Vizioncore -> Solutions That Enhance VMware! Safeguard your most business-critical data and applications in virtual and hybrid environments. The Dell Software portfolio of data protection products allows you to quickly capitalize on the cost-efficiency and scalability benefits of virtualization, while working within existing, hybrid environments. Our solutions reach across physical, virtual and cloud environments, providing stability now and in the future. Proven and scalable, these solutions serve as the backbone of data protection for tens of thousands of businesses worldwide, providing you with confidence that your backup and recovery strategy is stable and prepares you for the future. Vizioncore -> Solutions That Enhance VMware! I finally got around working on a new version of vAudit. If you do not know what vAudit it, it is a monitoring / auditing tool for VMware View/Horizon environments. The standard logs from VMware View are useless as it logs actions, but not really sessions. For each session there is somewhere a log entry of connecting and later, at some point, a seperate log entry of a disconnect or logoff. Also VMware View does not log any information about the client that users are using. This information is only available inside the desktop VMs.