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Buy residential, shaggy & traditional rugs in Melbourne with Western Distributors. At Western Distributors, we offer a huge selection of floor rugs for residential & commercial applications. Visit our Melbourne Showroom or Call us for info.

Vinyl Tiles Archives. Company News Wholesale Login Contact us Trading Hours Monday - Friday8:00am - 5:00pm Saturday8:00am - 1:00pm SundayClosed Join the Mailing List Carpets 03 8312 0011 Tiles 03 8312 0044 Floorboards/Rugs 03 8312 0022 Vinyl Tiles Excellence KT1501-Tamala Vinyl Tile 457x457 $15.57 s/qm $22.00 s/qm 2.5mm3.34/sqm Packs$52.00 /Pack A perfect alternative to ceramic and stone.

Vinyl Tiles Archives

LOOM+ Craft 2001 Vinyl Tile 500x500 $44.00 s/qm $60.00 s/qm Will reinvent the way you think about commercial flooring. LOOM+ Knit 2009 Vinyl Tile LOOM+ Craft 2015 Vinyl Tile LOOM+ Craft 2018 Vinyl Tile LOOM+ Craft 2004 Vinyl Tile LOOM+ Craft 2016 Vinyl Tile LOOM+ Knit 2201 Vinyl Tile Expona Linne 7182 Vinyl Tile $20.06 s/qm $28.00 s/qm 3mm3.34/sqm Packs$67.00 /Pack. Kitchen flooring: Top trends to watch out in 2022. When it comes to one of the busiest areas of your home, your kitchen, flooring is something that matters the most, right?

Kitchen flooring: Top trends to watch out in 2022

I mean, kitchen floors take a lot of traffic, wear-and-tear on a daily basis. On top of that, spills and stains are inevitable in cooking areas. A Flooring Guide: The Most Durable Yet Stylish Carpets You Can Invest In. Decorating one’s house is a creative job & flooring is such an essential part of the house where you can add beauty and style.

A Flooring Guide: The Most Durable Yet Stylish Carpets You Can Invest In

From bare and beautiful, natural floorboards to soft luxurious carpets, a floor provides the backdrop for the rest of your house. Your floor goes through a lot of traffic and your carpet literally gets walked all over every day. Choosing a carpet that can bear you everyday wear and tear will help you have the beautiful backdrop that lets your home feel cosy and homely. Whether you need a durable carpet for pets, guests, or kids, twist pile carpet is what you need! Continue reading to learn some of the most beautiful yet durable carpet types & styles:

Best Commercial & Domestic Carpets. 5 things to take care of while choosing outdoor tiles. The outdoor flooring of your home is as important as indoor flooring.

5 things to take care of while choosing outdoor tiles

Apart from the functionality, it can enhance the value of your home in several ways. Thus, you need to take special care of the outdoor flooring of your home. From ceramic to stone tiles, there’s a vast variety of tiles available for an outdoor alfresco and spaces. Inside & Outdoor Wall Tiling. 5 simple ways to avoid rugs from sliding or slipping. Rugs that slide across the floor aren’t just unattractive, they can be dangerous too.

5 simple ways to avoid rugs from sliding or slipping

It has been found that elderly people are most prone to falls and slips caused by loose rugs or carpets. So, if your rugs are sliding, slipping or curling, you need to fix them as soon as possible. Below are a few good ways to keep your rugs from sliding. Please have a look. 1. Using a waffle pad is one of the most common ways to stop your rugs from sliding. 2. When we say “natural rubber pads”, they have solid grid surfaces that are great for thin and flat-weave rugs in Melbourne. 3.

Natural stone tiles in Melbourne: The best flooring solution for outdoors. We know how much you love your outdoor area.

Natural stone tiles in Melbourne: The best flooring solution for outdoors

You want it to be functional and beautiful for years. However, you may think that choosing the right outdoor flooring solution is an issue. Don’t worry, we will help you sort it out. Affordable Handmade Rugs. Can I order a sample of the rug I am interested in?

Affordable Handmade Rugs

Unfortunately we do not have samples available to send to customers for any of our rugs. However, should you visit our showroom our dedicated team will be more than happy to give you the information and confidence you need to choose the right rug. With over 500 rugs on display, our expert team will help you choose the right colour, texture and style for your residential or commercial project.

So don’t just browse brochures and web pages, come and visit Western Distributors to see, feel and compare our huge range of rugs. Carpet for home-office: An ultimate guide. It has been more than a year since our homes turned into proxy workplaces; right?

Carpet for home-office: An ultimate guide

And you know what? The concept of “work from home” is here to stay. So, why not décor your home-office in a functional and inspiring way? Let’s give it a fresh look and elevate the level of creativity and productivity. 6 places in your home that you can place rugs. Rugs are an essential styling piece when decorating the interior of your home, but where do you place them?

6 places in your home that you can place rugs

While there are certain designated areas for placing rugs like by the side of your bed, there are other unique places where they suit. So, we thought we’d share with you the 6 places in your home where you can place rugs to add the cosiness and texture to the interiors. Bamboo & Merbau Timber Flooring. Is timber flooring more durable than laminate flooring?

Bamboo & Merbau Timber Flooring

Engineered timber is taken care of properly can last for 20 plus years and in some cases can be sanded and refinished if damaged. However being a natural product it is more prone to scratches and dints than its laminate counterpart. Nonetheless, timber floors are still very easy to maintain if the proper maintenance and care is taken and their structural stability means that you will get to enjoy the beauty of timber for many, many years.

Best Commercial & Domestic Carpets. An ultimate checklist for choosing the best outdoor floor tiles. There are a number of outdoor tiles to choose from, you might feel overwhelmed at the end of the day. If you find it challenging to find your ultimate floor tile, all you need to do is create a checklist. Below are a few important things that will help you choose the best outdoor tiles. 1. Budget. 5 things you should consider while choosing timber flooring for your house. While choosing the type of flooring, one’s mind gets boggled with different queries related to suitability and the type of flooring that should be chosen. But the fact that the flooring you choose will drastically alter the look and feel of your place does not allow you to make a firm decision so easily. If you conduct research, you will come across the timber flooring option for your home.

Timber is a natural product, which has been a favourite flooring material for millions of homeowners. Timber flooring is a great way to bring natural surroundings into your home. When choosing timber flooring, this article will help you make the right choice by highlighting the relevant factors. Appearance. Residential & Commercial Rugs. Company News Wholesale Login Contact us Trading Hours. Outdoor Archives. Is there a certain range of tiles that should be used outdoors? Outdoor tiles are available in a never-ending variety of materials, however, each type of material is different and may only work in certain spaces. The tiles for outdoor use ranges from porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, travertine tiles, granite tiles, limestone tiles and soapstone tiles to plastic interlocking tiles, deck tiles, rubber tiles, faux paving tiles, concrete tiles, quarry tiles to outdoor carpet tiles.

However, when choosing the tiles, just keep in mind that tiles for outdoor use need to be strong enough to withstand weather elements such as heat, rain, snow, hail and strong winds. Pet-friendly rugs: What should be kept in mind? Are you torn between your pets and your modern rug? Don’t worry, we have got some good news. You might wonder that having pets means sacrificing the style of the rug for functionality. However, that’s not the truth. You can have both, style as well as functionality. Choosing a pet-friendly rug for your lifestyle may seem challenging, but we are here to help you navigate. Quality Laminate Flooring Melbourne. 5 eco-friendly alternatives to timber flooring in Melbourne. Your floor not only affects the look and feel of your home but also has an impact on the environment.

That’s a fact! Luckily, the range of sustainable flooring materials is growing fast and environmentally savvy people are seeking out alternatives for timber. Benefits Of Carpet Flooring In Your Melbourne Property. With such a vast array of options when it comes to floor covering, you may be a little stumped over what would be the best solution for your needs. Waterproof Hybrid Flooring Melbourne. Company. A Flooring Guide: The Most Durable Yet Stylish Carpets You Can Invest In. Outdoor Archives. 6 places in your home that you can place rugs. Affordable Handmade Rugs. The Benefits Of Carpet Tiles As A Flooring Option. When considering carpet as a flooring option, most people only think about the wall-to-wall carpet variety, and the complications that accompany this type of carpeting put people off choosing this option.

If you fall into this group, you should know that carpet tiles offer a wealth of benefits and overcome some of the difficulties that accompany full-length carpet installation. Here are a few advantages that come with choosing it. Affordable Handmade Rugs. 5 things you should consider while choosing timber flooring for your house. Bamboo & Merbau Timber Flooring. Top 7 carpets for high-traffic areas.

When it comes to determining the need to install modern rugs in your home, comfort and glamour are the paramount priorities of most Australians. Of course, high foot traffic can make the carpet fade over time, but you can avoid it by investing in the right floor rug. To help you discover the best fit for high-traffic settings, we have compiled a list of carpet floorings based on different materials and styles. Let’s have a look at these options: The best carpet materials for high-traffic areas.

Stone, Marble & Wood Effect Flooring Tiles. What are the best floor tiles for particular areas and what size should I lay? 5 flooring ideas to enhance the value of your property. If you really want to boost the resale value of your property, home renovation is the perfect endeavour. You can even generate some significant changes without breaking the bank. To begin your home renovation journey, the first step is upgrading your floor. 8 Inexpensive Kitchens Flooring Solutions. Kitchens are one of those areas in the house that go through a lot of wear and tear every day.

From spills to drips, from dropped utensils to constant foot traffic, the flooring in this particular space experiences multiple hazards. In other words, not every flooring material can pass the test of time when it comes to your cooking area. So, what are the solutions? Best Floor Tiles for Outdoor Patios to Get an Appealing Look. Tiles are an excellent surface for decks and patios; why? Because they can stand the test of time. Terrazzo Tiles/Natural Stone Archives.

Residential & Commercial Rugs. Waterproof Hybrid Flooring Melbourne. Inside & Outdoor Wall Tiling. Best Commercial & Domestic Carpets. The 4 most popular carpeting options for winter. How to clean hard water stains from bathroom tiles? Residential & Commercial Rugs. Vinyl flooring in Melbourne: 7 maintenance and cleaning tips.

A Flooring Guide: The Most Durable Yet Stylish Carpets You Can Invest In. Waterproof Hybrid Flooring Melbourne. Quality Tiles, Carpets, Vinyl, Rugs & Floorboards Melbourne. How To Keep Your Timber Flooring Clean And Long Lasting. Affordable Handmade Rugs. Benefits Of Carpet Flooring In Your Melbourne Property. Waterproof Hybrid Flooring Melbourne. What makes hybrid flooring the future of the flooring industry? Quality Tiles, Carpets, Vinyl, Rugs & Floorboards Melbourne. 5 Tips on how to repair damaged carpets and rugs. Inside & Outdoor Wall Tiling. Bamboo & Merbau Timber Flooring. Hardwood flooring alternatives: 7 affordable options to choose from - Sfuncube.

Vinyl Planks & Timber Design. Godfrey Hirst Carpet Melbourne. Best Commercial & Domestic Carpets. European Oak -Naturalwood Timber Veneer Flooring Melbourne. Can you install hardwood floors in the Kitchen? (5 myths debunked) Home renovation tips: Top 6 tile options. 5 worst enemies of your floor rugs in Melbourne. Is hybrid flooring a good option? Everything you need to know. Twist Carpet Melbourne. Bamboo & Merbau Timber Flooring. Best Commercial & Domestic Carpets. Residential & Commercial Rugs. Bamboo & Merbau Timber Flooring. Inside & Outdoor Wall Tiling. Carpet vs. timber flooring: Which one is best for your home?

Best Commercial & Domestic Carpets. What types of tiles are great for an outdoor patio? Tips To Keep Your Carpet In Top Condition. Residential & Commercial Rugs. Choosing the best carpet flooring for your stairs. Bamboo & Merbau Timber Flooring. High-Quality Verona & Tavernelle Rugs. Inside & Outdoor Wall Tiling. Vinyl Flooring: Why is It The Best Solution for Busy Homes? - SimDreamHomes.

Bamboo & Merbau Timber Flooring. Bamboo & Merbau Timber Flooring. Can you install hardwood flooring in your bathroom? Carpet Tiles Archives. Hidden Health Benefit Of Installing Timber Flooring. Vinyl Planks & Timber Design. Vinyl Planks & Timber Design. 5 proven ways to keep your area rugs looking new. Twist Carpet Melbourne. High-Quality Verona & Tavernelle Rugs. European Oak -Naturalwood Timber Veneer Flooring Melbourne. Why your living room deserves to have carpets and rugs? Article - ArticleTed - News and Articles.

Quality Tiles, Carpets, Vinyl, Rugs & Floorboards Melbourne. Best Commercial & Domestic Carpets. Buying guide: How to choose the best timber flooring? – Western Distributors. Western Distributors awards its employees. Loop Carpet Melbourne. New look, check out our revamped showroom. How To Choose Your Bathroom Tiles.