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What is Pivot? Learn. Capabilities Self-service Excel provides new self-service capabilities and empowers users with data discovery, analysis, and visual exploration.


Uncover hidden insights and facilitate ease of collaboration and access from anywhere through HTML5 and mobile applications. Dashboards SharePoint Server provides a full set of rich dashboard and scorecard capabilities including advanced filtering, guided navigation, interactive analytics, and visualizations. Reporting SQL Server Reporting Services is a comprehensive, highly scalable solution providing operational reporting for pixel-perfect printing and browser-based viewing, as well as ad-hoc data exploration and visualization. Analysis SQL Server Analysis Services empowers you to build comprehensive, enterprise-scale analytic solutions that leverage in-memory technology and provide interactive exploration of aggregated data. Predictive analytics. Creating a Pivot Table in Microsoft Excel 2007 Video.

Pivot tables are my favorite feature in all Excel.

Creating a Pivot Table in Microsoft Excel 2007 Video

We are going to start here and we are going to open a file. Use file, Open, choose Project Files and let us go to Lesson Two and open the O1 pivot table as well. The data set that we are going to be working with on this lesson is about 200 rows. We have Region, Product, Date, Customer, Quantity, Revenue, and Cost of Good Sold and Profit.

Great thing about pivot table is we can summarize this data without using any formulas at all. Let us dive right in and create our first pivot table. The first thing Excel asks us about is where is the data located. In Excel 2007, Microsoft has changed the paradigm, rather the dragging the fields from the pivot table field list onto the worksheet, they now have you drag fields from the pivot table field list to one of four drop zones right in the pivot table field list. Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables Tips and Tricks from Excel Tip .com / Microsoft Excel Tips / All Tips. Microsoft Live Labs Pivot. Pivot is a software application from Microsoft Live Labs that allows users to interact with and search large amounts of data.

Microsoft Live Labs Pivot

It is based on Microsoft's Seadragon.[1][2] It's been described as allowing users to view the web as a web rather than as isolated pages. After Live Labs were shut down the stand-alone Pivot application is being hosted by Microsoft Research.[3] The Silverlight control is still available, though.[4] Functionality[edit] Microsoft Pivot was Microsoft Live Lab’s most ambitious project. It is a program based on the Seadragon[1][2] technology. Capabilities[edit] Pivot is a program designed to contextualize information in a much more natural way for humans to digest large quantities of information without losing their way. Currently information seekers are stuck in the old way of viewing information, limited by browsers to view information only in the context of “next” and “previous”. Crunchbase Data Mashed Into Microsoft Pivot. About two weeks ago I had the good fortune to spend some time at an offsite where I met Gary Flake.

Crunchbase Data Mashed Into Microsoft Pivot

I remember reading the Wired Magazine cover piece on Gary a few years back, but didn’t didn’t have any idea who he was when I was introduced to him at the offsite. As one of Microsoft’s Technical Fellows, he’s basically one of the 20 or so smartest engineers in the company. Spending time with a guy like that is a treat, and this guy thinks about stuff that gets me excited. Data and systems. It’s a good thing Gary is so good at his job, because when he gave me the initial pitch for Pivot I thought it sounded about as interesting as a new sorting algorithm [NOTE: the downloads are restricted to token holders, so if you are interested in getting Pivot, hit me up on Twitter and I will get you one]. The unofficial, not blessed by Microsoft, but how I would talk about Pivot is: a client application to explore user created data sets along multiple criteria in a rich, visual way.

The Code. Ms pivot. Pivotcollectiontools - Release: Pivot Tools Collection Beta 1. OOZAA. Getting To The SuperTweet: Classifies The Real Time We. Keith Teare was hanging around the Real-Time CrunchUp today showing off his newest project –

Getting To The SuperTweet: Classifies The Real Time We

What does do? One thing, very well and at scale. takes a piece of content, or grabs the content from a URL, and analyzes it. It does this very fast and it outputs some key data. tells you the language of the content, categorizes it (topics, keywords), and additional metadata. Here’s what returns for this story we wrote on the Skype/eBay sale: successfully categorizes the story as about technology. Now check out the results for this article from the SF Chronicle, properly categorizing it under sports: Why is this useful? Even Digg and Delicious rely on data entered in by humans to categorize URLs. If you want to try it out yourself, go to and us login:customer and password: logmein. There are a couple of other services sniffing around the same space as I interviewed Keith this afternoon about the service on video. TFTS – Technology, Gadgets & Curiosities. Five Best To-Do List Managers.

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