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Emotions & Learning

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What It Is and Why It Matters. "All learning has an emotional base.

What It Is and Why It Matters

"-- Plato The ability to express and control our own emotions is important, but so is our ability to understand, interpret, and respond to the emotions of others. Imagine a world where you couldn't understand when a friend was feeling sad or when a co-worker was angry. Psychologists refer to this ability as emotional intelligence, and some experts even suggest that it can be more important than IQ. Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Five Key Skills for Raising Emotional Intelligence. My Life as a Playlist. About THE PROJECT My Life as a Playlist (“MLAP Website”) is a new collaboration between the ABC and the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions (“The Centre”).

My Life as a Playlist

The MLAP Website focuses on our own lives and is an entertaining, interactive experience that allows audiences to choose their personal playlists for key moments such as weddings, birthdays, and funerals as well as love and heartbreak. In other words, put together a soundtrack to their lives. It’s also full of fun pop quizzes, longer surveys and historical information about music and emotions. The Centre intends to use the data gathered as a research tool for their study into music and emotions since pre-modern times. Please note that the use of the data on this website is for academic research purposes only, and will form the basis of a larger study by the Centre. The MLAP Website uses the API but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by, Inc. Dr. Legal. Emotional Intelligence Quotes - Quotes About Emotional Intelligence. What do researchers and psychologists have to say about emotional intelligence? Psychologists have proposed a variety of definitions, discussed the potential benefits, and offered critical analysis of differing theoretical models.

The following quotes are just a sampling of what has been written on the topic of emotional intelligence. Discover Interview: Jaak Panksepp Pinned Down Humanity's 7 Primal Emotions. Emotions and Learning – Part 2. A student’s pain by Jenh The previous post on Emotions and Learning looked at the chemicals involved in emotional responses.

Emotions and Learning – Part 2

This post looks at the functioning of the actual brain structures that lead to the production of these chemicals. First we look at the two main systems involved in regulating emotional responses. Then we explore how our knowledge of these systems can increase our learning potential. Emotions and Learning – Part 1. This is the first in a series posts on emotions, and in particular on the way that emotions affect our learning.

Emotions and Learning – Part 1

This post will first define what emotions are and then look at how chemicals are used in the processing of emotions. Future posts will examine areas of the brain associated with emotions and how to develop emotional intelligence through awareness. What are emotions? Happiness by Altingfest Emotions play a large part in our lives, yet are a difficult concept to define. From a psychological perspective, there are three components to emotion. From a personal perspective, the quote below is a nice expression of the value of positive emotions: “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. Helen Keller From a learning perspective, a positive emotional response creates a commitment to learn, which in turn causes us to focuses our attention on the object of learning leading to learning and remembering.

Developing Emotional Awareness: Recognizing & Harnessing Your Emotions. We often hear from people who feel overwhelmed by stress, family, work and relationship problems, health challenges, and painful emotions.

Developing Emotional Awareness: Recognizing & Harnessing Your Emotions

They’ve tried many approaches to help themselves feel better, but they just can’t seem to follow through, or what they’ve done hasn't helped them enough. If this sounds familiar, you know that it’s all too easy to become discouraged when you’re stuck. The problem is not willpower—all the willpower in the world won’t matter if you can’t manage stress or keep your emotions in balance. The good news: you can learn these important emotional skills, no matter your age or the obstacles you face. That’s what this free online program teaches. Emotional Intelligence Test. For decades, a lot of emphasis has been put on certain aspects of intelligence such as logical reasoning, math skills, spatial skills, understanding analogies, verbal skills etc.

Emotional Intelligence Test

Researchers were puzzled by the fact that while IQ could predict to a significant degree academic performance and, to some degree, professional and personal success, there was something missing in the equation. Some of those with fabulous IQ scores were doing poorly in life; one could say that they were wasting their potential by thinking, behaving and communicating in a way that hindered their chances to succeed. One of the major missing parts in the success equation is emotional intelligence, a concept made popular by the groundbreaking book by Daniel Goleman, which is based on years of research by numerous scientists such as Peter Salovey, John Meyer, Howard Gardner, Robert Sternberg and Jack Block, just to name a few. Read every statement carefully and indicate which option applies best to you. Reporting What Students Are Learning:How Emotions Affect Learning.