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West Line Ship Management

WEST LINE SHIP MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD. with proven track record of supplying seafarer of high quality to various ship owners. It provides exclusive Manning & Crewing services for its shipping clients internationally and to its Indian fraternity.

Westline Shipping - A Reputed Name Among Top Ship Management Companies in India. Seismic vessels are specialized ships that are deployed for performing seismic activities at sea.

Westline Shipping - A Reputed Name Among Top Ship Management Companies in India

Owing to the crucial tasks that these ships tend to perform at sea, it is necessary for a competent crew to be available onboard. Apart from the normal crew members, these ships are also equipped with a team of special professionals known as the seismic crew that plays a major role in performing all the seismic activities. The team, usually recruited by a shipping management services provider, is headed by the Party Chief. The team also has geophysicists, observers, navigators and the gun technicians as a part of the crew. Seismic Crew and Its Responsibilities For being recruited as a part of the seismic crew, in addition to the basic qualifications and experience, a seismic crew member should possess a strong technical background in computers, electronics, and seismic tools.

Party Chief Geophysicists (Processors) Observers Navigators. Westline Shipping - The Best Ship Crew Management Company. When you enjoy your stay on the cruise ships, there is no doubt in the fact that you will be taken care of by the entire marine crew management team.

Westline Shipping - The Best Ship Crew Management Company

When you debark from the cruise, the crew will continue to stay aboard for some more months to come, away from their home. For some youngsters, working on a cruise ship is their dream job. In this blog, we have compiled some of the facts, which you might know about working on the cruise ships. Have a look. A Lot Of Job Opportunities With the expansion of the cruise industry, the opportunities for the job enthusiasts looking forward to making their career in the cruise industry, are not going to dry up any soon. Freshers Undergo Months of Training The freshers are meant to undergo a rigorous training in order to be acquainted with their tasks at the cruise. Chances of Being Promoted Are Good Most of the crew members start working in marine crew management teams at entry-level positions. It’s Not A Vacation For Them Like this: Like Loading...

Westline Shipping - Make A Successful Career in Marine Crew Management. West line Ship Management Pvt.

Westline Shipping - Make A Successful Career in Marine Crew Management

Ltd. provides experienced and qualified Officers and crew for all types and sizes of ships to suit each Client’s needs. Our philosophy is to provide the best crew members who embrace wholeheartedly our company’s spirit of teamwork and dedication to excellence, ensuring the operational efficiency of the ship. All the services we offer are implemented with a high degree of professionalism, careful follow-up through regular ship visits and close communication with our Clients to confirm that company standards are being achieved.

Crew management, including: crew planning, crew processing, database management, follow-up cases, crew accounting, payroll and allotments and crew travel. Screening and processing of crew, based on each client’s needs and goals. We emphasize technical knowledge, expertise, leadership, and the ability to take the initiative. We work closely with our clients, and can accommodate customized crewing where needed. Leveraging Services From the Best Ship Crew Management Companies. Crewing is one of the most crucial ship management services and the field of competence of any ship manager is defined by his ability of crewing.

Leveraging Services From the Best Ship Crew Management Companies

If we talk about the year 2010, there were around 1.4 million seafarers that were active. However, at present, there is a concern about the current as well as the future availability of the senior marine crew management level officers and that to the engineers in the regions like Indian subcontinent and the Far East. So what does it take to be one of the best ship crew management companies? Let’s have a look. How to Hire the Best Marine Crew Management? Here are some of the best practices that you can adopt for hiring one of the best crew members for your vessel: 1. The multi-cultural teams pose a great challenge for the human interaction and therefore, it gets necessary to invest in an appropriate team culture and teamwork for having the best crew onboard. 2.

Get the Best Ship Technical Management Service from Westline. When it comes to ship management, the first thing that a manager needs to make sure is the availability of the vessel and the way to balance the maintenance cost with the defect costs and even the management of off hires.

Get the Best Ship Technical Management Service from Westline

In fact, the ship technical management is considered as one of the most challenging are off ship management, after crewing. On top of that, the increase in the regulatory and compliance pressures, are also adding more to this already existing pressure. Being technically competent is a must, when it comes to manage and run your vessel. In this write-up, we are going to shed some light on the ways by which technical aspect of the ship management process can be handled without any hassles and confusion. Factors Ship Technical Management Services Need To Consider So what exactly do ship technical management services need to ensure? 1. 2. 3.