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You are my sunshine 13w x 24 1/2h handpainted wood par OttCreatives. Personalized Mother's Day Burlap Print par BurlapByEverAfter. Great Mother's Day Gift What a difference a par DeeSignsByDeanna. Bible Verse Art Her Children Rise Up and Call par graceforgrace. Lace Back Tank. Gorgeous Designer Baby Burp Cloths. I must tell you I don’t really know how to sew.

Gorgeous Designer Baby Burp Cloths

There. I said it. Somehow I’ve tricked all my friends in to thinking I do. Minky blanket tutorial. Here is the tutorial I promised!

Minky blanket tutorial.

When I first started making blankets I really struggled with sewing "Minky" (which is a super-soft, fleecy material, sometimes seen written as "Minkee").Why is Minky so difficult to deal with? Well, it is slippery stuff. It stretches and slides and is basically a pain in the neck if you don't tell it who's boss! I had a few cursed attempts in which much swearing and ripping of stitches occurred.