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Web Hosting Dubai - Web Hosting Providers Dubai. At Whitehats Design, we aim to provide you with the different types of web hosting services. You can always scale up or down your web hosting services as per your company’s requirements. Shared Web Hosting Service At Whitehats Design we know that web hosting should not be something only meant for the big wigs of the business world. Similarly, we also do not want to provide small or medium sized business organizations that kind of web hosting service which fails to deliver.

The idea is to provide them with various reliable shared web hosting service options possible. Dedicated Hosting Service When it comes to dedicated hosting, you need to rely on a company that leaves no stone unturned in providing with the most exclusive resources possible. 5 Benefits Magento CMS offers to a Business. This blog post looks at the popularly used CMS, Magento. Every content management system has its own unique characteristics. Let us have a look at what Magento has store for your business. Available Free of Cost Well, there are many free things available but not everything is worth trying. In CMS, you can get a lot of free software. Secure Security is of prime importance for any website. Manage Multiple Store Fronts Among so many useful features offered by Magento, one key advantage is multiple store fronts.

Support for Several Payment Gateways There are different payment gateways used by business organizations. Feature Rich The number of features offered Benefits Of Having CMS Based Websites is also very important. Technology/Computer Class. Computer/ Technology. 5 OpenCart Advantages As CMS  - WH Design. OpenCart is a platform that you can install on your self-hosted server.

Make sure that the server you are installing it on supports PHP and MySQL. One of the biggest attractions of using MySQL is that you do not need to make any payment for its use. OpenCart is built on MVC and offers support for multiple storefronts. There are many important functions performed by OpenCart to make your website a big ecommerce success story. Here are some of the most important benefits of using OpenCart for SEO in Dubai. SEO Ready Platform SEO or search engine optimization is very important for every Web Development in Dubai. Smooth Integration of Payment Systems When it comes to accepting payments, there are so many things that you need to think of. Support for Several Currencies Online businesses may not necessarily be offering products or services to just one country. Reporting System Integrated Within It There is a built-in reporting system within OpenCart. Easily Load Images. Top 4 Advantages Of Using OpenCart CMS - WH Design.

There are many platforms that you can use to create your online store. One such platform is OpenCart CMS. Ecommerce businesses around the world want to rely upon a robust platform where they can execute their entire Ecommerce design and development strategy while guaranteeing flawless or near perfect user experience. When it comes to business, you cannot take half-baked software and using them. And in ecommerce world, with ever intensifying competition, you need to get down to the bottom line. So let us have a look at how OpenCart CMS and The Advantages It Offers can really add value to your business through the advantages it offers. Easy To Setup One of the most important reasons you need to seriously consider OpenCart is ease of installation.

No Prior Experience Required Entrepreneurs have to wear multiple hats at the same time. Increased Control Over Your Online Store Save Costs & Time An important part of the overall ecommerce usage experience relates to the costs and time. Conclusion. Web Design & Development Services in Dubai, UAE. Jumpin Heights: Plunge from an Edge, Stimulate your Nerves, at the stunning valleys of Rishikesh (with image) · iamanvi. Apart from Bungee jumping, we’re proficiently offering two more adventurous sports i.e.

Flying fox and Giant swing. Flying Fox in Rishikesh could be savored by you along with your pals in a Tandem. Jumpin Heights has also won the tag of offering Asia’s longest flying fox and have space for three people only. You can enjoy it all alone but by paying an extra cost for it. The tag of India’s highest Giant Swing (83 meters) has been achieved only by Jumpin Heights. Jumpin Heights gives you many memories to endure and captivate to make you come AGAIN and AGAIN! Get out of your Comfort Zone, Try the Extraordinary Escapade at The Serene Land of Rishikesh. An experience that will be engraved in your heart and mind as the most extreme adventure which you’ll never ever going to realize in your life.

Give your nerves a different taste of fear that will astound your impulses. Jumpin Heights is giving you an everlasting experience with India’s most extreme Adventurous Sports in India. Rishikesh is surmised as the most beautiful and serene city, located at the foothills of Himalayas, becoming a famous spot to experience several audacious sports for the travel fanatics. Over the placid river of Ganges, Jumpin Heights is ready to make your heartbeats faster and increase your blood rush. The adventurous sports being offered include India’s Highest Bungee Jumping, flying fox and the giant swing. Jumpin heights was entirely commenced by Ex. Captain Rahul Nigam in the year of 2006 with a vision to eradicate the fear from today’s youth and offer them something they could be proud of. READY, STEADY and JUMP!!! Jump, Swing & Fly through Sky amid the Lush Green Valleys of Rishikesh.

The amalgamation of a magnificent view of Rishikesh and spine chilling experience of extremely adventurous sports is the perfect solution to take a break from your hectic routine. Get away with your amigos or someone special to gather everlasting memories because at the end, you don’t want to regret for the opportunities that you didn’t take. Apart from its placidness, Rishikesh bungee jumping has also become very popular just within a very short span. The credit goes to Ex. Captain Rahul Nigam who has introduced the concept of setting a platform of adventurous sports amid the lush green valleys of Rishikesh, to offer the youth of India soething that they can be proud of. For the bungee jumping experiences, sports enthusiasts used to travel different countries by spending generously. Jumpin Heights is offering you Asia’s longest Flying fox in Risikesh, flies at 140 Kmph, has been designed by the experts from New Zealand.

Why better website navigation is important? - Whitehats Design. There are many things that count before you can safely assume that your website has good navigation. One excellent example of website navigation is like a big university with so many departments. When you enter that university, on its reception you are given directions to the different departments. The reception area also provides you with an idea of different places in case there is no clear direction given.

In the same way, a new visitor to a website is like someone at a new place who wants to reach a certain place. When a website visitor is not able to get the information that they are looking for, then probably your website’s navigation has some serious issues that need to be sorted out. User experience is something that directly links to navigation.

Promotes Purchases Imagine an ecommerce website that has a poor web design. Promotes Stay Time Stay time is another important measure that search engines take into consideration when ranking a website. Decreases Bounce Rate. Wireless Networking Companies Dubai. Equipment Installation Services Company in Dubai. Integrated Voice Solutions Company Dubai. CCTV & security camera solutions, Installation Dubai, surveillance system UAE. Professional Content Writing and CopyWriting Services in Dubai, UAE. Computer Hardware and Networking Companies in Dubai. Enterprise Management Cloud Software in Dubai, UAE-WhiteHatsCloud. VIP IT Support Packages for Home Users in Dubai. IT Security Solutions in Dubai. Basic Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid. There are so many things that people tell you about social media marketing but none of them really teaches about some of the most critical social media marketing mistakes.

This blog post looks at those mistakes that even some times the bigger brands also make and which can cost them a lot of PR. Here are these mistakes to avoid. Passion Reputation Management One of the most critical mistakes is to become reactive to things and not proactive. When you are talking about Social Media Marketing Dubai, you need to actively see how your fan base is interacting with your accounts.

If there are problems, inquiries or service related issues, you need to address them immediately before they become viral and go out of control. Not Giving Importance To Google Plus Google Plus is Google’s social media network. Trying To Hijack Trends Do not try to hijack every social media trend that you come across. No Banner Photo on LinkedIn Updating Irrelevant Social Media Posts. IT Solution Provider in Dubai. Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block-Content Writers in Dubai. Are you a writer stuck with your thoughts on what to write next?

Do not worry; this is not something new or unique to any particular individual. There are times when Content Writers in Dubai struggles to find rhythm in writing and fluency of thoughts. Here are some tips to help overcome writer’s’ block. Exercise On Daily Basis Exercise is not only important for your body but mind as well. Try Writing Early In The Morning Some people try to write at different times and it may not work for you, but it is still worth giving a try. Overcome Distractions A cluttered office desk space sometimes creates a lot of confusion. Reduce Unnecessary Internet Browsing Let us face it, one of the biggest issues that we have as writers is finding new information. Brainstorm Topics Some writers often find it hard to write on new topics. Create Clear Outlines One way of starting to write on a topic is by clearly defining the outline. SEO Dubai. IT Solutions Dubai.

IT Support in Dubai. Business relationship management Software Company in Dubai. Website Design Dubai-Website Development Company in Dubai, UAE. How To Add Emotions Into Your Website? Ever thought why some websites have such high conversions while the others are merely dragging their online existence without being of much commercial use? Emotions added to the websites are very important for so many reasons. The first, being the fact that when a website has a dull appearance, it does not appeal anyone. The second thing is that a website that does not ignite any emotions will not persuade the potential customers to take any action. Lastly, an emotional website is remembered by the customers longer than the one that does not have any emotions. Use of Colors The use of right colors is very important for any website. Call To Action Items The call-to-action items were considered something obtrusive and not wanted. Visual Elements Visual elements are very important for adding emotions to a website.

Add Humor Where Possible Humor creates a lasting sensation into the minds of the website visitors. Tone of Voice Used. Advertising Company In Dubai. Whitehats Design Revamps Its Website. Whitehats Design Undergoes Complete Face Uplift Dubai, UAE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2016 -- Whitehats Design, a Website Design and Development Company in Dubai, UAE has been revamped.

The website has been redesigned while keeping the latest web design trends in context. The new website has been redesigned around the circus theme. This new theme represents how creatively the Whitehats Design team works on its ideas. The new website has been created with in-depth detail about each of the services offered to the customers. Whitehats Design also offers animation designing services in UAE. About Whitehats Design Whitehats Design is a website design company in Dubai that offers value for money services to its customers. Get in touch with Whitehats Design today to know more about the ways in which Whitehats Design can help you with. For more information on this press release visit: Google Panda Becomes Core and What It Means for Your Website - Quality Content. When Google Panda came onto the SEO scene, it thrashed thin or poorly written content like nothing. Many thought that Google Panda was already part of the main search engine ranking algorithm.

But if you think Google mentioned it without a reason, think again. Google mentioned making Google Panda part of its algorithm for a purpose. It wants the world to know that no one can get away with scrappily scribbled content anymore. No Thin Content Thin content, for no matter what reason is unacceptable. Quality over Quantity Quality has always been something appreciated by Google. Research Matters More Google Panda update had many purposes. Plagiarism Will Kill Your Website Would you believe there still are con-artists who think they can get away with copied content? Why Responsive Website Design is the Best Option? - Whitehats Design. The fact that you only have a website does not apply if it is not mobile friendly. We have millions of smartphone users around the world who view every websites on their smartphones. Many webmasters have already transitioned from a desktop-only version of their website to a responsive one.

There are still many websites that need to adapt to responsive web design. A mobile friendly website increases readability and improves stay time. Sustains New Changes A responsive website is here to stay for a long time. Helps in SEO SEO rankings are affected by many things. Single Version of Website to Manage It is not easy to manage different versions of the same website for desktop and mobile. Easy To Navigate Among the biggest problems faced by users, a non-responsive website makes the life of the visitor a lot more difficult.

Fully Compatible with Different Platforms When we talk about mobile apps, they are both expensive and require a great deal of effort to comply with different platforms. Why Reputation Management is Important for Businesses? - Whitehats Media. It takes a lifetime to business big brands. However, it may take a moment to wash down the drain all the good reputation or goodwill that your company or organization has earned. In this increasingly informed consumers’ world, you cannot afford to ignore online reputation management. It is far easier to dent a business’s reputation than ever before because of the advent of social media and the way it has magnified the voice of each individual customer. Here are top reasons why your online reputation management is important to survive as business organization. Important for Repeat Business Consumers need to be ensures that they can trust a company.

Builds Brand Equity Brand equity is the amount of trust that a brand has built over time. Helps Improve Your Business It is very important for a business to be trustworthy. Greater Insight for Future Business Decisions A great advantage of listening to your customers is that you are able to know what is wrong with your current approach. Why to go for Home Automation? - IT Support Dubai | Home and Office IT Services Company UAE | IT Support Dubai | Home and Office IT Services Company UAE. Alternate PC Operating Systems That You Can Install - Whitehats. Fleet Management Best Practices - WhitehatsCloud.