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DeepDyve - Your Personal Research Library. PDF search engine for free scientific publications - FreeFullPDF. How To Find Any Scientific Paper. Download music, movies, games, software! The Pirate Bay - The galaxy's most resilient BitTorrent site. Library Genesis: 32+ millions free ebooks download in many languages, no subscriptions no limits TOP resource PDF/DJVU/EMOB/EPUB/RAR/ZIP/FB2/DOC/RTF/TXT format. Free Books : Download & Streaming : eBooks and Texts. Collection eye The American Libraries collection includes material contributed from across the United States.

Free Books : Download & Streaming : eBooks and Texts

Library Genesis / LibGen - The Meta Library. Based in Russia, this is the largest and longest running currently openly available collection.

Library Genesis / LibGen - The Meta Library

Headed by a team led by bookwarrior and Bill_G (of fiction torrent fame), they have several initiatives: i. over 1.5 million files of mainly non-fiction ebooks, ii. an equivalent number of mainly fiction ebooks, iii. +20 million papers from journals of science, history, art etc., iv. comics, magazines and paintings; totally amounting to at least 100 TB -- easily the Library of Congress of the digital world. LibGen is actually a movement of sorts -- they are driven by a true intention to liberate access to knowledge rather than just go on DRMrip binges. Historically they have worked by downloading whole collections that have already been posted in fora or as torrents, although a significant portion is also due to individual efforts, especially after about 800k which marked their acquisition of the Lnu collection after its destruction. and torrent files are also available.