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Wegus Infotech is one of the Best Bulk SMS Services Provider company in India which offers Promotional & Transactional Bulk SMS, Bulk SMS Gateway, Short & long code, voice call, Missed call alerts.

Promotional SMS Service Provider by Wegus Infotech. India's Most Trusted Bulk SMS Service Provider. SMS Connectivity - Wegus InfoTech. Wegus Multimedia SMS - Wegus InfoTech. 2 Factor Authentication Provider. Shared & Dedicated Long Code SMS Provider. Short Code SMS Service Provider. Transactional Bulk SMS Gateway & API by Wegus Infotech. Promotional SMS Service Provider by Wegus Infotech. 6 Important Tips that help to Grow Insurance Business - Wegus Infotech. April 10, 2018 The insurance industry is an imperative sector that is helpful to make your future secure and independent in terms of financial advantages.

6 Important Tips that help to Grow Insurance Business - Wegus Infotech

In the past couple of years, the insurance industry has seen the vibrant boost that eventually turned out to be the vital contribution to economic growth. There are more than 50 insurance agencies in India including private and national banks. In this insurance sector, you can find life insurance, car insurance, health insurance and many more. India insurance sector is significantly largest with more than 370 million insurance policies. How Bulk SMS Help in Promoting Election Campaign. Running an election campaign is indeed a critical issue in the democracy.

How Bulk SMS Help in Promoting Election Campaign

And India being one of the largest democratic countries, puts a lot of challenges among the political parties during elections. We all know effective communication is the backbone of political parties during elections. It is tedious to run successful election campaign in the democracy and if we talk about the largest democracy in the world, India is a big challenge for different political parties. Communication and information is the core element that can make election campaign effective. A political party always seek for the support aka votes of the people to come in power. Now the time is about digitalization and communication, which is helpful to connect with your voters. How To Use WhatsApp for Marketing Campaigns. WhatsApp undoubtedly the rapidly elevating social messaging app that is acquired by Facebook in 2014 at spacious 19 billion dollars.

How To Use WhatsApp for Marketing Campaigns

This vibrant communication app has the huge database of active users near 50 million around the globe. It is estimated that their users share more than 600 million images and 100 million videos. Bulk SMS Service Provider in India. Wegus Introduction The world has changed.

Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

Today, you can book a ticket to Paris, order a Hawaiian salad for lunch, or reserve a presidential suite in your hotel with the tap of a button on your phone. When your consumers are spending a major part of their waking life on their phone, your business will only benefit from using the power of SMS marketing to reach out to them We, at WegusInfotech, are in tune with this changing ecosystem.

SMS Marketing Solutions in Bangalore. How SMS marketing can be Beneficial for Real Estate Industry. As per the research, it is predicted that real estate sector will grow about 30% in the upcoming decade.

How SMS marketing can be Beneficial for Real Estate Industry

The Indian real estate market is likely to touch the milestone US$ 180 billion at the end of 2020. Real estate is giving 5-6% percent of the GDP of India. In the current age, we are experiencing the digital world and the usage of a Smartphone has become spacious. Everyone is going mobile, as there are many services and activities that can be handled by Smartphone easily. Maximizing the power of SMS in Education Sector - Wegus Infotech. Since Independence, India has made a significant progress by improving its literacy rate.

Maximizing the power of SMS in Education Sector - Wegus Infotech

Did you know the Indian education system is considered to be one of the largest in the world, Over 70 million students have been enrolled in less than two decades. Communication plays a very important role in the education system, for example, SMS is considered to be a go-to choice of every educational institution due to its ability to deliver instantly, high open and response rate, flexible messaging options and reliability. In today’s fast-paced world, our lives are completely dependent on our smartphones. For any educational institution, SMS can be a great way to build relationships with students, parents, and members of staff. Bulk SMS Price Hike and Its Impact on the Benefits of Bulk SMS. With this technological era, we need to accept that Bulk SMS services are absolutely the advantageous channel for promoting the business.

Bulk SMS Price Hike and Its Impact on the Benefits of Bulk SMS

Recently we have seen that this industry is facing challenges because the price hike at the operator level has made it complicated somewhere and it might affect on the benefits of bulk SMS services. Shared & Dedicated Long Code SMS Provider in Bangalore. Also known as a virtual mobile number, long code refers to a unique 10-digit number that can be used to receive SMSs and voice calls from other mobile numbers across the world.

Shared & Dedicated Long Code SMS Provider in Bangalore

In that respect, they are not very different from your mobile phone number. However, their low cost of usage and international accessibility make it a smart choice for businesses looking to engage with their customers on an individual level. You can use the Wegus long code SMS service as the foundation of your bulk SMS campaign. You can get a dedicated number your customers can use to reply to your bulk SMSs/voice calls, with queries, acknowledgements or even feedback. Bulk SMS Short Code Gateway in Bangalore. Bulk SMS Short Code Gateway in Bangalore. Bulk Voice SMS in Bangalore. Missed Call Service Provider in Bangalore. Missed Call Alert Services Lead Generation !

Missed Call Service Provider in Bangalore

Voting ! At a time when we are constantly being bombarded with information from all sides, capturing the attention of your customers is not easy. And getting them to act on their interest is even more difficult. Missed call service is a great way to engage your potential customers, while using little in way of your money and time. Missed call alert service simplifies the response required from the user by giving him or her freedom to just give a missed call on a specific number, at any time. Missed Call Service Provider in Bangalore. How to Use SMS for Retail Industry to Maximize Revenue. No doubt, that retail industry is climbing new ladders of success as the time is surpassing because the customer base of retail business is tremendous.

How to Use SMS for Retail Industry to Maximize Revenue

In retail stores, you will find the basic products that are related to our daily life including grocery, food, fruits, kitchen appliances, electronics, apparel, vegetables, jewelry etc. Hardly any product and service left have not associated with the retail industry. If we talk about India, then it is the 5th fastest growing retail hub in the world. Retail industry contributes almost 10 % in the GDP of the country, which means that it has a vital role in the economic growth of India. The retail industry is expected to reach US$ 1 trillion by 2020 because of exceptional economic growth and business approach. Maximizing the power of SMS in Education Sector - Wegus Infotech. Bulk SMS Service Provider in Bangalore. Top 5 Pillars of Bulk SMS Marketing Success - Wegus Infotech. The popularity of Bulk SMS is increasing by the time because it has grown up as the significant marketing platform. Not only the start-ups are adopting this tool but giant leaders of industries are grabbing SMS technique to influence their consumer and expand business accordingly.

Now you should know about basic pillars that make it fruitful for Bulk SMS to operate effectively Collect Phone Numbers Details .The initial level is to get the database of phone numbers that you can target through SMS marketing. 5 Wise Bulk SMS Marketing Tips for 2019 - Wegus Infotech. Bulk SMS Marketing gets a large fan following due to it’s fast and successful viewership among customers. Marketers and advertisers consider it as the swiftest technique to spread the business messages among existing clients and potential clients. When done right, this marketing technique can generate significant results as well as revenue for the business. Millions of business use Bulk SMS marketing to deliver promotional messages, personalized offers or brand awareness campaigns all over the globe.

Free Bulk SMS Service. Free Bulk SMS Service. Transactional Bulk SMS Gateway Bangalore. Transactional Bulk SMS Alerts ! Information ! Notification While promotional bulk SMS route is used for sending offer/promotion related messages to new and existing customers, transactional SMS services are used for reaching out to your registered user base with necessary information such as OTPs, notifications, alerts and reminders. Banks, online retailers, and several other industries send millions of transactional SMSs every day. Whether you want to update your customers with purchase-related information, ornotify them about successful registration, or just send an OTP, you should choose Wegus, the best SMS gateway API in Bangalore. Promotional Bulk SMS Service in Bangalore.

Transactional Bulk SMS Services in India.