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Ophcrack. KeePass Password Safe. Default Passwords. Enterprise Password Safe - Information. The Enterprise Password Safe is designed to solve the problem of password management, protection, and access auditing in multi-user, multi-system environments.

Enterprise Password Safe - Information

The EPS doesn't require you to alter your infrastructure to accommodate it. It can use Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBMs' DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or HSQLDB to store data and allows you to create backups using any solution approved by the database vendor. You can recover from the loss of the EPS and associated database server by restoring the database, installing a new copy of the EPS, and pointing the new EPS at the recovered database. It's as simple as that. The EPS secures data using a multi-layered combination of encryption algorithms and provides access controls at the group, user, and network levels. The EPS does not require any software to be deployed on client machines. If you feel that the EPS could be of use to you please click here for a free one month trial (registration not required).