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Ascension / Ascending. Meditate. Bookmark (World Wide Web) The bookmarks menu in Mozilla Firefox—both a live (Wikinews) and a static (Wikipedia) bookmark are depicted.

Bookmark (World Wide Web)

With the advent of social bookmarking, shared bookmarks have become a means for users sharing similar interests to pool web resources, or to store their bookmarks in such a way that they are not tied to one specific computer or browser. Web-based bookmarking services let users save bookmarks on a remote web server, accessible from anywhere. Each browser has a built-in tool for managing the list of bookmarks. The list storage method varies, depending on the browser, its version, and the operating system on which it runs. YOU CAN BE HAPPY‬‏

Caroline Cory‬‏

The Revolution of the Angelic Human‬‏ Little Grandmother (Kiesha Crowther) Year 11. Year 12. Gottes einzigartige Schöpfung‬‏ Jordanduchnycz's. ‪First Contact - Barack Obama (Galactic Federation of Light Annoucement is IMMINIENT!)‬‏ ‪ATLANTIS MESSAGE to HUMAN MANKIND from THE STAR ANCESTORS‬‏ ‪Morning Dream‬‏ ‪Welcome Us As Friends - The Galactic Federation Of Light.mp4‬‏ Music. Alan Watts. The Law of Attraction. The law Of One.