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Web Werks has data centers around the 23 Country.

I want to buy a VPS, what should I look for in a web hosting provider ? With the progressive internet technology, websites play a decisive role in the growth and success of businesses.

I want to buy a VPS, what should I look for in a web hosting provider ?

This is why it is very important to be careful while choosing web hosting provider for high availability of your website. Firstly, we should see what is vps server hosting. Return on Investment Calculation on Cloud Hosting in comparison of Dedicated Servers. Returns on Investment calculations before buying any product or services is something called smart business.

Return on Investment Calculation on Cloud Hosting in comparison of Dedicated Servers

Being informed is equal to being wise in business, because an informed decision leads to prudent decisions. One of the most important organizational decisions is related to IT infrastructure and resources. Firstly, today IT plays a role of major contributor for any business, giant or small. Secondly, it involves funds and finances.

One such IT decisions are related to ROI calculation on Cloud hosting versus dedicated servers. Fundamentals of Managing the Data Center asset system. Assets can be commonly referred as inventory, however, when it comes to managing assets in data centers, the major point of consideration is to maintain network availability and server uptime ensuring uninterrupted business continuity.

Fundamentals of Managing the Data Center asset system

Data Center asset management helps in identifying and optimizing the capacity and accordingly managing the assets. It is essential to figure out all the available assets in the data center, such as hardware assets, network assets, space in racks, network configuration and how are they connected. Even the smallest equipment in the data center which directly or indirectly impacts the functioning of the facility is counted as asset for data centers. How to choose the right Cloud service provider. Internet can be said to be the most revolutionary invention of human race to connect the whole world in an abstract way.

How to choose the right Cloud service provider

And as a result of this rapidly progressing internet and information technology, today everything is there on the cloud. Cloud technology uses the virtualization platform from distributed servers or computers that ensures no impact on data security even if there is server hardware and other such resource or component failure. Based on deployment technology, there are three types of Cloud. The best way for planning the disaster recovery for business continuity. Disaster is something which is uncalled, unwanted but still inevitable and fateful.

The best way for planning the disaster recovery for business continuity

The disaster can be anything-external threat like virus attack, cyber theft, hardware, software or other component failure or the physical disasters like earthquake, flood, tsunami and cyclone etc. in hosting data center. So as they say, prevention is better than cure. Differences and Similarities and benefits between Cloud hosting and Cluster technology. Many a times, clients are not able to distinguish between the cloud and cluster computing because of the similarities in features of both the technologies and few might end up paying for an older clustering technology in the name of cloud computing.

Differences and Similarities and benefits between Cloud hosting and Cluster technology

Cloud and cluster computing have similar characteristics but they are different in nature and level of service quality, speed, cost and scalability. Let’s first understand the basic similarities as well the difference so that you can make an informed and prudent decision an ensure you actually are delivered cloud and not cluster hosting. Web Werks offers 365/24/7 rapid action support services. Our Rapid Action Support team is our backbone because their expertise helps solve the clients’ challenging technical queries, consequently building the trust towards Web Werks in the eyes of our valuable clients.

Web Werks offers 365/24/7 rapid action support services

Features of our Rapid Action Support Team: Technical Assistance: One of the major features of any web hosting company is the technical assistance provided to the client whenever required. 24x7x365: The global clientele structure makes it very important to be active every moment. To meet the time zone diversity of the clients’ working locations, the support team needs to be available around the clock. Email Support: Many clients find the written message/mail better, detailled and more communicative. So, you can email any issue here- Chat Support: Apart from email support we also provide instant and live chat support too.

Tele Support: Clients may also contact us on phone which enables easiest and quickest way for addressing the problems. 5 Benefits of the best Cloud hosting storage architecture. 100Mbp/s High Bandwidth dedicated servers. To understand Bandwidth on 100Mbp/s port on Dedicated Servers, we will take gradual steps to find the meaning of each term involved.

100Mbp/s High Bandwidth dedicated servers

First let’s start with definition of Dedicated servers. Dedicated server is a web hosting service where a single server is entitled to one single customer on lease. This server is not shared with anyone else, resulting into a great speed, seamless web performance, in addition to the state of the art infrastructure, power backup, strong security and technical support of the data center. Bandwidth means amount of data transferred in a certain log of time. Get the best Email migration from one location to other location. Email migrations is all about transferring, upgrading or transforming the critical business email data from one account to other.

Get the best Email migration from one location to other location

There could be various reasons for an enterprise to migrate email contents and data like upgrading to the latest version of email platform, meeting any business merger, procuring email data back up or switching to a new email service provider etc. Features of the best Email Migration Services providers: Well planned: A structured approach with a well-planned architecture for email migration is necessary for making this complicated migration process error free. Following an organized plan for email migration will result into a successful execution. Pilot Testing: The testing phase is very much important to find out any possible flaw before the actual execution of the process, finding any compatibility issues or such requirements. Choosing colocation hosting vs Dedicated Hosting. How does GRE; VPN Tunneling work in case of Inter-connected Data Centers. VPN and GRE are tunneling protocols for data transfer through internet, using encryption and other methods to enable authorized users access the network and data.

How does GRE; VPN Tunneling work in case of Inter-connected Data Centers

Let’s first understand both the protocol of data sharing tunnel. Inspite of few similarities both tunneling methods are significantly different. Below we will see How does GRE and VPN Tunneling work in case of Inter-connected Data Centers. Definition: VPN: VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. Feature comparison of Linux Virtual Private hosting and Windows VPS hosting services in India. Once you have chosen VPS hosting services in India for web services of your business, you automatically land to the second step of another key decision making i.e. whether to choose Windows VPS or Linux Virtual Private Server for your web hosting. Selecting the operating system is an important business decision as the OS matters a lot for your kind of business and your scale of operations-large, medium or small. However, many experts recommends one OS over another, but don’t just go by their saying. Always act wise by analyzing and comparing two different resources, then matching both with your business application levels and other business factors.

However, Windows and Linux have similar basic functionality but there are key differences too, related to cost, compatibility and other such factors. So, always examine the differences of both linux virtual private servers hosting and windows vps, then arrive at a decision. SSD vs SAS vs SATA - Difference and Comparison. Choosing the right hard drive for the storage on your dedicated servers and transaction of your business data plays a pivotal role in stable and smooth functioning of your business. Deciding upon the storage infrastructure and disk performance always depend upon the usage requirements of any business on dedicated host server. Usually the considerable deciding factors for storage disks are capacity, speed and cost, read in the same order.

So, before we discuss further on which is the better drive on dedicated hosting server hardware machine, amongst the SSD, SAS and SATA, we must first understand about these different form of drives, their utilities, their advantages and disadvantages. It will help you compare these disk technologies to arrive on a appropriate decision. SSD, short for Solid State Disk is a storage device known for its great performance and has zero mechanical moving component. Dedicated Servers are the new age of advancing technology platform.

Dedicated hosting Service allow the entire servers to leased to one user without any sharing and this is why it is called “Dedicated” Although, in this age of advancing technology, there are several shared hosting options available, but since all of them have shared virtualization, they come with some stipulations and limitations, impacting the degree of quality in services. But when we talk about dedicated servers, as the name suggests, the entire server is devoted to the user. In simple words, no component or resource of dedicated server is shared- no shared memory, hard drive space, processing power or bandwidth, Also, the user have freedom to personalize and install desired software or even to format and reformat. For an entrant or a fresh start up, shared hosting is quite an inexpensive option, considering the fact of low traffic on websites and lesser web activities.

But if the objective is rapid growth, there will soon be heavy website traffic. High Performance Guaranteed. Secure and Avail of Colocation data center services. Security is always an important concern for any business, no matter it’s small, medium or large. Global Environment with energy efficient dedicated hosting. With the ocean of advancement in the field of technology, today the world depends on cloud, web and several electronic devices. At the same time, the waves of Eco-friendliness has made everyone more conscious towards global environment concerns. Rapid industrialization and technical progression has caused an ecological imbalance in the nature. India server vs United server - Which Server Should you Use for your Site.

Web Hosting clients in India always get into dilemma when it comes to choose between US hosting or Indian-based hosting. More than often, people are recommended to choose US hosting in comparison to Indian hosting location. Overview of severs load balancing solution. As the name implies, load balancing is all about evenly distributing the traffic across multiple computers/server stringed in a network.

Understanding Virtualization Platform from a Service Provider's point of view. Affordable cloud servers hosting company in India. Web Werks 20% recurring Discount on Quad Servers coupon and promo code. Understanding server based computing effect on financial. Although Server-based computing incurs capital costs, but it can offer the best computing environment for the users. Actually, the server based computing offers the IT managers with much secured, manageable and effective computing model.

The computing environment is ever-changing, IT professionals keep working towards improving the efficiency of business critical applications. How to Protect Your E-Commerce Store Using the Fundamentals of subscript ? E-commerce sites are always the top targets of cyber criminals, hackers and fraudsters. There are several factors that attract criminals to the online retail environment. The data with such e-commerce sites are highly sensitive, including personal details and bank information. Best myths about hybrid cloud hosting you need to know.

Is Your Colocation Provider Cloud-Enabling or a Cloud obstacle ? Co-location offers a remarkable platform to build hybrid applications as the result of proximity of hosted and cloud based resources to the co-located enterprise assets. With a cross-connect in the center, these connections can act as direct fiber connection from an enterprise router to a hosting or cloud provider router. Data Centers in Mumbai. Data Centers - Prabhadevi Mumbai, India Click here to view Gallery. Ten Myths about colocation hosting Web Werks data center. Why dedicated servers are vital to the online network connection? by Sandra Bluben. Data Сenters in Russia and Europe -! Data Center and IT Services. Web Werks best technology Tier IV Data center prepared for service with Azure Cloud!