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Web Hosting Dubai - Web Hosting Providers Dubai. At Whitehats Design, we aim to provide you with the different types of web hosting services.

Web Hosting Dubai - Web Hosting Providers Dubai

You can always scale up or down your web hosting services as per your company’s requirements. Shared Web Hosting Service At Whitehats Design we know that web hosting should not be something only meant for the big wigs of the business world. Similarly, we also do not want to provide small or medium sized business organizations that kind of web hosting service which fails to deliver. The idea is to provide them with various reliable shared web hosting service options possible.

5 Benefits Magento CMS offers to a Business. This blog post looks at the popularly used CMS, Magento.

5 Benefits Magento CMS offers to a Business

Every content management system has its own unique characteristics. Let us have a look at what Magento has store for your business. Available Free of Cost Well, there are many free things available but not everything is worth trying. In CMS, you can get a lot of free software. Secure. Technology/Computer Class. Computer/ Technology. 5 OpenCart Advantages As CMS  - WH Design. OpenCart is a platform that you can install on your self-hosted server.

5 OpenCart Advantages As CMS  - WH Design

Make sure that the server you are installing it on supports PHP and MySQL. Top 4 Advantages Of Using OpenCart CMS - WH Design. There are many platforms that you can use to create your online store.

Top 4 Advantages Of Using OpenCart CMS - WH Design

One such platform is OpenCart CMS. Ecommerce businesses around the world want to rely upon a robust platform where they can execute their entire Ecommerce design and development strategy while guaranteeing flawless or near perfect user experience. When it comes to business, you cannot take half-baked software and using them. And in ecommerce world, with ever intensifying competition, you need to get down to the bottom line.

So let us have a look at how OpenCart CMS and The Advantages It Offers can really add value to your business through the advantages it offers. Web Design & Development Services in Dubai, UAE. Jumpin Heights: Plunge from an Edge, Stimulate your Nerves, at the stunning valleys of Rishikesh (with image) · iamanvi. Apart from Bungee jumping, we’re proficiently offering two more adventurous sports i.e.

Jumpin Heights: Plunge from an Edge, Stimulate your Nerves, at the stunning valleys of Rishikesh (with image) · iamanvi

Flying fox and Giant swing. Get out of your Comfort Zone, Try the Extraordinary Escapade at The Serene Land of Rishikesh. An experience that will be engraved in your heart and mind as the most extreme adventure which you’ll never ever going to realize in your life.

Get out of your Comfort Zone, Try the Extraordinary Escapade at The Serene Land of Rishikesh

Give your nerves a different taste of fear that will astound your impulses. Jumpin Heights is giving you an everlasting experience with India’s most extreme Adventurous Sports in India. Rishikesh is surmised as the most beautiful and serene city, located at the foothills of Himalayas, becoming a famous spot to experience several audacious sports for the travel fanatics. Over the placid river of Ganges, Jumpin Heights is ready to make your heartbeats faster and increase your blood rush.

The adventurous sports being offered include India’s Highest Bungee Jumping, flying fox and the giant swing. Currently, we’re offering India’s highest bungee jumping of 83 meters, assembled on a hilly terrain at Mohan Chatti, Rishikesh, among the beautiful backdrop. READY, STEADY and JUMP!!! Jump, Swing & Fly through Sky amid the Lush Green Valleys of Rishikesh. The amalgamation of a magnificent view of Rishikesh and spine chilling experience of extremely adventurous sports is the perfect solution to take a break from your hectic routine.

Jump, Swing & Fly through Sky amid the Lush Green Valleys of Rishikesh

Get away with your amigos or someone special to gather everlasting memories because at the end, you don’t want to regret for the opportunities that you didn’t take. Apart from its placidness, Rishikesh bungee jumping has also become very popular just within a very short span. The credit goes to Ex. Captain Rahul Nigam who has introduced the concept of setting a platform of adventurous sports amid the lush green valleys of Rishikesh, to offer the youth of India soething that they can be proud of. For the bungee jumping experiences, sports enthusiasts used to travel different countries by spending generously.

Why better website navigation is important? - Whitehats Design. There are many things that count before you can safely assume that your website has good navigation.

Why better website navigation is important? - Whitehats Design

One excellent example of website navigation is like a big university with so many departments. When you enter that university, on its reception you are given directions to the different departments. The reception area also provides you with an idea of different places in case there is no clear direction given. In the same way, a new visitor to a website is like someone at a new place who wants to reach a certain place. Wireless Networking Companies Dubai. Equipment Installation Services Company in Dubai. Integrated Voice Solutions Company Dubai. CCTV & security camera solutions, Installation Dubai, surveillance system UAE. Professional Content Writing and CopyWriting Services in Dubai, UAE. Computer Hardware and Networking Companies in Dubai. Enterprise Management Cloud Software in Dubai, UAE-WhiteHatsCloud. VIP IT Support Packages for Home Users in Dubai. IT Security Solutions in Dubai. Basic Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid. There are so many things that people tell you about social media marketing but none of them really teaches about some of the most critical social media marketing mistakes.

Basic Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

This blog post looks at those mistakes that even some times the bigger brands also make and which can cost them a lot of PR. Here are these mistakes to avoid. IT Solution Provider in Dubai. Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block-Content Writers in Dubai. Are you a writer stuck with your thoughts on what to write next?

Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block-Content Writers in Dubai

Do not worry; this is not something new or unique to any particular individual. There are times when Content Writers in Dubai struggles to find rhythm in writing and fluency of thoughts. Here are some tips to help overcome writer’s’ block. Exercise On Daily Basis Exercise is not only important for your body but mind as well. Try Writing Early In The Morning. SEO Dubai. IT Solutions Dubai. IT Support in Dubai. Business relationship management Software Company in Dubai. Website Design Dubai-Website Development Company in Dubai, UAE. How To Add Emotions Into Your Website? Ever thought why some websites have such high conversions while the others are merely dragging their online existence without being of much commercial use?

Emotions added to the websites are very important for so many reasons. The first, being the fact that when a website has a dull appearance, it does not appeal anyone. The second thing is that a website that does not ignite any emotions will not persuade the potential customers to take any action. Lastly, an emotional website is remembered by the customers longer than the one that does not have any emotions. Advertising Company In Dubai. Whitehats Design Revamps Its Website. Whitehats Design Undergoes Complete Face Uplift Dubai, UAE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2016 -- Whitehats Design, a Website Design and Development Company in Dubai, UAE has been revamped. The website has been redesigned while keeping the latest web design trends in context. The new website has been redesigned around the circus theme. This new theme represents how creatively the Whitehats Design team works on its ideas. It juggles with the different website projects at the same.

The new website has been created with in-depth detail about each of the services offered to the customers. Google Panda Becomes Core and What It Means for Your Website - Quality Content. When Google Panda came onto the SEO scene, it thrashed thin or poorly written content like nothing. Many thought that Google Panda was already part of the main search engine ranking algorithm. But if you think Google mentioned it without a reason, think again. Google mentioned making Google Panda part of its algorithm for a purpose. Why Responsive Website Design is the Best Option? - Whitehats Design. The fact that you only have a website does not apply if it is not mobile friendly. We have millions of smartphone users around the world who view every websites on their smartphones.

Many webmasters have already transitioned from a desktop-only version of their website to a responsive one. Why Reputation Management is Important for Businesses? - Whitehats Media. It takes a lifetime to business big brands. However, it may take a moment to wash down the drain all the good reputation or goodwill that your company or organization has earned. In this increasingly informed consumers’ world, you cannot afford to ignore online reputation management. It is far easier to dent a business’s reputation than ever before because of the advent of social media and the way it has magnified the voice of each individual customer.

Why to go for Home Automation? - IT Support Dubai. Alternate PC Operating Systems That You Can Install - Whitehats. There are many PC operating systems available at our disposal. But since we have all used or seen the Windows operating system being used, we are not willing to consider any other options. Fleet Management Best Practices - WhitehatsCloud.