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How To Legally Steal Rankings With Competitor Backlink Analysis. Link Prospecting with Garrett French. Guest: @garrettfrench.

Link Prospecting with Garrett French

He co-founded the @ontolo link building toolset with @benwills. @garrettfrench is also a mad blogger on all of the top search engine marketing blogs (wish I had the time he did). I started in publishing at WebProNews WAAAAY back in the day. My background is in content and in particular building links with content. I’ve got an amazingly cute 1 year old ~ @garrettfrench What are the stages of link prospecting? Inventory your linkable assets – that’s what you’re exchanging for links. Linkable assets can include: content, cash, expert access, widgets, products for review, interns etc. For example, asset = our link building ebook Audience = link builders. Conduct Link Prospecting Keyword Research (more on this later). Generate your prospecting phrase stems (see Stems = terms that target particular sites or pages. Query your search engine of choice and add potential prospect URLs to your spreadsheet. A: Stem replacement is to replace a variable string. Plans and Pricing for the Ontolo Link Building Toolset.

Tons of DataFor Content MarketingAnd Link Building Dozens of data points are includedin the Instant Prospector CSV exports.

Plans and Pricing for the Ontolo Link Building Toolset

Ontolo Gathers Contact Information for You You get several pieces ofcontact information on each page. Qualify Link Prospects andCompetitors' Content byLabeling Competitor Links If promoted content or a link prospectlinks to one of your competitors,it's a pretty good sign they'll link to you. But if they link to two or more? ...and competitive content marketing gold.

Prioritize Successful ContentPrioritize Link ProspectsFind the Best of Both, Faster Research faster. With URL, Subdomain, and Domain scores, focus on your highest-value link prospects, first. Quickly Perform Content Marketing Research Content marketing technology meetslink building technology. Research already-published contentbefore writing your own.

Or find similar content to yours forsending link requests. Find More Prospects ThroughOntolo's Marketing Community Easy. Have a list of sites you've already approached? The New School of Link Prospecting Keyword Research (+4 Tools & 2 Tips) Keyword research is an established "school of thought" in the SEM space.

The New School of Link Prospecting Keyword Research (+4 Tools & 2 Tips)

There are hundreds of free and paid keyword tools, and carefully outlined and repeatable procedures and processes. When it comes to link prospecting and link prospect keyword research, however, shockingly little is written. Before digging into our tools and tips for link prospecting keyword research though, let's contextualize a bit by way of some definitions and start outlining this school of thought. Link Prospecting Link prospecting is the process of finding potential sites, pages, and people that will share your link with their visitors. Link Prospecting Queries Link prospecting keyword research is only useful for the link building query approach to finding prospects. Queries are more versatile and powerful for link prospecting than backlink analysis because you can look for prospects based solely on your linkable assets and the link opportunities unique to your niche.

Link Prospecting Phrases Growing the School! 50+ Tools to Automate Your Link Building. Are you a human link builder?

50+ Tools to Automate Your Link Building

If so, ask yourself this: "if a robot link builder existed, what would I still be able to do that it could not? " Analyze a complex backlink profile and distinguish quality links from spammy ones? Check. Write a funny personal email that gets someone's attention in the right way? Check. And what could the robot do faster and better than you? Find every link to a site? If you've ever heard the phrase "build on your strengths," the lesson for link building is this: that we need to automate as much of the routine, "robot work" as possible, and spend more time doing what we're best at: being sentient human link builders.

In this post, we'll look at tools that can help link builders shift their workload to computers as much as humanly possible. Backlink Data Let's start with the most basic automation. Majestic SEO: A well-regarded index of link data with information about anchor text, authority, Class C IPs, and relevance, not to mention good sorting and filtering.