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William's Great and Cool Place. What are you doing. Namco High: Cousin designs As you might know, ShiftyLook is shutting down later this year and as a result, today is the last day to purchase Namco High.

What are you doing.

While I still have a chance, I wanted to talk a little bit about my designs for the game! Cousin’s appearance was probably the most important design made for the game. They were also the only character that was created for Namco High; everyone else (excluding a few incidental background characters) was a pre-existing property character.

One of the direct orders I received was that Cousin’s Katamari antenna needed to end in a heart. Everyone who plays Namco High would need to be able to project themselves onto this avatar. The game is available to purchase for $7.50 until the end of March 28th. To My Husband. Thinkin' 'bout Inkin' (with David McGuire) Tang Yau Hoong. Stuff Hipsters Hate. GUEST POST: Customer Service.

Stuff Hipsters Hate

See sam sketch! Pancake pancake pancake. Nonesuch Garden. There’s only ONE DAY left to become a Platinum Member of the 2014-2015 Nonesuch Garden Club!!!

Nonesuch Garden

Platinum Members pay a pledge of $20.00 per month. This membership is great for the die-hard Nonesuch Garden fan! Your pledge includes: Access to Patrons Only updates on the Activity Feed.4 to 5 Nonesuch Garden playing cards mailed to you each month. If you remain a member for 12 consecutive months starting in April 2014, you will collect a complete deck of playing cards!

$20 a month too big for your budget? Nice Haircut, Buddy. As more and more of what I’ve been working on recently becomes public more and more questions roll in asking if Boxer Hockey and Diesel are just dead now.

Nice Haircut, Buddy

I keep meaning to do a write up or explanation but every time I do I just can’t get the words right. The flat truth is that I’ve just been going through some real personal shit this year. Nedroid Fun Times. Mrhipp.tumblr. Mister unagi. Bryankonietzko: Hey everyone, the network decided to move the show to a later time slot, now on FRIDAYS AT 8:30PM.

Lexxy's Art Blarg. Doggedlyjo: dresdencodak: Fair enough.

Lexxy's Art Blarg

Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber. Introducing: THE PARENTS PROJECT!!!

Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber

Over the past four years of running Everyone Is Gay, thousands of you have shared your coming out stories with us – many of which included parents who didn’t believe you, who wondered what this meant for your future, who were concerned about religious beliefs, or who just didn’t know WHAT to say. After spending hours scouring the internet for a resource that provided question-specific, easy-to-navigate, digital content for parents of LGBTQ kids, we found NOTHING.So we decided to create it ourselves.The Parents Project will be a digital presence, including videos, written advice, and resources dedicated toward helping parents understand their LGBTQ kids.

Jephjacques. Indistinguishable From Magic. I started Dresden Codak nine years ago.

Indistinguishable From Magic

Here’s a comparison of the very first strip I uploaded with the last panel of the most recent page. In 2005 I was a floundering 21-year-old college student with no direction and growing debt. I drew that snake comic in a statistics class I was failing, and on my way home I decided to scan it and maybe put together a website. I thought if I kept doing that, I could teach myself to draw, as a fun hobby. Since then, this comic has become my full time job (since 2008), and last year I raised over half a million dollars in the second most successful comics Kickstarter ever.

Never underestimate the power of time, hard work, and stubbornness. Illustration. Hark, a Vagrant (RSS Feed) Pusheen: Pusheen & Fat Pony Reblogged 1 year ago from pusheen 22,817 notes.

Hark, a Vagrant (RSS Feed)

BABYCAT. Granulac dot com - Page 1 of 2. 15th March 2012 Post There are some terms within the terminology associated with automobile fix which make drivers desire to examine back into your bed, as well as “transmission” is at the top checklist.

granulac dot com - Page 1 of 2

There is something with that mystical container beneath your vehicle that incites concern. Sadly, most restore retailers realize this kind of, and will use the situation by attaining deep in your pocket.Prior to deciding to give your own tips along with a bare examine, brush up about the simple finish of automatic microbial infection. If one thing is actually significantly wrong, at least you will end up equipped with adequate understanding to head off being overcharged, over-repaired or straight ripped off. Simple Elements of the TransmissionWhilst there are numerous, many little elements inside, your transmission is basically made up of a couple of key parts of methods.Bell Real estate: This is the cone shaped steel situation that you could observe whenever you peek below your vehicle. Goombas. I came across this really inspiring lecture by Mycologist, Paul Stamet.


He discusses how mushrooms, and more specifically mycelium, can be used to fight most of the world’s major problems. I love Paul Stamet. He’s such a wonderful, insightful and imaginative scientist, but also an incredibly passionate and akward nerd. Fashion from old people. Valentino Fall 2014 Menswear. Evan Dahm. If you’re going to Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle this weekend (And You Should), I will be there at TABLE 310! I will have MANY BOOKS and THINGS, including the new Vattu book, the new edition of Rice Boy, and some new stickers and small things. I hope the above visual aids will be helpful to you (i will actually have more things than pictured here but, you know, broad strokes).

I am also participating in a PANEL! On Friday at 11:40, called “Beyond the Genre in Genre Fiction.” Creature Journal. Charmanders in the moonlight. Monday, December 19, 2011 my favorite ghost type is rotom, frost form! Buttoven. ▲▲ COMICS. Periscope Studio. GHOST PUNCH: Archive. PORTRAIT-DEX. (full sized drawing - click here)