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à 2 c’est mieux - Direction artistique & Hula hoop
Non-Format - Each year the Tokyo Type Directors Club exhibits the results of its Annual Awards at the Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo and ddd gallery in Osaka. The organisers invited us to create the promotional poster for the 2014 exhibitions. We created a special three-dimensional TDC and an accompanying custom typeface which was used on posters and other promotional material. Tokyo TDC Exhibition 2014

Non-Format -

Atelier télescopique - Design Graphique, Multimédia, Web, Typographie ( Loading... type_design )
LAb[au] laboratory for Architecture and Urbanism LAb[au] is an artist group located in Brussels, Belgium. It has been founded with the aim to examine the influence of advanced technologies in the forms, methods and content of art. With a background in architecture their members and projects are con- cerned with the construct of ‘space’ and the way it can be planned, experienced and conceptualised in an information age. Even if their projects can be classified as urbanism, design, art, music or dance they all are grounded on an architectural thinking.

LAb[au] laboratory for Architecture and Urbanism

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