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Event Management: Backup Plans To Deal With Event Problems | Whitemassif. How To Transform Your Event Venue With AV | Whitemassif. Stun your Guests with Our Top 6 Lounge Ideas For your Next Event | Whitemassif. Everything you Need to Know About Event Promotion | Whitemassif. By WhiteMassif, Posted on 23/07/2018 Planning and publicising corporate events effectively right from the start and engaging people’s interest is critical to their success. Think about a well-organized event goes unnoticed due to a lack of promotion. Doesn’t sound good, right? Every event organizing company takes a lot of efforts to take shape. As the best event management company in Bangalore, we follow certain steps to promote our events.

Powerful Invitations Start by making powerful invitations which will act as a statement of the event’s credibility. Very Special Guests Inviting a reputed speaker is the classic way of filling your venue with interested visitors. Pre-event campaign Launching a pre-event social media campaign always ensures that there is a rising groundswell of activity which continues to generate energy and excitement up to the event and even after it. Local Partners Getting local partners and small business to involve is a great way to make your event more exciting. Event Management Career: Are you the Right Fit | Whitemassif. How to Become an Event Planner at Any Age | Whitemassif. By WhiteMassif, Posted on 25/06/2018 How to become an event planner at any age. At White Massif, we offer a plethora of corporate event management services in Bangalore.

Our experience is based on outstanding skills in event organization and corporate event management. We organize various events that suits our clients’ needs. Amongst the things we offer as event organizers are; Corporate celebrations of milestones Events for honoring stakeholders and achievers Events for keeping the employees engaged Marketing and promotion events We simply start with analyzing your brand, and innovatively devise the most original and creative ideas to be implemented in your next corporate event. 1. Different clients require different events at different times. 2.

Networking and brainstorming assists in giving or sharing the relevant ideas that makes the corporate event management successful. 3. Experience in corporate event management comes with exposure. 4. One must be ready to learn from others. 5. Sensational Corporate Party Ideas That Will Delight Your Team | Whitemassif. By WhiteMassif, Posted on 14/05/2018 Employee appreciation, annual corporate party or a success party throwing the perfect corporate party is pretty daunting! Ordinarily, employees and other attendees “do a bunk” because corporate parties can get boring, really.

Most corporate parties have cliched themes and boring food that just don’t intrigue their guests anymore. Break away from the banality of corporate parties and do something new. We bring you a compilation of sensational corporate party ideas that are used by top corporate event management companies in Bangalore. This one never gets old. Do the retro! Plan a surprise getaway corporate event for your guests. Take your clients and your team to lunch. Who said you can’t party in the morning? Cultural potluck is another theme that is catching up in the corporate world.

Have suggestions? Need help organising your next event? Event Trends Of 2018 | Whitemassif | White Mass... Corporate Event Planning Checklist; Steps & Tips You Need To Know | Whitemassif. By WhiteMassif, Posted on 05/02/2018 Breaking the key tasks of an event into achievable tasks is one of the main steps of a corporate event planning. It helps you stay focused and to organise an awesome party one task at a time.

Of course, it is not a small task and you’ll have to think a lot about it. But with proper planning and a manageable checklist, organising a corporate party can be fun. Confirm the Purpose of the Event When it comes to deciding what kind of event you are hosting, here are the main things to consider… The AudienceSpeakers and PerformersBrandingEvent’s agendaCommunications and RegistrationShared or exclusive? Review the Event Specification Keep track of the details for planning events by reviewing the event specifications. Event profile such as venue, date, time etcEvent organiser/host contact informationSupplier contact informationSpace neededFood and beverageEvent Technology, AV and Production requirements Create Event Communications and Materials.

Event Technology Fail? Here's How To Bounce Back | White Massif. By WhiteMassif, Posted on 11/12/2017 Technology is everywhere today and there’s no looking back – it’s only going to be more and more a part of our lives, and in every aspect. Event management firms in Bangalore like White Massif have been using technology for nearly every aspect of events – from promotion to conducting the event, to collecting feedback afterward.

Technology has certainly made the job easy for event managers in many ways; however, there could be times when technology has the opposite effect. It is possible that technology could fail you due to various reasons. This could turn out to be very embarrassing and problematic. Problem # 1: Tech goes on the fritz It could happen that everything suddenly ‘hangs’ for no reason, and nothing seems to work, regardless of how many buttons you try to push; or perhaps, it’s gone completely haywire and not working like it should be – some software that doesn’t load properly, VR that doesn’t connect, and so on. Solution: How To Hike Up The Fun Element At Corporate Events. Pointers To Promote Your Business Through Events Like A Pro.

Master The Art Of Event Budgeting. By WhiteMassif, Posted on 19/06/2017 To have a successful event, it is crucial that you do the budgeting right. If your budget goes haywire, your entire event could follow suit! Keeping your finances under control is not always easy but it has to be done. According to event management companies in Bangalore a well-structured budget can help you keep an eye on your expenditure, and to understand what you can afford and what you cannot.

First, separate your income and expenses. For a typical corporate event like a conference, seminar or workshop, the usual expenses are: VenueSpeakers’ feesSpeakers’ travel expensesAccommodation for speakersEntertainment if any (performers’ fees, travel etc.)A/V equipmentStaffCatering AdvertisementGifts/giveaways Understand how much you may have to spend on each individual item, and all of them in total. Income could be: Own fundsTickets/registration feesSponsorships Again, estimate how much you will earn from all these sources. Become tech savvy. Best Offsite Venues for your Team. Bring Some Fun Into Serious Events. WhiteMassif » Blog Archive Live Streaming for your Events: Which Social Platform is Best? - WhiteMassif. WhiteMassif » Blog Archive Top Tips to Boost your Event Planning Creativity - WhiteMassif. WhiteMassif » Blog Archive 6 Event Trends For 2017 - WhiteMassif. WhiteMassif » Blog Archive How to Increase your Event Attendance by 100% - WhiteMassif.

WhiteMassif » Blog Archive Innovative Ideas for Corporate Events - WhiteMassif.