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Learning japanese // Aprendre le japonais

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Matcha et Sakura. Lorsqu’on apprend le japonais, on est souvent ravi d’avoir des outils complémentaires pour nos révisions en dehors des livres.

Matcha et Sakura

La langue japonaise est très complexe et les aides sont précieuses, mais l’offre est immense et pas toujours à la hauteur. Remembering the Kanji I: A Complete Course on How Not to Forget the Meaning and Writing of Japanese Characters Vol. 1 4th Edition (Japanese Edition) (9784889960754): James W. Heisig. Learn Japanese: Mary had a little lamb in Japanese. Les langues, c’est pas pour les nuls, ou 17 raisons d’aller causer aux étrangers. Comme disait Pierre Desproges, les étrangers sont nuls.

Les langues, c’est pas pour les nuls, ou 17 raisons d’aller causer aux étrangers

Mais comme il l’a aussi dit dans un autre contexte, il faut bien vivre avec. Japonêsです: Why There Are So Many Japanese People in Brazil. If you live in South America and love Japan, then a visit to the Land of the Rising Sun might be closer than you think. Well, kind of. Brazil is not only the home to awesome things like bossa nova and Pelé, but the biggest Japanese population outside of Japan is – believe it or not – in Brazil.

About 1,500,000 ethnic Japanese people live in Brazil, and have been there for over a hundred years. But why Brazil, of all places? Actionable Ways To Make Japanese Obvious To You [Obvious] In this series of “obvious” posts, we’ve gone over several things.

Actionable Ways To Make Japanese Obvious To You [Obvious]

First, we talked about epiphanies and how to get them. Then we went over confusion, and why it’s such a good thing. Lastly, we looked at conscious competence to show you why you’re having trouble (as well as the four stages one goes through to reach the “obvious-land”). Now, instead of talking about theory and the steps one goes through in order to reach “Japanese-is-obvious” levels, we’re going to talk about solid things you can do (and do right now) that will get you to this oh-so-awesome mountain peak of Japanese learning. I should warn you though… you’ll still have to think long term. The Long, Difficult Trail First, before we start, I just want to mention that the path is long. Language Labs - Translator Bookmarklet. Apprendre une Langue Etrangère en 7 Règles.

Dans le monde anglophone on qualifie de « hack » beaucoup de choses.

Apprendre une Langue Etrangère en 7 Règles

Il ne s’agit pas seulement de ce que les francophones en ont fait. Pour nous un hacker est un vilain méchant filou qui télécharge des tas de chansons pour… les écouter WOW !!! « Hack a language » signifie donc trouver des moyens pour apprendre une langue beaucoup plus vite qu’en temps normal. Le temps normal dont je parle ici, ce sont les 8 années de ma scolarité que j’ai passé à apprendre l’allemand. 2 semaines après mon bac, il ne restait pour ainsi qu’une phrase « Ich spreche nicht deutsch » = « je ne parle pas allemand ». The Kana, They Are A-Changin’ Bob Dylan, esteemed Japanese linguist Languages are always changing.

The Kana, They Are A-Changin’

Goroawase: Japanese Numbers Wordplay (i.e. How To Remember Japanese Telephone Numbers) Goroawase means “wordplay” but I think it’s quite a bit more interesting than that.

Goroawase: Japanese Numbers Wordplay (i.e. How To Remember Japanese Telephone Numbers)

In English, when I think of “wordplay” I think of comedy’s highest and most elegant form of humor: Puns. In Japanese when I think of wordplay I think almost purely of mnemonics (wordplay that helps you to remember things better). If you spend any time in Japan, you’ll see goroawase everywhere, especially in phone numbers. Want to learn how to use Goroawase for this, and other things as well? Read on. [box type="info"]This post is probably going to make the most sense to people who are at a high-beginner (though probably more like intermediate plus) level of Japanese. The Japanese Alphabets. “When I was having that alphabet soup, I never thought that it would pay off.” - Vanna White There are going to be a few people out there (most likely not you) who are going to immediately say “the Japanese don’t use ‘alphabets,’ they use ‘syllabaries,’ duh!”

The Japanese Alphabets

Before you do that, let me talk about something really quick. This also gives me a great opportunity to talk about something interesting about learning and education (as well as how TextFugu is different). “The Curse Of Knowledge” is when someone knows too much about a subject. It causes teachers to make too many assumptions about what people know (and don’t know), which then causes them to be abstract and confusing. How Japan Compares With The World In English Proficiency. When it came to Japanese Cartography, we found out that Japan lagged behind a bit.

How Japan Compares With The World In English Proficiency

So what about other things, like English Language Proficiency? Education First recently released their report on worldwide English language proficiency, showing some interesting results. 100 mots japonais qu’il faut connaître (Attention à l'encodage des caractères) Vous souhaitez partir au Japon pour 3 mois ou 1 semaine?

100 mots japonais qu’il faut connaître (Attention à l'encodage des caractères)

Alors avant de partir il est important de connaître un minimum de vocabulaire pour vivre au quotidien sereinement au pays du soleil levant et faire face aux petits tracas qui pourraient arriver. Voici une sélection de 100 mots très utiles qui vous permettront de vous faire comprendre par les japonais.

Méthodes d'apprentissage de japonais // Japanese learning method

Ecrire japonais // Writing japanese. Films, manga animés et "drama" en japonais. Sur iPhone et Androïd. Apprendre le japonais sur Nintendo DS. Web facile // Web easy to understand. Prononciation. Prononcer le japonais ? Facile ! JLPT Kanji Project.