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Health clinic for women in Gurgaon, India provide complete healthcare services to women's which includes well woman examination, hormonal evaluation, menopausal health, stress, wellness and medical weight management etc.

Mode of Delivery in Diabetic Mothers- Well Woman Clinic Blog. This is the story of Mrs.

Mode of Delivery in Diabetic Mothers- Well Woman Clinic Blog

Bhavani (name changed), a 35 year old lady who had a spontaneous conception and a smooth journey in her pregnancy till 24 weeks gestation, when her test for glucose tolerance came positive during a routine screening test. Her risk factors were a family history of diabetes, late age at pregnancy and being overweight (high BMI). After further investigations and workup, she was advised to be on a diabetic diet and regular exercise with prenatal yoga. As gestation advanced, her sugar control could not be achieved with diet alone and had to be started on insulin till delivery.

At full term, the fetal size was more than normal and mildly disproportionate to the size of bony pelvis of the mother. Carbohydrate intolerance is the most common metabolic complication of pregnancy. Excessive birth weight. Babies born early may experience respiratory distress syndrome — a condition that makes breathing difficult. Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). As Parents, How to inculcate healthy food habits in children?


As Parents, How to inculcate healthy food habits in children?

With junk food options galore, how do you manage to inculcate healthy food habits in your children? Q2. What is one golden rule about food that has to be followed by everyone in your family? Many health problems or diseases are not affecting us because they are in our destiny but due to our life style, nutrition habits and family relationship. We can’t change the environmental factors but we can change our lifestyle and eating habits which have great influence on our health.

Nutritional food means that food is important for nutritional status, growth, development, and health. Diagnosing and Treating Tubal Factor Infertility- Well Woman Clinic Blog. Tubal Factor Infertility Introduction: For pregnancy to occur, every part of the complex human reproduction process has to take place just right.

Diagnosing and Treating Tubal Factor Infertility- Well Woman Clinic Blog

The steps in this process are as follows: One of the two ovaries releases a mature egg.The egg is picked up by the fallopian tube.Sperm swim up the cervix, through the uterus and into the fallopian tube to reach the egg for fertilization.The fertilized egg travels down the fallopian tube to the uterus.The fertilized egg implants and grows in the uterus. In women, a number of factors can disrupt this process at any step. Female infertility is caused by one or more of these factors. The fallopian tube is an active, muscular organ that retrieves the egg from the ovary and coaxes it toward the oncoming sperm. Tubal factor infertility accounts for a large portion of female factor infertility. Prevention: Some fertility problems are related to lifestyle or other health conditions. Avoid using tobacco (cigarettes) and marijuana. Pregnancy Risks After 35-40 Years of Age. The number of expecting mothers aged above 35 years is now increasing in developing countries like India.

Pregnancy Risks After 35-40 Years of Age

Today’s women are more educated, becoming independent, and career oriented. This is one of the major reason that pregnancy after 35 years is common especially in Metro cities. Though for women age is just number but from the conception point of view age is not only a number but an lindication about the decline in fertiity with the age. According to American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG), pregnancy after 35 years of age brings some risks along with it, causing some ill effect on health of both mother and baby.

Fertility in women starts to decrease at age 32 years and after age of 37 years it declines rapidly. High Risk Pregnancy, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Abortions, Contraception, PCOS. Services For New Moms & Dads Well Woman Antenatal Classes - include sessions on preconception or prepregnancy care, world of pregnancy, discomforts in pregnancy, nutrition and prenatal yoga, stages of labour, preparation for birth, comfort measures during labour, role of epidural analgesia in labour, breastfeeding, postpartum and newborn care.

High Risk Pregnancy, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Abortions, Contraception, PCOS

Prenatal Yoga can help relieve backpain in pregnancy, helps baby grow well, avoids excessive weight gain. Postnatal Exercises can be started at 6 weeks postpartum in the form of gentle exercises; they help in strengthening the abdominal and pelvic muscles. For All Ages (Teenagers till Menopause) Well Woman Evaluation: Women at all ages - This includes advice on adolescent and reproductive health problems, immunization, family planning, emergency contraception, cervical smears, breast disease, premarital and prepregnancy counseling, and menopause. Gynaecologist in Gurgaon.