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Hi! I’m Robert, the guy behind the blog. I am passionate about testing and experimenting with different kinds of subwoofers. It's kind of my hobby.

Audible – 2FatDads. We Know How Busy You Are!

Audible – 2FatDads

If you’re as busy as us dads with daily commutes, business trips, garden work, household chores or pushing a stroller around the block to send one of the kids to sleep. Then you already know that finding time to sit down to read a book can feel almost impossible. And the few times that you do manage to settle down you end up falling asleep on the couch. We’ve been there and we know exactly how you feel. In these difficult and complicated/busy days, it is understood that reading can be almost impossible which is why audio books are here to stay.

That’s why we’re Audible listeners. Still Not Sure? We don’t blame you, diapers and milk are expensive. Hey FanBoy! Of course you can, and we prefer the term Apple Enthusiast. Do You Have a Coupon Code? For now the only way to support the 2Fat Dads site and DadCast is to sign up to Audible through our site. Why Do We Say We READ Audible Books? So We’re Good? What Is A Free Air Subwoofer? - Ultimate Blog Post. A free – air subwoofer is the most straightforward subwoofer mounting structure, yet it requires explicitly planned subwoofers.

What Is A Free Air Subwoofer? - Ultimate Blog Post

Free air subwoofers don’t require a mounting enclosed space to work productively. In a free-air arrangement, subwoofers are normally mounted either in the back deck or appended to a board set between the secondary lounges of a vehicle and the storage compartment. This board makes an impenetrable seal and transforms the whole trunk into a walled-in area – this is otherwise called infinite baffle (IB) structure. Most of the times these words are used interchangeably. Utilizing a free air subwoofer is good for applications where trunk space is less. Features To Look For It should be noted that while being very useful, utilizing a free-air subwoofer may bargain sound quality, in any event somewhat. One thing to remember is that when you’re mounting a sub or a few subs in your back deck you may need to change some of the seating requirements.

Pros: Cons: Conclusion. What Is The Hardest Hitting Shallow Mount Subs? Are you the type that loves music and wanted to get lost in the sound of it all?

What Is The Hardest Hitting Shallow Mount Subs?

Speakers are a great way to listen to music powerfully. Some speakers are called shallow mount subs. We mostly see these speakers in concerts, parties, cars, and even in homes, but have you ever wondered how hard do they hit? If you are, then let’s find out what shallow mount subs hits the hardest! More Bass in Your Car Using Sub-Woofers. Smaller trunks and vehicles create a challenge when wanting to install a sound system with a strong, pounding bass.

More Bass in Your Car Using Sub-Woofers

The entire process can be tiring, especially if you are still looking for a suitable sub. Which Mount Subwoofer website to visit shouldn’t be a problem. The issue is finding the right item that’s worth your time and money. To get that heavy bass that gets your teeth rattling, you require big subwoofers and adequate space to fit the sub-woofer box. However, in a smaller car room for bass is at a cost. Does a Small Car Indicate Small Bass? If you own a smaller vehicle with restricted trunk space, then a compact driven sub-woofer will work perfectly.

These Subwoofers Will Give You a Great Car Pounding Audio Experience. What Is A Shallow Mount Subwoofer? A very common dilemma among owners of small cars is the bass in the sound system.

What Is A Shallow Mount Subwoofer?

Given the limited space in a vehicle, building a powerful sound system with a bass that actually thumps hard requires big subwoofers, not to mention the box that encases them. Subwoofers are mostly known among car audio enthusiasts, who compete in producing high sound pressure levels (SPL) inside their vehicles. Take note, what’s being judged in these competitions is high sound pressure levels, and not sound quality.

Cars with high SPL are used for competition and not suited to play music while driving. However, lots of non-competition subwoofers can still create high SPL, which is dangerous for human ears. Shallow Mount Subwoofer Vs Regular. Thanks to the many models of shallow mount subwoofer, you can now hit the road and enjoy your favourite songs along with clear bass and sub-bass.

Shallow Mount Subwoofer Vs Regular

It was also possible in the past. However, installing a regular unit was more complex. That’s not to say the other is entirely better. This piece explores the pros and cons of shallow mount subwoofer vs regular. Performance A regular subwoofer is designed mainly to produce rich and clear low-pitched audio frequencies. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that there are portable and space-saving subwoofers that can work as well as some of the standard types. The same can’t be said about regular subs when operated on or near their maximum limits. Power Requirement Because of their smaller size, shallow mount subwoofers require less power than the regular ones. Weight and Bulkiness In general, shallow mount subs are lighter and thus, more portable.

The regular ones, on the other hand, can be as big as 15 inches and beyond. How to Set up a Subwoofer: Connecting AMP to Car. Simply purchasing the Subwoofer won’t help you to enjoy the great bass tone.

How to Set up a Subwoofer: Connecting AMP to Car

There are several ways that you need to consider in achieving the best performance potential of the subwoofers. So, you are required to put extra efforts and learn the Subwoofer Setup for best shaking bass. Below is the Subwoofer Setup guide from and tips that will help you to get the best potential performance and depth bass with the subwoofer you have purchased. Subwoofer Setup Step 1: Placement in the Car The desk is the right place where you need to place the subwoofer in your car, and this is the first step for Subwoofer Setup. Some of the subwoofers can also be installed on the doors, and it is not recommended if you are using shallow mounted subwoofers. The Best Subs for Trucks are required to use along with enclosures only, and it needs to be mounted in the desk for best sound effects.

Subwoofer Setup Step 2: Connection Connecting with the Amp Related Posts: Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer - Reviews & Buying Guide 2019.