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Wheelchair accessible vehicles. Inspirational Stories from Wheelchair Athletes. When we hear about awe-inspiring sporting achievements, our minds immediately conjure up images of able-bodied athletes with superhuman physical abilities.

Inspirational Stories from Wheelchair Athletes

But think again. Today wheelchair athletes accomplish some of the most daring athletic feats. These amazing individuals prove that physical limitations for wheelchair users exist only in the mind. In today’s world mobility challenges should not stop you from living the life you want. Wheelchair Etiquette – Eye-Opening Guidelines.

Wheelchair users are no different from anyone else in society and should be treated and talked to with dignity and respect.

Wheelchair Etiquette – Eye-Opening Guidelines

Although not intentional, others may accidentally offend or embarrass persons in wheelchairs without realizing it. Whether you are meeting a person in a wheelchair on the street, work with a wheelchair user or may be sharing the road with wheelchair accessible vans and/or vehicles, being mindful of the proper etiquette guidelines will go a long way to easing any potentially awkward situations.

Why is it important to follow Wheelchair Etiquette Guidelines? Wheelchairs are used for a variety reasons including recovery from accidents, surgery, illness or walking restrictions. Evolution of the Wheelchair. What Evolutionary Events Caused Changes in Wheelchair Design?

Evolution of the Wheelchair

In today’s world, accessible transportation services for people with wheelchairs would not be possible without some key moments in history. These ground breaking shifts in technology and mindset helped fuel a disabled man’s imagination and determination to provide a better quality of life for people with physical disabilities. For the Love of Mobility.

Wheelchair In Motion, founded by John Hillier is a company that is focused on meeting the needs of those that struggle with mobility.

For the Love of Mobility

John has over 20 years of experience in the transportation Industry. He provides dedicated personal service to key clients. Wheelchair In Motion has strong management skills which create trust among their clients. They have managed fleets of vehicles, assuring reliability & safety to vehicle users. John has personally experienced challenges transporting physically challenged family & friends. Accessible Transportation Services. Wheelchair In Motion is the first short term rental company of accessible vehicles, to offer the NEW MV-1 as a choice of vehicles available in our fleet for rent.

Accessible Transportation Services

The MV-1 is the first Full Production accessible vehicle. “Universally designed from the ground up for accessibility,”(from MV-1canada) With the addition of the MV-1 to our fleet, there is now an opportunity to try out this accessible vehicle to see if this is the right choice for you and your family before you purchase. The purchase of an accessible vehicle is a major decision and a very important one, and you must be comfortable with your choice as well as being a good fit into your daily living. This is not a decision that you can always make quickly and a lot of research is often needed. Adaptive Vehicle for Hire. Easy Travel Tips for Persons with Disabilities. Wheelchair Accessible Transit. Accessible transportation services. Planning an outing takes time and attention.

Accessible transportation services

If you have a disability, handicap, physical limitation or mobility limitation, planning that outing requires attention to every detail which can be challenging. Make Your Ride Comfortable. Long term seating for those people who spend extensive periods of time in their wheelchairs should be as comfortable as possible.

Make Your Ride Comfortable

It is important for them to be able to sit and move around with ease, especially when they are travelling long distances in wheelchair accessible vans or on wheelchair accessible transit. There are many accessories and wheelchair accessible transportation services available that can make wheelchair life more comfortable and convenient. Some of the below options that can make your ride more comfortable. Accessible vacation rentals. Accessible Rentals For Travel & Tips. Travel season is quickly approaching!

Accessible Rentals For Travel & Tips

Here is a compilation of travel tips, great resources and inspiration. Have a great trip! Plan Ahead With events like the Pan Am/ParaPan Am Games happening this summer be sure to book van rentals and hotels early to ensure availability. Some airlines will require a “fit to travel certificate” from your doctor, and a letter to say you are taking specific drugs. Do you have pneumatic tires? Try to book a seat with extra leg room, behind the bulkhead, as it makes transferring/lifting into your seat a lot easier. Do your research First time travelers this is an amazing article to start with! Wheelchair Accessible Transit. Tips For An Easy, Wheelchair Accessible Summer Trip. Planning ahead for summer travel is very important for people who require wheelchair accessible services.

Tips For An Easy, Wheelchair Accessible Summer Trip

Are you wondering the best places to travel that are wheelchair accessible? Are there wheelchair rentals available at your destination? Is there an adaptive vehicle for hire like a wheelchair accessible van or shuttle bus? People with accessibility limitations must ask themselves these types of questions. Planning ahead will ensure a well-planned vacation or trip. Today, there are so many choices and adaptive features available to wheelchair users in all parts of the world.

The worst feeling is getting to your destination and finding out that no vehicle rentals are available. When planning your summer travel this year, choose to visit places that have invested in designated accessible parking spaces for your rental vehicle. Accessible TTC and the Holiday Season. The holiday season is extremely busy especially in Toronto.

The holiday season is extremely busy especially in Toronto. Make reservations well in advance at as we get booked up quickly. Specific date not available? No problem! Call us now on 1-888-776-1102 – wheelchairinmotion

There is always some kind of event going on – family gatherings, big shopping trips and festive community events.

Accessible TTC and the Holiday Season

Make reservations well in advance at as we get booked up quickly. Specific date not available? No problem! Toronto Transit Commission have been working diligently to make more accessible stops and nobody (even last second planners) will have to miss their favourite event! Ottawa Rentals Have Begun. Hello Ottawa, you asked and we listened!

Find the services of van rentals in Ottawa with Wheelchair in Motion. We will now add to those transportation options by offering accessible rental vehicles in the City of Ottawa Para-transpo program. Call us now on 1-888-776-1102 or visit – wheelchairinmotion

We are now serving the Ottawa area with two locations for easy access. Accessible Vacation Rentals. About Ontario’s Friendliest Wheelchair Van Rental Service Wheelchair In Motion was founded by John Hillier to meet the needs of individuals and families where mobility is physically challenging. John has worked in the transportation Industry for over 20 years providing dedicated personal service to key clients. He has managed fleets of vehicles, ensuring reliability and safety to the users of the vehicles.

Personally John has experienced first hand the challenge of transporting physically challenged family and friends and is committed to finding a solution that is reliable, affordable, and accessible. Ensuring the inclusion of all family and friends in daily activities is important. Wheelchair accessible rentals.