintances to be had.

So how does your personal stylist recommend you shop, dress, and present yourself in the best way possible? Below are my 5 – tried and tested – tips to put you ahead of the pack with great style! 1. The majority of your time on these event calls will be focused on you from the waist up. Consider a layer on top of your base. 2. 3. 4. 5. November Post 2020 - White Shoe Consulting. 5 tips for Putting Your Best Self Forward on Your Tinder Date. - White Shoe Consulting. The world is in flux right now as cities open up and shut down just to reopen again.

5 tips for Putting Your Best Self Forward on Your Tinder Date. - White Shoe Consulting

This hurts your dating life. This makes people lonely. What are you to do? Start swiping right! But never fear, your wardrobe consultant is here with some tricks to make sure that your date look is on point and you are putting your best foot forward! 1. Don’t be blah on camera wearing a navy-blue shirt that doesn’t flatter you! 2. If you feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, it will show on your face and in your demeanor forcing your virtual date to end with a physical shrug. 3. You may want to go pantless on this date and you might also think “They’ll only see me from the waist up!”

4. Nobody likes talking on camera when you can’t see the other person (queue Catfish!) 5. Expect to give house tours, to speak to items in the background, and to share more than just yourself. QA With A Personal Stylist - White Shoe Consulting. As a personal stylist, I receive a lot of questions about how I got started, what makes me qualified, and how I find my clients.

QA With A Personal Stylist - White Shoe Consulting

So today I wanted to answer these common questions. Q. What does a fashion stylist do? A. My goal as a stylist is to accurately assess the needs of my clients and enable them to be their most confident selves, and more often than not, it goes beyond providing styling tips) A lot of times that goes beyond providing styling tips. I always try to find out why somebody has reached out to me and how best to help. Q. A.