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Essential Facebook Post Ideas to Improve Your Organic Reach. When Facebook changed their algorithm and reduced organic reach, a lot of businesses panicked.

Essential Facebook Post Ideas to Improve Your Organic Reach

They worried that this change would torpedo all the work they had put into building a following on Facebook. For businesses that had made the mistake of buying low quality followers just to boost their numbers, it’s safe to say that their “investments” didn’t pay off. But for businesses who have a real following, things don’t have to be so bleak. It’s true that even if you have a quality following, you probably aren’t happy when you look at the current reach analytics for your posts. However, what businesses often forget is the reality of Facebook. Although the quality or value of that content may be questionable, there’s a lot for people to see every time they get on Facebook. The way Facebook does that is through their algorithm.

Since that’s easier said than done, we want to share three different Facebook post ideas that will help you ramp up your organic reach: 1. 2. 3. Tips to Implement Social Media Automation in Your Marketing Campaigns. When businesses first start with social media, they generally do everything manually.

Tips to Implement Social Media Automation in Your Marketing Campaigns

Three Reasons Social Media Certification Is Worth It. Social media is taking the marketing sector by storm.

Three Reasons Social Media Certification Is Worth It

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more are all great outlets for connecting with current customers and cultivating a whole new client base. Starbucks Proves Why Every Company Needs Social Media Training. When it comes to a company that’s as large as Starbucks, new initiatives don’t get released to the public in a spontaneous manner.

Starbucks Proves Why Every Company Needs Social Media Training

Instead, any big marketing push has to go through countless layers of approval before it goes out into the world. But while Starbucks and other large companies put a lot of work into their marketing, that doesn’t mean they always get it right. A recent example of Starbucks missing the mark is their “Race Together” campaign. The quick summary of this campaign is that baristas were instructed to write “Race Together” on customers’ cups. The purpose of writing this phrase was to encourage conversations between baristas and customers about race. If this idea sounds a little bit off to you, you’re definitely not alone.

While Starbucks likely had multiple meetings where they walked through how they expected this campaign to be received by the public, it appears they didn’t include a discussion about social media management during those meetings. Hiring a Social Media Manager vs. Social Media Certification. Because social media has become so ingrained in most people’s daily lives, any company that wants to get grow should be utilizing the appropriate social media channels.

Hiring a Social Media Manager vs. Social Media Certification

Not only does social media provide a way to get in front of new potential customers, but it also provides a way to increase engagement with existing customers. If you’re in the position of deciding how to better integrate social media into your business, you may be thinking about whether to focus on hiring a social media manager or invest in social media certification for your entire team. Since this is a topic we’ve discussed with numerous business owners over the last year, we want to share our thoughts on it. The Value of a Social Media Manager If you’re in a position to hire a social media manager on a contract, part-time or full-time basis, you can definitely reap tangible benefits from doing so. How to Find the Right Twitter Influencers to Grow Your Business. When marketers talk about the power of Twitter, what they’re really talking about is the power of people.

How to Find the Right Twitter Influencers to Grow Your Business

One of the key lessons of Twitter training for business is that you need to use this platform to target the right people. Although you can drive a lot of traffic without the right targeting, the majority of that traffic isn’t going to be people who are likely to become customers. While having a large number of followers may look impressive, if you want your Twitter for business efforts to have an impact on your bottom line, you need to focus on quality over quantity. Now that you know why it’s so important to target the right Twitter users, let’s take a look at several different ways to connect with the right people: The 3 Groups That Matter Individuals who fall into your customer demographic are the first group you want to target.

One commonly overlooked aspect of Twitter training for business is there are actually two other groups worth targeting. Video Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2016. Although online video is nothing new, the amount of video being watched has absolutely exploded over the last year.

Video Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2016

According to Google, the amount of time spent watching YouTube videos has increased 60% in the last twelve months. And with both Facebook and Snapchat aggressively rolling out new initiatives related to video, it’s safe to say this is a trend that will only continue to grow. While people are spending a significant amount of time watching video on devices of all sizes, only a small amount of businesses are taking advantage of this channel.

The most common reason businesses are hesitant to commit to video is they think it’s going to consume too many resources. There is definitely some merit to that belief. So whether you’re still on the fence about being able to use video for your business or want to know more about what it takes to get the ball rolling, we have some very useful video marketing tips we want to share: Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. In a relatively short amount of time, Facebook has developed their ad offering into a very powerful platform that is able to take advantage of Facebook’s precise targeting and large amount of data.

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

As part of their development of this platform, Facebook recently rolled out a new type of ad unit. This unit is known as Dynamic Product Ads. What this type of ad unit does is allows advertisers to sync their product catalog and then reach Facebook users in a variety of different ways, including mobile. If your company does any advertising through Google AdWords, you’ve probably seen how much activity has shifted from traditional display ads to Google Shopping ads. Based on early tests and reports from a wide range of businesses, it appears that Dynamic Product Ads are in a position to have the same kind of impact. Details About the Ad Units One of the really cool features about these ads is they can either showcase a single product or multiple products.

4 Major Reasons Your Brand Needs to Be On LinkedIn. When people think of social networks, they often first think of places where people go to kill downtime by looking at fun pictures or checking up on the latest gossip.

4 Major Reasons Your Brand Needs to Be On LinkedIn

While that definitely describes one way that people use social networks, it’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how social influences online behavior. Although their owners may have profiles on it, many businesses forget that LinkedIn is another very popular social network. And a big part of why it can be such a powerful component of your social media marketing strategy is because it’s not associated with activities like wasting time by sharing silly pictures.

Instead, LinkedIn has built a reputation as the online destination for professionalism. In the past, that meant people turned to LinkedIn when they decided it was time to find a new job. If your business is B2B in nature, the value proposition of LinkedIn is a no-brainer. Build your personal brand Take advantage of free marketing Find great new team members. Why All Employers Need To Provide Employees with Social Media Training. There are numerous reasons that businesses need to have a social media policy.

Why All Employers Need To Provide Employees with Social Media Training

The majority of individuals do not realize the potential danger that can be created through representing an organization in a negative way on social media. Therefore, it’s necessary to have rules and regulations which create standards for people to follow so that a company is represented properly on social media. The policies that a company provides should cover both official social media interactions and those that employees have on their personal social media accounts. When people understand the impact that social media can have on a company’s brand and bottom line, they will be more likely to be careful about what they say publicly. Liability And Endorsement. The Social Media Marketing Trends You Need to Know About. Now that it’s more than halfway over, it’s safe to say that 2015 is turning out to be another big year for social media.

As a result, countless businesses are relying on this channel as a primary driver of their growth. Regardless of where your business is at in terms of growth or using social media, it’s helpful to know about the trends that are shaping the marketing that’s being done via social media. Since we speak directly with a lot of businesses and review quite a bit of data related to social media management, we want to use the remainder of this post to cover the social media marketing trends that your business needs to know about: Social is Driving Direct Sales When social really started hitting its stride about five years ago, one of the most common complaints businesses had was that social wasn’t driving sales.

For any business who wants to sell more via social, the good news is things are actually moving in that direction. Desktop Users Are Still Important. 4 Powerful Ways to Approach Social Media Training and Get Results. Now that businesses of all sizes have realized that social media is here to stay, a significant percentage want to learn the best way to utilize these networks for promotional purposes. For many businesses, one of the biggest challenges is balancing employee sharing with ensuring that no one does anything that could damage the company’s brand. 5 Tips for Enhancing Franchise Social Media Marketing Campaigns. Many franchises are in one of two situations. The first is not using social media at all.

Although studies show that most business owners are aware that social media can be a highly effective marketing channel, less than 40% of businesses actually utilize platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. The second scenario is using social media but being disappointed with the lack of results it drives. There are plenty of businesses that have gotten started with social media but still haven’t seen it move the needle. Both of these issues are linked to the same core problem. Although social media does present some challenges, the good news is there are ways franchises can overcome them. By following the five tips below, franchise social media marketing can become a success: Be Consistent. How to Target Your Local Audience Using Mobile Marketing. More people than ever are using mobile devices on a daily basis. This type of behavior presents a significant opportunity for businesses.

Thanks to the type of marketing that can be done via mobile, it’s possible for businesses to interact with prospects and customers at the perfect time. That type of mobile marketing utilizes location data. Since this is a specific type of mobile marketing with its own set of challenges and best practices, that’s what we’re going to focus on with the mobile marketing tips we share today: Be Strategic About Using Location Data When used wisely, location data can provide a very compelling way for businesses to connect with a local audience. Always Provide Value This is the best litmus test for the issue discussed in the previous section. Don’t Forget About Your Mobile Website Businesses often focus solely on an app or SMS when they think about targeting a local audience through mobile marketing. Close the Loop with Mobile Payments.