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3966241454_0807f3bf1c.jpg (JPEG Image, 180x180 pixels) The Paper Place Online Storefront. Book 79 - - Artist Books Paper & Bookbinding Blog - Cai Lun - Dennis Yuen. I have never named my book in a serial fashion: Book 5, Book 56, or Book 78, etc.

Book 79 - - Artist Books Paper & Bookbinding Blog - Cai Lun - Dennis Yuen

First of all, it's never possible, as I couldn't possibly number each and every book I made. Books that I feature on Studio Cailun certainly have serial numbers as they are listed in the database, but those that are not featured just don't have any. On the other hand, which one should I count as the first one? How about those with volumes? It's just too confusing. But then I called this one Book 79, oh why not? I categorized Book 79 as sculptural, though it can most certainly be used a journal. I certainly enjoy this piece as a sculptural piece more than anything else. The ribbon is a wired ribbon, so its form stays in all positions. Long stitch tutorial part 2. Okay, now you've got your first signature done and your ready to climb up to the next.

Long stitch tutorial part 2

Think of your signature as steps on a ladder- you have to stand on one to get to the next. In the first signature, you've just entered the inner fold on the last station of that signature. From here your going to drop down and exit the fold by enter the next station DOWN. Long stitch tutorial part 1! Due to popular demand I've decided to go ahead and work on a long stitch tutorial.

Long stitch tutorial part 1!

I'm going to work on it in several parts, it's 31 pictures long! This can work on paper covers, fabric covers and the leather covers I've demonstarted here. First start with my tutorial on creating stations and measuring those onto your signatures. Cut stations on spine and punch stations in signatures.

Once yout have that done chose your thread. A long stitch needs sets of holes- every hole needs a partner! How to Make Journals. My books and how to make them « Much of a muchness. I thought as I haven’t been making so many books recently and yet I am still passing myself off as a bookbinding blog, I ought to at least show you some of the books I have made during the last year.

My books and how to make them « Much of a muchness

Be warned, there are a lot of them! You can see them all together by clicking this link to my Flickr page And I really must get my Etsy shop up and running…. Ribbon binding – a tutorial I am often asked to explain how I make my books so I thought I would prepare a very basic tutorial. This method will make an A5 sized book. Materials 40 sheets of paper This can be from a shop bought sketch book, cut to size or even printer paper. So here we go. Method • First fold all the paper sheets in half. Image:click to enlarge • Take one of the sections, and starting at the right side, place a mark on the crease 0.5cm from the end, then 5cm from the end. . • Holding all ten sections together, repeat the markings on all sections. • You have just made a text block. • You now need to cut three pieces of board. Coptic Stitch binding with hard cover method 1. Make Your Own Photo Journals and Notebooks. Our friend Judy runs a one-woman shop making the most beautiful handmade journals we’ve ever seen.

Make Your Own Photo Journals and Notebooks

Naturally, when we saw the photographs she used for her covers, we ran straight to her apartment, video camera in hand. So today we’ve got two special treats for you: 1) A how-to video of Judy showing you how you can make your own perfect-bound journal using two 4×6 photos for the cover, some paper, glue, and a few other tools. 2) Two special edition journals made with pages of sugarcane fiber and reclaimed paper by Judy herself. Created for writers, illustrators, artist and designers, her notebooks have unique features like an inner pocket for looseleaf notes and a spine that opens flat for writing or drawing across the pages.

P.s. Step 1: Gather the ingredients You’ll need: Secret Belgian Binding Book with Aucoumea wood covers. Secret Belgian Binding Instructions. The Secret Belgian Binding These instructions show you how to bind a book with an interesting pattern of weaving which laces the front and back covers to the spine.

Secret Belgian Binding Instructions

Included is the sewing of the text block (a set of four signatures) which is attached to the inside spine of the cover. The secret is in the weave of the cover and in attaching the text block. It is not difficult to do but requires patience in getting the threads taut so that the book does not wobble. Hedi Kyle rediscovered this binding attributed to the Belgians and she solved the mystery of how to make it. The materials and tools needed are as follows: Questions or comments?