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We are stepping towards the rapid project development process. We know the pain of time-consuming development process. We are trying to help developers and businesses to rapidly generate the project in 80-90% less time as compared to traditional development methods. We are open for suggestions and feedback.

BANK OF INDIA (BOI), M G ROAD AGARA, AGRA, UTTAR PRADESH, AXIS BANK (AB), ELURU ROAD, KRISHNA, ANDHRA PRADESH, Recover Money Lost Due to Wrong IFSC Code. How to Recover Money Lost Due to Wrong IFSC Code , Loosing money due to Carelessness, when one enters a wrong IFSC code, while using online fund transfer facility is quite common.

Recover Money Lost Due to Wrong IFSC Code

But Question is that, how to Recover Money Lost and return it back into your bank account.It maximum happens with people who use the online banking quite Regularly. It might sound unexpected but those who use it once in a while are extra careful while entering the (IFSC code) fund transfer codes. Regular users do become careless. PHP Point of sale (POS) software. What is the Difference Between MVC and HMVC - Web Project Builder. Codeigniter, an open-source software web framework, is being widely used in building dynamic websites with PHP.

What is the Difference Between MVC and HMVC - Web Project Builder

A powerful PHP framework with very small footprint, Codeigniter helps developers build full featured web applications. It is loosely based on the model-view-controller (MVC) development pattern. MVC an architectural pattern separates the application logic from presentation and permits web pages to contain minimal scripting. The MVC development pattern was developed when the concept of web applications did not exist. The idea behind the development of MVC was to clearly separate the responsibilities – model, view and controller in our application.