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9 Reasons why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO. Top 10 Free Blogging Platforms in 2020. You might like writing and sharing your knowledge or ideas with others.

Top 10 Free Blogging Platforms in 2020

But, do you sometimes feel that your words aren’t getting enough attention then they deserve? If this is so, starting a blog is the best way to promote your work, earn money and present it to a wider audience. There are many profitable niches which you can select for blogging. Here the question arises, is creating a blog free? Of course! You just need to choose best blogging platform. In this article, I’ll help you by showing the top 10 free blogging platforms on which you can easily set up a blog and start expressing yourself to the world. Here is the list that we will be discussing and comparing in this article: 7 Best Keyword Research Tools in 2020 for SEO. The simplest of all tools, what makes SEMrush so special that even big companies such as Forbes, PayPal, Philips, etc. use it?

7 Best Keyword Research Tools in 2020 for SEO

With a massive database of over 46 million domains and 120 million keywords, it is one of the most endorsed tools by marketers. Not just it offers keyword research but it also provides many other features. It finds the keyword of your competitors effortlessly. You just need to add the URL of your competitor’s website and it will show all the keywords.

Moreover, doing the same for the entire website brings all the short tail and long-tail keywords so that you can target them and surpass your competitors. How to style / customize contact form 7 forms in WordPress. Is your Contact form 7 looking very simple and you want to customize your contact form 7 forms on your WordPress website?

how to style / customize contact form 7 forms in WordPress

With over 5 million installs, Contact form 7 is one of the most popular form building plugins on WordPress and you can download it for free. Forms can be easily created and can be used as a pop-up anywhere in your website. Contact form 7 generates a simple shortcode which can placed anywhere in the page, post or widget area. But by Default, it will look like this: Top 3 WordPress SEO Plugins 2020 (Tested by me) Burning midnight oil to improve your website rank but don’t find satisfying results?

Top 3 WordPress SEO Plugins 2020 (Tested by me)

Don’t worry, WordPress SEO plugins are available to help you. WordPress offers 90+ SEO plugins. Big number! But, what are the absolute best? Difference between Blog and Website - Which one you should Select? Many people think that a blog and website are the same things.

Difference between Blog and Website - Which one you should Select?

But, it’s not true! Both are different from each other and serve different purposes. Before starting a blog or a website you need to know what differentiates a blog from a website, when the blog itself is called a website? Let me help you in this. Today, I’ll be sharing with you some points that will explain the difference between blog and website. 5 Best Free WordPress File Upload Plugins in 2020. WordPress has been a game-changer that has helped millions of its users to simply create a website and effectively handle other operations.

5 Best Free WordPress File Upload Plugins in 2020

It provides numerous user-friendly options to improve the online experience of the users. Users always try to find the plugins that provide better features, which help them to upgrade their website. However, there are still some plugins that are not available by default, so users have to download third-party plugins. 7 Types of Blogs that makes money. Creating a blog undoubtedly is the best way to earn money.

7 Types of Blogs that makes money

But, does every kind of blog has the earning potential? You may have seen some popular bloggers that are thriving on the internet. They are successful because they have a huge audience, which shows interest in their content. But, how will you know, which blog niche is best for you? It is obvious that you should choose the area of your interest. Let me tell you one thing, Blogging doesn’t require any programming knowledge. Some of you may have already been working on your blogs and getting good traffic. Today I’ll be sharing with you a list of types of blogs that make more money. [OFFER Alert] SiteGround Coupon Code - 70% Discount+Free SSL. SiteGround has earned the reputation of one of the top hosting providers, which is currently hosting over 2 million domains worldwide and I have been using it for my website for the last 4-5years.

[OFFER Alert] SiteGround Coupon Code - 70% Discount+Free SSL

If you’ve less time to read, click here to quickly activate SiteGround discount (Promo will be applied automatically) SiteGround is an industry-leading hosting provider that offers incredible solutions to the websites, reinforcing their performance on the internet by giving 99.99% uptime, high security, and fast loading speed. Good news – They are offering Websofttutorials users an exclusive 70% discount for their web hosting. Now, have a look at some of its highly advanced features: Full SSD storageFree SSL CertificateSupport up to PHP 7.3SuperCacher for high speed. They also offer cloud hosting & dedicated hosting for all the big websites that have high traffic and can’t compromise with the features. SiteGround Review: Rated #1 Hosting in Facebook Polls. I am grateful to have SiteGround as my hosting provider.

SiteGround Review: Rated #1 Hosting in Facebook Polls

Not a single time my servers had lost track in the last one year and sustained 100% uptime till now. Trust me! It’s a next-level thing that is dedicated to providing speed, uptimes, support and features that are outstanding. Unlike other hosting companies such as Godaddy, EIG and some local hosting providers, SiteGround never tried to overcrowd its server so that every website runs smoothly without any interruption. They take the whole responsibility of a website, from speed to security, without leading you to worry about anything. Take a look at what people think about SiteGround, I have collected some reviews from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit… A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals 2019 - Starting $1.98/Month. Hey!

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals 2019 - Starting $1.98/Month

How to install WordPress on Bluehost Hosting. Sharing is caring! Choosing a good hosting service for your website is an important step. The fast and secure hosting service helps your website to achieve top rankings in search engines as speed and security are the two main components of SEO. Create Lead form ad extension on Google Search ads. The wait is over, marketers can now use the lead forms on Google search ads. After realizing the success of lead forms on Facebook and Linkedin, Google has also launched the same feature for its search ads. And the best thing is, mobile users can see these ads on their mobile search result page. This Lead form extension which is in BETA version help marketers to acquire information from the customers.

How to Get the current logged in user ID in WordPress. Sharing is caring! Sometimes while creating plugins or themes you may required current user logged in ID in WordPress. There are various ways to fetch it, but today I am going to share with you two easiest approach to get logged in user’s ID. Method 1: Using PHP code in WordPress.

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS using htaccess in WordPress. How to Install WordPress on A2 Hosting. Before installing WordPress on A2 hosting, you should have an A2 Hosting account. If you don’t have one, then you can purchase it using this A2 hosting coupon and avail more than 51% discount with FREE SSL. Now, follow below five easy steps to install WordPress on a2 hosting in less than 5 minutes. Log in to Cpanel.Click on WordPress icon under Softaculous app installer section. [ Wix Vs WordPress ]⇒ Which Platform is best for You? Seo refers to search engine optimization, it involves the process through which ranking of the website in the search engines can be improved.

Nowadays, everyone wants to see their website on the top of the Google search results to get a good number of visitors, it can be possible with good SEO. Ultimate Content Writing Tips to increase your Blog Traffic. Everyone has a blog these days, from teenage beauty influencers to your business competitors, and if you want to reach as many customers as possible, starting a blog really is the way to go. But simply posting content for content’s sake doesn’t guarantee an increase in site traffic.

To maximize the potential of your blog, you need to think as an expert marketer, develop a long-term strategy, and execute it flawlessly. Whether you have a B2B or B2C site, these tactics will help you up to your content writing game and drive traffic in the long run. 8 Types of Keywords to Elevate Your Web Traffic. WIX Promo Code: 50% OFF + FREE DOMAIN + FREE HOSTING. [Deal Alert] iPage Coupon: Save 85% + Free Domain + Free SSL. Looking for iPage coupons, discounts and promo codes? Look no further and take advantage of these WebSoftTtutorials reader-exclusive offers to get started on iPage today.

Bluehost Coupon: Save 66% + Free Domain + Free SSL. After deciding your domain name, the very next step is opting for a suitable Bluehost hosting plan. Bluehost Vs GoDaddy Hosting Review – Which One Is Better (2019)? Uptime Uptime is the time the website is live and accessible. Ideally, your website should be live and available every second. However, some websites have minor downtime when the website is not accessible by the users. Therefore, downtime leads to bad user experience. It is totally dependent on the web host. How to Submit a sitemap to Google. [Deal Alert] A2 Hosting Coupon: Save 51% + Free SSL. Looking for A2 Hosting coupons, discounts and promo codes?

How to add Cookies Message on WordPress Website? Sharing is caring! Cookies are the small files that are stored in your PC. These files are used by the website that your browser store. How to Change WordPress Login Page URL for Better Security. How to create a WordPress Child theme (With or without plugin) Types of SSL Certificates – Choose the right SSL certificate for your website. 5 Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins. How to Create table in WordPress (No HTML Required) 5 Best WordPress Hosting in 2019 (Brief Comparison)

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