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Fire fluid simulation. New version of fluid simulation sandbox, more realistic and accurate.

fire fluid simulation

You can create and mix fire fluids, draw wooden or stone walls, burn them up, create particles, air emitters and burn it all with fireball. Enjoy! Keyboard shortcuts: [Q] - fire [A] - wind [W] - wooden wall [S] - stone wall [D] - delete wall [E] - fireball! [R] - particles of dust [F] - remove particles[T] - air emitter (visible only when edited)[G] - delete air emitter. °°°°°°°THEIR CIRCULAR LIFE°°°°°°° Create - Picassohead. Creation of Adam 80 Piece Classic Jigsaw Puzzle. Super Mario Crossover. Help keep Newgrounds Independent!

Super Mario Crossover

We noticed you are running an ad-blocker. We TOTALLY get it! Ads are SUPER annoying and NOBODY likes them. But did you know that Ad revenue is what keeps Newgrounds running? Unlike many other entertainment sites, Newgrounds does not have any shareholders, or venture capital. Many Eyes: Thanksgiving Proclamation by George Washington. Anaglyph ...doodle in 3D glasses. Home Sheep Home.