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White Panther is a cyber-security consultancy helping organisations not only protect against and respond to cyber-attacks. Providing IT Security & Compliance Audits & Penetration Testing Services.

Why investing in SOC is Important? Why investing in SOC is Important?

Why investing in SOC is Important?

Along with spread of COVID-19 worldwide, cyber-attacks have increased in the meantime. There are organisations that are not yet prepared for the new normal and changes in the work system. Due to the rapid shift to remote working, hackers have been attacking firms which have led to the rise in cyber-attacks. To support these claims, even WHO has re-counted a fivefold surge in cyber-attacks. The pandemic has certainly affected businesses by providing opportunities to cyber-attackers to work on hacking servers. Many organisations operating remotely have adhered to the cybersecurity norms and have been adopting remote work solutions to operate smoothly. What is Security Operation Centre (SOC)? Security Operation Centre (SOC) is a facility that accommodates an information security team, which is responsible for analysing and monitoring an organisation’s security pose on regular basis. Top Network Security Threats - MY SITE.

​Every year thousands of breaches are being recorded with a loss of lots of money.

Top Network Security Threats - MY SITE

Many professionals observe the statistics and wonder how they can protect businesses by applying certain measures. Cyber security is not just important for the organization, but it also protects their employee base for possible network security threats and vulnerabilities. Cyber Security Company in India states that networks, whether local or on the cloud are possibly vulnerable and can be inclined to network security threats through data breaches, malware and other security threats. However, it is important for organisations to protect their business. It is critical for the businesses to be aware of the different security threats and the possible damage they cause damage to your organisation, which can effect for a lifetime.

Seven Weaknesses in your Web Application that can lead to security threats – White panther enterprises. Web Applications are no more new to this world and are commonly used by people across every sector.

Seven Weaknesses in your Web Application that can lead to security threats – White panther enterprises

As more and more people are using technology, security vulnerabilities in the web applications are a major threat. To prevent such threats, companies are using Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) to identify and rank potential vulnerabilities. The rise in usability of VAPT services in India is increasing because of high demand from users and organisations across different verticals. Since everybody today is well-appointed with a network connection, so it is given that flexibility to access web applications from anyplace at any time. Reasons Why You Need Cyber security. Important Features You must have in a Modern Security Operations Centre. Importance of Business Intelligence in Business Growth - MY SITE. Business Intelligence refers to applications, technologies and practices that transform raw data into meaningful business acumens that drive profitable business actions.

Importance of Business Intelligence in Business Growth - MY SITE

Business Intelligence associates data mining, business analytics, and data tools and data visualization. Business Intelligence is supported by cyber security. As Business Intelligence systems collect concrete data and store it on BI systems, which require robust cyber security to Business Intelligence functions. When supported by cyber security, BI becomes more economically supportable and equipped with better strategies to protect the sensitive and useful data from IIoT and IoT technology. Benefits of Remote IT Security Support – White panther enterprises. The pandemic has affected the world badly and let to unparalleled era of remote working.

Benefits of Remote IT Security Support – White panther enterprises

Businesses that were comfortable with work from home operations had to re-think about their needs and security requirements to operate from remote locations. Though, everything is coming back to normal, but it is not possible for all businesses to start traditional operations at their workplaces. Even after all of the restrictions have been lifted, it is still not possible for organisations to accommodate all of the employees. However, many businesses have declared that they will increase remote working operations in the long-term until situations are under control. Moreover, a few companies observed that their employee availability also increased in remote working conditions. There are significant benefits as well as a few drawbacks to work remotely. White panther enterprises Art Prints - Shop Canvas and Framed Wall Art by White panther enterprises. White panther enterprises' Profile - Wall.

White panther enterprises ( Know more about Cyber Security — Definition, Importance, & Challenges. Working From Home? Here’s Your Cyber Security Checklist. Importance of Cyber security for Business - MY SITE. Cyber security should not be overlooked as with the passing time, cyber attacks are increasing at an alarming rate across the world.Cyber security is quite an important deal for the businesses to keep their important data safe from attackers.

Importance of Cyber security for Business - MY SITE

Since technology is updating at a fast pace, so are the users upgrading themselves. All of our businesses data and important transactions are saved in these computers, which can be easily hacked. Hacking of your important data can have a disastrous effect on businesses. Therefore, one cannot compromise with the security. Installing cyber security systems by IT Security Company in India might help you in keeping your data safe. Usually big businesses are on the radar of hackers, but now small businesses should not be careless about their IT security systems. Why Cyber security is important during the COVID 19 pandemic? – White panther enterprises.

A lot of people have been working and learning from their homes.

Why Cyber security is important during the COVID 19 pandemic? – White panther enterprises

The world has come to a pace that the unprecedented rate of cyber attacks has also increased with time and again. Many cyber criminals believe in taking the advantage of the situation with several methods that we at White Panther Enterprises shall be discussing in this blog. There are a couple of online platforms that face cyber attacks. Many hackers have tried to hack online apps that are used in virtual meetings. Therefore, there has been a shortage of security applications. Spam Mail : With the beginning of the virtual office, many employees have started getting a zillion number of spam mails. Phishing Attack : Phishing attacks have been increasing in the most recent times. Unencrypted Connection : White panther Enterprises (@whitepanthers)

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