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COVID-19 Safe Real Estate Transactions. Posted on: April 06, 2020 | Posted by: Theresa Wellman The coronavirus sure isn’t making it easy for people who need or really want to find housing.

COVID-19 Safe Real Estate Transactions

It’s a nerve-wracking time for everyone, but especially for buyers and sellers as they try to figure out how to make real estate work while still staying safe. Homes are still selling during all the coronavirus changes and precautions. Buyers are taking advantage of low interest rates and less competition than they would normally face during the spring real estate season. Many sellers, who had plans prior to the shelter-in-place to sell, are proceeding on schedule. The main difference with real estate today versus usual, as stated in the county orders below, is that showings are only by appointment, only for vacant houses, and can only include one real estate agent and 2 buyers, no more. First, all client appointments are being held on the phone or a scheduled video call whenever possible. 5 Problems Home Sellers Might Face. Posted on: February 05, 2020 | Posted by: Theresa Wellman When it comes time to sell a home, there are lots of things to do.

5 Problems Home Sellers Might Face

It can sometimes be overwhelming. You want to sell quickly and for top dollar. The two main factors that influence how much a home on the market sells for, and how fast, are the condition of the home and the price at which it’s listed. If it’s priced correctly and in good shape, it should sell quickly, especially where demand is high. When it comes to Almaden Valley homes for sale, demand is high, even though market prices in recent months seem to be stabilizing. Wrong listing price Your neighbor’s house sold for whatever price, how many months ago? You need an agent who will tell you, honestly, what your home is worth on the open market TODAY. Put a home up for sale at a fair market price to start, and you rarely go wrong. Your listing agent doesn’t market the home effectively Your agent isn’t the expert It’s unfortunate, but it happens.

You have a lot of competition. 8 improvements to increase the value of your home. Posted on: January 03, 2020 | Posted by: Theresa Wellman Do you know that there are simple yet effective ways on how to increase the value of your home?

8 improvements to increase the value of your home

A clean and prepared property not only helps you sell it for top dollar BUT ALSO can make a considerable difference in the time it takes to sell it. Many people are looking for a getting house ready to sell a checklist to help them with the necessary steps including home staging paint colors. Read below for eight tips on what home improvements add the most value including the best interior paint color for selling a house. 1.

If you’re looking for the best home improvement to increase value, you first need to prepare the space by getting rid of your personal collections. Realtor Campbell CA. Theresa’s knowledge of Campbell is from her extensive real estate experience locally.

Realtor Campbell CA

Theresa’s local expertise has been built by 14+ years of real estate experience as well as her free-time exploring, volunteering and participating in activities with family and her children in and around Campbell. Theresa moved to the South Bay area in 1995 and has been a homeowner since 2001. Theresa’s first personal property was in West San Jose bordering Campbell CA in a smaller ranch home built in the early 1960s-common in the Campbell area. Understanding Real Estate Zoning. Posted on: December 10, 2019 | Posted by: home-owner Real estate zoning refers to the regulations that municipalities use to determine how land is used.

Understanding Real Estate Zoning

Typically, zoning provides a roadmap for future development, separating residential neighborhoods from commercial or retail areas, and even channeling traffic. Zoning is what prohibits an owner of a restaurant or furniture store from opening up shop next door to homes on a suburban street. Willow Glen real estate agent. Willow Glen Real Estate Agent Home » Willow Glen Real Estate Agent Theresa’s knowledge of Willow Glen is from her extensive real estate experience locally.

Willow Glen real estate agent

For 10 years, Theresa chose her office to be in Willow Glen since it is centrally located. Theresa’s first Willow Glen sale was in 2006 which began many years of Willow Glen transactions. In 2019, Theresa’s business and Willow Glen realtor experience continues to grow. Realtor in Campbell, CA. Almaden Valley Homes for Sale - Home Owner Experience.

Almaden Valley Homes for Sale Home » Almaden Valley Homes for Sale Almaden Valley is a highly desired neighborhood of San Jose CA.

Almaden Valley Homes for Sale - Home Owner Experience

Almaden Valley Homes for Sale: Understand the Almaden Valley market trends and the Homeowner Experience team’s experience then search below for specific homes for sale. As always, please reach out to us to discuss this information further. Residents of this are move here for the larger lots, larger homes built in the 1970s (not 50s/60s) and great schools to raise a family! What is the current Almaden Valley market? Almaden Valley is a community where people are generally family and school focused.