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Ranked the best hypnotherapist in Los Angeles, and serving the nearby communities of Santa Monica, Brentwood, Culver City and Hollywood, Jake Rubin,M.A., founder of Westside Hypnotherapy, has helped countless individuals in Los Angeles improve their lives through the power of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Using the most cutting edge technology with Real-Time EEG Hypno-Brain MonitoringTM we are able to monitor our clients' hypnosis depth second-by-second during the hypnotherapy session. A trained hypnotherapist like Jake Rubin, M.A. has more training in hypnotherapy than any other health care professional. If you're looking for the best hypnotherapy in Los Angeles, you've come to the right place. Contact us for a Free Consultation.

Smoking Can Kill You, Schedule Quit Smoking Hypnosis In Los Angeles. Are you extremely dependent on that cigarette puff?

Smoking Can Kill You, Schedule Quit Smoking Hypnosis In Los Angeles

Sometimes we develop undesirable bad habits and detrimental behaviors because of peer pressure and societal acceptance. These habits such as smoking and drinking can be very harmful in the long run and detrimental to health. You need to get rid of them at the earliest! Control Rage And Aggression With Anger Management Hypnotherapy. Do you fume every time your close acquaintances refuse you something?

Control Rage And Aggression With Anger Management Hypnotherapy

Do you get furious and often get caught in the throes of road rage? Uncontrollable rage and temper tantrums because of disagreement with a family member, non-cooperation of a child, or a verbal fight with strangers can leave the whole house or surroundings in turmoil. Anger is normal but when it gets unleashed beyond control it can be a threat to people around. Do not let uncontrollable anger take over your personal relationships and health, get it leashed and under control! We often end up retaliating and say a lot of things that we do not mean and later regret the action. The most important thing to keep in mind is that anger cannot help; rather it can mess up a situation beyond control. Sarcasm, violence, aggression, stamping feet, yelling, throwing things around and abusing loudly are common reactions to disagreements. Panic Attacks Because Of Phobias, Take Hypnosis For Fears And Phobias.

Whenever we are surrounded by danger we are taken in by a sudden fear that either freezes us or causes us to run fast.

Panic Attacks Because Of Phobias, Take Hypnosis For Fears And Phobias

This is a natural survival instinct that we have so that we can protect ourselves whenever we are faced with a threatening or scary situation. On the other hand, sometimes intense unrealistic fear is manifested in the mind because of an object or situation and it can lead to serious panic attacks or anxiety every time you think about it. This is an imaginary and unhealthy response to an imagined circumstance that establishes itself in the mind as a phobia. Anxiety, nervousness and powerful scary feelings arise the moment you perceive the phobia and this is not healthy. Many times there are physical manifestations of the phobia and these can show up as: sweating,palpitations,light-headedness,fast heartbeat,dizziness,dry mouth,shivering and shaking,loose motions,Vomits or nausea. Deal With Awkward Behavioral Patterns, Take Hypnosis In Los Angeles CA. Remember the image of the crystal ball swinging left to right, and a person lying back on the couch confessing the inner most secrets?

Deal With Awkward Behavioral Patterns, Take Hypnosis In Los Angeles CA

Well, this is not what hypnosis is about. It’s Time To Chuck The Bottle, Take Hypnosis To Reduce Alcohol Consumption. Do you long for that extra little bit of alcohol even after dinner has been served?

It’s Time To Chuck The Bottle, Take Hypnosis To Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Do you like to end up shaky on your feet before you lock that bottle up for the next day? You may not have realised but your dependency on alcohol may have increased in the last few months because of misuse of this intoxicating substances. Control your desires in time before the harm to the body becomes permanent. We can help you here, read on for more! Drinking excessively effects day to day living and puts a person at risk of grave health conditions. Hypnosis Near Me. Control Rage And Aggression With Anger Management Hypnotherapy. Control Rage And Aggression With Anger Management Hypnotherapy.

Deal With Emotional Issues And Get Rid Of Bad Habits With Hypnotherapy. Drop The Unhealthy Smoking Habit With Quit Smoking Hypnosis In Los Angeles. Enjoying that cigarette break at the office?

Drop The Unhealthy Smoking Habit With Quit Smoking Hypnosis In Los Angeles

Do you often sneak out for a smoke even if you have a million tasks on hand? If you have a constant strong urge to take a puff, you are definitely dependent on the nicotine and tobacco. This is not good news! You need to eliminate your craving for intoxicating substances such as cigars, tobacco pipes and cigarettes because these can be life threatening in the future.

It may surprise you but many people who smoke cigarettes have admitted that they basically detest their habit and are willing to walk an extra mile to get rid of this nagging desire. Smoking is one of the unhealthiest ways of living. It is not easy to give up nicotine because there are painful withdrawal symptoms that the patient has to undergo every time he makes the effort. Addiction to tobacco and nicotine is rooted deep in the subconscious mind. It’s a challenge to give up smoking dependency but it is essential because this is one of the main reasons for dreaded cancer. Get Rid Of Behavioral Flaws With Hypnotherapy. Deal With Insecurities Of Subconscious Mind With Hypnosis In Los Angeles. The subconscious mind withholds loads of memories and hidden mysteries.

Deal With Insecurities Of Subconscious Mind With Hypnosis In Los Angeles

This unreachable and untouchable part of the mind is extremely difficult to access. It guards feelings and emotions that have been suppressed for years and years. Childhood recollections, bullying school incidents, physically sexually and mentally abusive moments, nasty childhood experiences, all these are moments that are best forgotten and flung away but all of them stay stacked in the recesses of the mind causing adjustment problems in future. Unconsciously our emotional defence mechanism takes over and decides to pull us away from the pain and suffering.

The nasty memories, fears , insecurities, stifled feelings are pushed aside, deep into the recesses of the subconscious mind, just as we pack a suitcase full of old tattered clothes and stack it away at the top of the cupboard, never to touch it again. Heal Your Fears And Phobias With Hypnosis Therapy In Los Angeles. Delaying Work Incessantly, Take Hypnotherapy For Procrastination.

People get distracted by technological gadgets such as phone, television, computers and their laptops.

Delaying Work Incessantly, Take Hypnotherapy For Procrastination

While they are busy churning out some extremely important work, their phone beeps and the work underway is put on hold for a while. If we add up these important time lapses that we indulge in it so many times a day, we will be stunned to realise that a major part of our work hours have been spent “not doing “the super important work, we had been assigned. The delay of work means hours and hours at the desk whereas we could have finished the work in half the time. Hypnotherapy For Insomnia. Hypnotherapy for Insomnia You Can Overcome Insomnia with Hypnotherapy Sleep is one of the most important components for optimal health.

Hypnotherapy For Insomnia

Studies show that a healthy adult needs to sleep for an average of 8 hours a day. However, given hectic schedules many people do not have sufficient time for sleeping. In addition, internet and phones won’t let people sleep at night. Deal With Lack Of Motivation Mental Blocks With Hypnotherapy For Negative Thoughts. Complex tasks become even tougher when the brain encounters negative thoughts.

Deal With Lack Of Motivation Mental Blocks With Hypnotherapy For Negative Thoughts

In such a case where shrouds of negativity surround a person, it becomes almost impossible to process the information that is taken in. The thinking becomes clouded and a person cannot make appropriate decisions. The motivation to work or take up new challenges falls and it becomes easier to take a back seat than start a new task.

Do you want to live life in this manner or would you rather take a few sessions of hypnotherapy for motivation to renew the lost enthusiasm to take up tasks and face new challenges? Don’t Feel Shy And Scared Of Crowds Go For Hypnotherapy For Social Anxiety. Social gatherings and social situations can be very intimidating for many. Many of us are left jittery and uncomfortably nervous when we are surrounded by strangers. People often complain that they get sweaty palms and are tongue tied when they come in contact with someone new and they feel like running away from the prying eyes. Social interaction is an avoidable exercise for them.

Have you ever seen people who are giving a presentation or facing an interview panel, tremble in fear? Troubled By Aggression And Misbehaviour, Take Anger Management Hypnotherapy. Fuming and feeling like letting out some steam? Anger is a normal part of everyday living and is normally a reaction to insults, frustration, deceiving, being refused something, being forced, or being attacked. Deal With Hidden Emotional Issues With Hypnotherapy In Los Angeles by Westside Hypnotherapy. No More Procrastinating Important Tasks Go For Hypnotherapy For Motivation. We sometimes zone out while talking to another, driving a car or watching television and keep moving on in a predetermined robotic manner. The task in completed to perfection but we don’t bear in mind exactly how it happened. We already indulge in plenty of hypnotic moments during the day that we don’t even remember. Now, what happens when we confront hurdles or difficulties in our life? Are we able to move forward like a robot and carry on the tasks to our optimum?

No, we cannot, we run, we scram, and we hide! This is where professionals step in- to treat a phobia that been pushed at the back of the mind with assistance of professional therapy. The conscious mind pushes the de-motivating incident to the back of the mind, deep into the subconscious and leaves it buried deep inside. Results show that hypnotherapy has shown amazingly good results with habits of incessant smoking, binge eating, substance abuse and drinking. Shares Share Tweet Pin Email. Sports Hypnosis. Alter Your Smoking Obsession With Quit Smoking Hypnosis In Los Angeles.

Struggling to alter behavioural patterns and quit unavoidable habits can be very frustrating and annoying. We all know that developing and nurturing undesirable habits like gorging on junk food, eating incessantly, lazing around, procrastinating important tasks, smoking, taking drugs or alcohol spells trouble. Deal With Hidden Emotional Issues With Hypnotherapy In Los Angeles. People often feel insecure regarding their personal relationships and emotional fallbacks. They try to adjust to the maximum but sometimes because of a lack of appropriate effort and focus they start to lose confidence in relations.

This leads to adjustment issues and when these complications take over, the search for correction and amendment in attitude starts, so that people can feel good and stay happy! There are a few natural developmental goals that are expected from people. Goals such as ability to break a habit, losing weight, increase self-esteem and confidence, staying healthy and well, dealing with lack of focus, dealing effectively with stress are generally expected from all but at times achieving and retaining these personal development goals becomes an impossible task. The individual feels dejected and forlorn because he or she is not able to adjust properly. 2001 S Barrington Ave #215, Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA Like this: Like Loading...

Leave Bad Habits And Live Healthy With Hypnotherapy In Los Angeles. You may have heard people complain of having sleepless nights, digestion trouble, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, incessant headaches, lack of confidence and self esteem and so many other health related issues on a regular basis. Scared To Mix Around With People, Go For Hypnotherapy For Social Anxiety. Hypnosis For Sugar Cravings. Analyze Your Subconscious With Hypnotherapy In Los Angeles. Don’t Run Away From Situations Take Sessions Of Hypnosis For Confidence And Self-Esteem. Deal With Social Pressures And Maladjustments With Hypnotherapy For Anxiety. Hypnosis Los Angeles CA.