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Artist Dmitry Shorin. Dream Messengers – The strange and colored world of FrodoK. Paintings by Cathie Bleck. Saber Blog » Irezumi Bijin- New Works By Ozuma Kaname and Horiyoshi III @ Known Gallery. Beautiful Artwork of Paul Davey. Painting.DTuts - Free Tutorials by Digital Painting and Mattepainting. Details Techniques:Ads: Kamil Murzyn, a CG artist from Poland, tells us about his work in CG field.

Painting.DTuts - Free Tutorials by Digital Painting and Mattepainting

Hi, Kamil! Please, tell us a few words about yourself. I’m 22 and I live in Cracow, Poland. When did you start doing digital painting? I was doing drawings since childhood, using pens, pencils, watercolor. Looking through your rich portfolio I have noticed that you are working in many art directions. In addition to MTG, I always liked Games Workshop universes and recently Guild Wars 2 artworks. I think it will be interesting for our readers to learn about your work “Portrait”. “Police in pursuit” :D Well, I had one boring lecture, when I sketched this picture.

What kind of work are you doing now? I’m heading towards purely fantasy images right now, because I’m thinking about larger project. What work do you enjoy more: personal or commercial projects? Personal! Are you a perfectionist? I’m not. Have you any tricks and your own “know-hows” which you gained with experience during your work? Jason Limon Unique and Stunning Artworks. H.R. GIGER. CGSociety :: Special Feature 12 October 2010, by Daniel Wade Each year EXPOSÉ awards the title of Grand Master to an artist who has had a major influence through their craft.


By that measure, the EXPOSÉ 8 Grand Master has had an overwhelming influence on not just the art world, but also on movie-going audiences of any science-fiction movie made since ‘Alien’ in 1979. H. R. Giger’s most memorable works fall into the category of “biomechanoid” art, describing the merging of human anatomy with mechanical elements in dark, sexual, nightmarish worlds inspired by the night terrors that haunted him from childhood. Background H. : tomasz opasinski : 2010 : Flash, Design, Vector, Photoshop, Adobe Tutorials. CGI and 3D modeling is one of the fields take shared forming the industry of computer graphic since its beginning. However, it has developed to provide more abilities to digital artists to create high quality and real look 3D models. In this collection, we will share the show case for five 3D artists that have different styles and techniques. Each artist is followed with brief description about his career and the tools used to create the these amazing artwork.

Also, you can click on the artist to visit his profile. Ralf is one fo the amazing CGI artists in Germany. He is a character artist from UK with amazing character modeling and texturing skills. Marcos is a Brazilian artist who produces animation for commercials and illustrations, he is currently a freelance. He is a French freelance CG artist that uses 3Ds Max, Illustrator, Photoshop, ZBrush and Modo. Sven is a German 3D artist and modeler, he is very talented artist with amazing touch especially for 3D sculpture and human faces. Design History: Photo Manipulation Pioneer John Heartfield.