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Forums / Communities. Daily software giveaway and discounts | SharewareOnSale. How to speed up Windows 7, Vista, and XP | Free trial. Outertech's system tool Cacheman offers the best methods to speed up Windows 10, 8.x, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Cacheman optimizes several caches, manages computer memory (RAM), fine tunes Registry settings and speeds up the PC by dynamically changing process priority. Auto-Optimization makes Cacheman suitable for novice and intermediate users yet it is also powerful and versatile enough for computer experts.

Cacheman offers a one-click Auto-Optimize feature to examine your computer and automatically apply best settings and system tweaks in order to speed up PC responsiveness and stability. You can speed up your computer for a specific usage by selecting a settings profile. Individual Auto-Optimization profiles include Gaming Computer, Notebook, Netbook, Server, Maximum stability, Desktop (best of all worlds), Digital Audio Workstation, Graphics | CAD Workstation, and Windows Tablet. Internet Accelerator Speed up your PC by optimizing cache Manage computer memory (RAM) Microsoft removes policies from Windows 10 Pro. Professional editions of Windows 10 ship with the Group Policy Editor that enables users and administrators to make changes to the default configuration of the operating system. Up until now, policy availability was more or less identical for all professional versions of Windows 10. Turns out, this is no longer the case when the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is released.

Some policies contain a note stating that they only apply to certain editions of Windows 10, with Windows 10 Pro not being listed as one of them. Note: This setting only applies to Enterprise, Education, and Server SKUs Furthermore, the corresponding Registry keys are not working either anymore which means that Pro users have no option to make changes to features affected by the change. Update official Microsoft source Microsoft published a new article on Technet that confirms that policies related to "tips and tricks" and "store suggestions" cannot be disabled anymore on Windows 10 Pro. Affected Policies Lock screen Summary. Smart Defrag 5 Review. Smart Defrag is a free defragmentation program for all versions of the Windows operating system starting with Windows XP. File fragmentation can cause a number of issues on systems running Windows, but the most common one is that the loading of files takes longer than it should.

Think of fragmented files as data that is stored in several different locations on a hard drive. It takes more time naturally to load data from all these different locations than from a single location where all of a file's data is stored in. Defragmentation tools for Windows are designed to movie the bits and pieces of a file closer together to improve loading performance. Smart Defrag's installation is uneventful. The program displays all hard drives connected to the PC it is run on right after start. Each hard drive is displayed with its name, type, and free and total space. You may run smart defrag right away, which analyzes all drives first and runs the most appropriate option afterwards.

Game Optimize Settings. [Windows] Best free disk defrag program -- Auslogics vs IObit vs Defraggler vs Puran vs MyDefrag | Reviews, news, tips, and tricks | dotTechdotTech. As time goes on the files on your hard drive become more and more fragmented. As you manipulate files, they become scattered over different locations on your hard drive and eventually – if allowed – your computer will slow down significantly since it would have to search multiple locations in order to open individual files if severe fragmentation takes place. Using any of the disk defragmentation tools here today, will reverse this process, increasing file access times and ultimately making your computer run better. Please note that SSDs should not be defragmented due to them only being able to be written to/ read from a limited amount of times – defragmenting will result in several read write/cycles potentially reducing the life of your SSD.

This type of disk requires special treatment. With that background information covered, let’s get on to our review. This review is part of our Best Free Windows Software section. Table of Contents Best Free Disk Defragmentation Tool Pros Cons Discussion. Opera 41 Stable is out. Opera Software has just released Opera 41, a new stable version of the popular cross-platform browser for all supported desktop operating systems.

Probably the biggest new feature of Opera 41 is the improvement in startup time that the browser ships with. According to Opera Software, Opera 41 shows an improvement of up to 86% in startup time when compared to previous versions. The improvement in startup time decreases with a decreasing number of tabs that session restore needs to load. For a set of about 10 tabs, it is still above 50% according to Opera Software. This is achieved by a new prioritization function that concentrates on loading pinned tabs and the active tab first on start. Opera 41 Stable These improvements are only beneficial on systems where Opera is configured to load the previous browsing session.

Opera 41 ships with two additional improvements that will benefit some users. The second improvement benefits the browser's new video pop-out mode. Summary Article Name Author Logo. Pale Moon 27 changes announced. The Pale Moon team is working on Pale Moon 27 currently, the next version of the popular web browser that shares code with Firefox. As you may know, the Pale Moon team uses a different versioning scheme than Mozilla as it ups the integer part (characteristic) of the version only when major versions are released, and otherwise only the fractional-part (mantissa).

So, an upgrade from Pale Moon 26.x to 27.0 is a major update in many regards, while the same cannot be said for Firefox version upgrades as the integer-part increases on a regular basis regardless of what the update brings along with it. Pale Moon 27 is currently available as a beta release. Anyone interested can download it from the WIP page for 32-bit or 64-bit versions of windows or Linux. The team plans to release Pale Moon 27 in November if development progresses along nicely. Most changes are positive, and there are only a few changes that can be seen as negative but only for a limited number of users.

Summary Article Name Author. IOBit Advanced SystemCare 10 Free review. IOBit Advanced SystemCare 10 Free is the latest iteration of the all-in-on cleanup and optimization suite for Windows devices. While the new version does not ship with many new features, there is only FaceID and it has limited uses, most of the tools that the suite ships with have been improved. As far as FaceID is concerned, it is added to Advanced SystemCare's ever growing list of protection tools. FaceID requires a web cam that is connected to the PC. Once set up, it will monitor the PC for unauthorized use using facial recognition technology. Basically, what it does is capture the photo of any unauthorized user (anyone but you) so that you see who tried to access your PC in your absence.

The feature may or may not be useful depending on how you are using the PC. The installation of Advanced SystemCare 10 Free does not hold any surprises. The program does add itself as an auto-starting service, and to the system start however. Closing Words Author Rating Software Name Operating System. Do this to fix Flash game lag issues in Firefox 49.0.2. Reports are coming in that the most recent version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser is not playing nicely with Flash game sites and games across the Internet. Users are reporting all kinds of issues including extreme lag and rendering issues, that the mouse wheel stops working, the mouse cursor is lost, and that mouse clicks are delayed.

Users are also reporting slow gameplay on Firefox 49.0.2 when they run Flash games in the browsers. Mozilla enabled a new flag in Firefox that enabled asynchronous rendering for Flash in the new version of the web browser. It appears that this change is causing the issues that Firefox users are experiencing. The issue seems to be causing issues predominantly on Windows machines. Affected games include many Facebook games that rely on Flash like Farmville 2 but also site navigation and of course gaming on sites like The issue is quite serious as gaming is a popular activity not only on social networking sites like Facebook but also elsewhere.

The Best Free Antivirus for Windows - January 2016. I have been looking into the question of which free antivirus is the best for almost 10 years now, and the only way to answer is by looking at comparative tests with hard data, keeping in mind that the programs themselves are constantly changing and being updated, and that the picture that emerged from last year’s tests, say, may have changed with the more up-to-date round of tests, etc.

We will turn to “” for our data, since they regularly run what are arguably the web’s best and most comprehensive antivirus tests. As I write this in Jan 2016 I will use the latest versions of their tests, conducted within the last 6 months of this writing. The contenders: a scan of several of the tests they conducted reveals a clear picture of who the ‘real’ players are. For free antivirus programs, the top three are Avira, AVG, and Avast. The question I am looking answer: simply, what is the best free antivirus program, and how does it fare compared to the paid programs. 1. 2. 3. How to convert PDF to Word DOC for free: a comparison. If you are wondering whether you can do good PDF to Word (DOC, DOCX, or RTF) conversion for free, the answer is: Absolutely.

This posting will present and compare a number of different ways to do this, for free, without any watermarks or restrictions. This is our fourth update of this article, which we believe to be the best critical overview of TRULY free PDF to Word tools on the internet. With each update, a slew of tools are added and a number of the old ones removed, either because they no longer offer a FREE service, or because they were superseded by newer tools that are simply better quality.

Last updated: Oct 7th 2013. There are two kinds of tools available to users: free desktop programs that can convert PDF to Word, and free online conversion services. Here’s quick table of contents (click any link to jump to that section): 1. We will compare 16 tools, 5 desktop apps and 11 online conversion services. 2. What formats can I convert to? Are the tools mentioned really free?

3. 4. Alternatives. 7 Tools to Close Unnecessary Services and Programs for Better System Performance. It seems that however powerful your computer is in terms of hardware, it’s never quite quick enough to do what you want. Whether it’s playing the latest games or video editing/authoring/encoding, most users will want to squeeze every last ounce of performance they can out what they have.

Of course you could resort to overclocking, but for for some users that just isn’t an option. If you’re in the middle of something which requires all the resources your computer has got, it’s not ideal if Windows decides to look for updates, run a scheduled task, defrag the hard drive or enable the screensaver, or a background program tries to do something that can interrupt what you’re doing. Many tasks on PC’s these days also require you to close all currently running programs, and many software installers ask you to close all other applications to minimize conflicts and to avoid replacing in-use files. 1.

AlacrityPC Download AlacrityPC 2. Download JetBoost 3. Download ToolWiz Game Boost 4. 5. 6. 7. Windows 10 Live CD ISO Free Download. Britec09. How to Optimize and Setup Windows 10. Windows 10 Live CD ISO Free Download. Injecting drivers to any Gandalf's WinPE. How To Detect Non-Windows Services. When Windows boots up it also loads up a number of small applications in the background for the purpose of making several Windows functions and other applications work. These background programs are called Windows Services and can be responsible for things like getting a network up and running, getting peripherals and Plug-and-Play devices to work, and also allowing programs such as your security software to work effectively.

Most Services are started with Windows before the user logs in and usually stay running in the background until Windows is shut down again. Sometimes you may need to stop a service from stating with Windows for troubleshooting faulty software, or even because spyware or malicious software has installed itself and needs to be removed.

Also, disabling unneeded services can help free up valuable system resources and help speed up your computer’s boot time. When you look in the Services window, you’ll see a long list of services present on the system. Disable Third Party Services and Programs for a Clean Boot in Windows. There’s a multitude of things that can go wrong with the Windows operating system. From serious issues like blue screens of death and operating system not found errors to more general problems of software causing instability or malicious programs and spyware which are making the system misbehave. Users often run several security applications at once which sometimes don’t like each other and the problem can stem from that.

Sometimes it could be a Windows issue but often third party software is the cause of the problem. A good way to troubleshoot problems if you don’t know the exact cause is to disable everything that starts with Windows so just the operating system itself runs, like what Safe Mode does. The problem with Safe Mode is it disables almost the entire operating system and only runs the absolute bare essentials to get a boot, that sometimes isn’t so helpful and you will need to boot Windows as normal but just disable all third party software to try and find the root problem. 2. Restore Deleted Services and Reset to Default Services Settings. Windows Services is an important hidden part of Windows where it allows programs to run automatically before even logging in to a user account. Many features in Windows depends on the services for it to work properly.

For example, if the Windows Update service is stopped and disabled from startup, checking for updates via Windows Update will give you the error code 80070422 with the message “Windows Update encountered an unknown error”. That is a very general error message and a normal computer user wouldn’t even know where to start checking in order to fix the Windows Update problem. Some malware modifies the Windows services and even after removing the malware, unfortunately the services which has been disabled by the malware are not be re-enabled back by antivirus software.

This is when you will start to notice that some parts of Windows are broken even though the virus is no longer on the computer. There are a couple of ways to restore the Services settings back to default. 3 Online Services to Optimize Printing a WebPage or Saving to PDF. With the vast wealth of useful information available on the internet, it’s not unusual for you to want to keep a hard copy of some information for future reference by printing a webpage.

Perhaps you need to print off instructions for fixing a computer problem, not everyone has a smartphone or tablet to access the internet while the computer is offline. Printing a webpage is easy by going to the Options menu and selecting Print in your web browser (most browsers also use Ctrl+P). However, a problem with a straight print off from most websites is they contain text, advertisements, images and design layouts. This isn’t great for printing since you have to waste extra ink and paper to print unnecessary things that you don’t need to read offline. What’s the point in printing something like a massive Wikipedia page if you only want selected parts of it? 1. Once you’re done, you can either click the Print button to open the Print window or click the PDF button to generate a PDF file. 2. 3. 7 Tools to Close Unnecessary Services and Programs for Better System Performance.

4 Ways to Automatically Synchronize Computer Clock on Windows Startup. Links for Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Microsoft's Official Distributer. 5 System Rescue Boot Discs based on Windows PE. Do "Game Boosters" improve PC gaming performance? Defragmentors. The Big Windows 7 Defragmenter Test - The Benchmarks. Puran Defrag - Automatically Defrag your Hard Disk Drives. Smart Defrag Portable Download. Free Software Downloads and Reviews. Kerish Doctor 2016 - PC Troubleshooting, Cleaning, Performance Optimization, and Anti-Malware. Should I use System Optimization software and which? | Page 2. Top Free System Maintenance Utilities - Top Free Software Picks: System Maintenance Utilities. Download ASC Ultimate | Optimize PC and Internet Speed. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 2016. The Best PC System Utilities Software of 2016 | Top Ten Reviews. SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner Free Review.

Iolo System Mechanic Review. The Best Tune-Up Utilities. Download ASC Ultimate | Optimize PC and Internet Speed.