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Feminism and Gender

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Nicola Formichetti is Making Genderless Clothing a Reality. Barbie Makes An Ashley Graham Doll, Complete With Thighs That Actually Touch. Image via Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Ashley Graham is killing it this year.

Barbie Makes An Ashley Graham Doll, Complete With Thighs That Actually Touch

She was the first plus size model to ever grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, she premiered her own lingerie line at New York’s fashion week, and she was unapologetically her bad ass self, showing off her awesome curves and even celebrating her cellulite. Basically, we couldn’t love her more. Now, she’s even got her own Barbie, complete with matching measurements.

She was presented with it at Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards. Image via Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Glamour Look. Fierce cat eye? Is makeup for men a fad or the future? It’s a thing now: Young men are into makeup, and the industry is going where the boys are.

Is makeup for men a fad or the future?

Driven by hyper-connected Generation Z’s disinterest in gender identification, beauty brands are looking to market with a gender-neutral approach. A report this year by J. Walter Thompson’s The Innovation Group found that 56 percent of Generation Z knows someone who goes by the gender-neutral pronouns of “they,” “them,” or “ze.” They are also rejecting the gender binary while shopping for clothes — 44 percent said they only bought clothes restricted for their own gender, and 70 percent support a move toward gender-neutral bathrooms. “[Gender] matters less than it used to,” said Lucie Greene, worldwide director of the J. Will Genderless Fashion Change Retail? (L-R) Raf Simons Menswear Spring/Summer 2014, Gucci Menswear Autumn/Winter 2015, J.W Anderson Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 | Source: Indigital LONDON, United Kingdom — Alessandro Michele’s womenswear debut for Gucci was, by far, the most anticipated show of Milan Fashion Week.

Will Genderless Fashion Change Retail?

How would Michele attempt to re-reinvigorate Kering’s ailing cash cow, after chief executive François-Henri Pinault said in December that the brand needed a fresh point of view and more daring shows? The answer: bookish, pussy-bow wearing boys and girls, sharing both the runway and the same tailoring, shoulder-length locks and cut-glass cheekbones. Genderless fashion: a fad or the future? Fashion has always blurred the male and female gender divide, but recent seasons have seen a rise in genderless collections.

Genderless fashion: a fad or the future?

Is this just a passing trend or is there a shift taking place as awareness and acceptance of non-binary gender goes mainstream? Ungendered by Zara In March, Zara joined the conversation with Ungendered, a subsection of its TRF range available online and in 29 UK stores. This “gender-neutral” collection focuses on basics such as T-shirts, jeans and hoodies in neutral colours. Similarly, department store Selfridges introduced its Agender initiative in March 2015, dedicated to more design-led clothing and accessories, sold without any gender categorisation. “At one end [of the genderless trend], you have clothes that are uniform and neutral enough to look quite normal on either sex. Independent Manchester store Hervia has also seen a rise in interest in genderless product. Four Gender Neutral Denim Brands Getting Into the Unisex Game.

Jaden Smith, wise beyond his 18 years, claimed that fashion is about “dressing a generation.”

Four Gender Neutral Denim Brands Getting Into the Unisex Game

If that’s the case, designers and retailers are doing a pretty decent job of catering to the public’s shifting perception of gender norms. Months after Zara joined the movement towards non-binary fashion, debuting its Ungendered line of jeans, sweatshirts, and tanks, a slew of denim companies are releasing their own unisex collections. Today, the German denim label Closed released a 12-piece collection called “EQL.” Designed by sibling modeling duo Toni and Niklas Garrn, it includes slouchy jeans, an oversized bomber jacket, and T-shirts that proudly state “Same Same Not Different.” This fall, Guess jeans is launching His + Hers, a line of wardrobe staples that—despite the name—attempts to “blur the line” between the sexes. Meanwhile, when AG Jeans set out to create a knit denim collection—the first of its kind—the brand wanted to do it with equally forward-thinking silhouettes.

Zara Launched a Genderless Clothing Section Online - Zara Ungendered. Atmospheric Unisex Lookbooks : GEO collection. Trans-Positive Holiday Campaigns : trans model. Unisex Denim Collections : his + hers. How this election jolted fashion into action. Never in recent years has an election been quite as polarising as the one that culminates today, and fashion – usually one industry that tends to keep out of explicitly political affairs, save for past Obama-rallying – has not been exempt from its whirlwind.

How this election jolted fashion into action

From social media campaigns to all-out endorsements, the New York Times’ Vanessa Friedman said it best when she declared that “The campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump have galvanised the industry to an extent never before seen.” The lady with a beard: ‘If you’ve got it, rock it!’ Harnaam Kaur is in full flow when a young man passes our table.

The lady with a beard: ‘If you’ve got it, rock it!’

Can President Trump undermine abortion rights? Not so fast. The end of the Affordable Care Act, a new Supreme Court justice, a trade war with China and mass deportation are all part of the plan.

Can President Trump undermine abortion rights? Not so fast

Video provided by Newsy Newslook WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald Trump opposes abortion, but even he admits that overturning the Supreme Court's 43-year-old decision in Roe v. Wade "has a long, long way to go. " After Trump nominates a justice to replace the late Antonin Scalia, the Supreme Court will remain one or two votes short of a majority to send abortion decisions back to the states, experts on both sides of the issue agree. There are several reasons: The high court does not like to overrule its own precedents, particularly those that have stood for decades and affected millions of people. Then there is the issue of who sits on the court and how strongly they feel about abortion. "There's a long road ahead and many obstacles," says Clarke Forsythe, acting president and senior counsel at Americans United for Life. 1 of 15 2 of 15.