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Star Wars opening crawl from 1977. Comment trouver les sélecteurs CSS non utilisés ? Si vous êtes développeur et que vous prenez en cours le développement d'un site, il se peut que par inadvertance, vous laissiez quelques sélecteurs CSS dans vos feuilles de style qui ne seront jamais utilisés nulle part sur votre site.

Comment trouver les sélecteurs CSS non utilisés ?

C'est une chose qui peut arriver aussi quand on pratique avec trop de légèreté le copier-coller. Et effectivement, tout revérifier style par style, ça peut être long. Alors on laisse, par flemme. When the world zigs, zag. Johnnie Walker has launched a new global 'Keep Walking' integrated campaign fronted by its latest 'From the Future' spot via BBH London.

When the world zigs, zag

This week marks the launch of major new brand work for Johnnie Walker globally and the evolution of our iconic "Keep Walking" campaign. The integrated campaign kicked off with a social content platform, #NextStep, which sees Johnnie Walker filtering the web to provide a globally curated feed of content; a service designed to inspire our communities and help them move forward on a daily basis. At the centre of the campaign is our new brand film, 'From the Future', written by Nick Gill and directed by Fredrik Bond, which marks a step change in the tone, look and feel of the Johnnie Walker brand, in a bold move to refresh and modernise its communications and make it more relevant to progressively minded drinkers around the world.

Iutopi - Creative Land / Branding, Graphic & Web Design. Dhteumeuleu. Prenez les bonnes résolutions. Prenez les bonnes résolutions Si vous développez vos sites pour mobile (et autres appareils), vous devez surement bien vous prendre la tête avec les différentes résolutions d'écran de toutes les tablettes / téléphones / netbooks du marché..

Prenez les bonnes résolutions

Alors pour vous aider, il existe un service en ligne baptisé Screenfly qui vous permettra de tester votre site dans un grand nombre de résolutions correspondantes aux appareils les plus en vogue actuellement. Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom, Galaxy 7, toute la série des iphone, Blackberry 8300, et même la télévision... Ça peut servir ! 37signals: Web-based collaboration apps for small business. Take a tour of Basecamp. Chazz Hacking—the project lead—chose Basecamp to help organize the store design, develop fixtures, and manage craftspeople.

Take a tour of Basecamp

There were 40 people from 10 different companies involved in this 8 month project! The first thing Chazz did was make a new project in Basecamp called KEEN Retail: GARAGE PDX Glisan St. Then he invited a few core people to the project. He didn't invite all 40 people right away though. More people got involved as the project progressed over the 8 month span. Chazz wrote a Basecamp message to the team explaining the goals of the project and how he envisioned everyone using Basecamp. He also added PDF blueprint scans and CAD files for the team to reference as they started to plan the design. Web Fonts Gallery - Pure CSS & Web Fonts inspiration - @font-face sites showcase.

Web Design, Online Marketing, Social Media, Sviluppo Drupal. Effet de 3D avec un téléphone acceléromètre, du CSS et un peu de Javascript. Alpe d'huez photos blog Vos sorties ski à l'Alpe d'Huez en images. Démo de vidéo en HTML5. Récupérer une variable dans un SWF Flash avec FlashVars. Tutorial - Comment récupérer des variables passées en GET, dans un swf Flash avec FlashVars Pour un de mes projets, je devais charger des données personnalisées depuis une base MySql dans un swf Flash. L'identifiant permettant de retrouver ces données dans la base était indiqué dans l'url de la page sous la forme index.php?

Id=xxx. Ce n'était pas une valeur POST mais une valeur GET qu'il fallait récupérer. - Imagine, Design, Develop, Create the Web. Caroussel. Download Free CSS Templates - Solucija. Barres de navigation. 30 Awesome jQuery Navigation Menu Tutorials, Plugins and Downloads. jQuery can allow for an enhanced user experience in a variety of ways, from image sliders and lightboxes, to tooltips, navigation menus and contact forms.

30 Awesome jQuery Navigation Menu Tutorials, Plugins and Downloads

When combined with other upcoming technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, the possibilities are nearly limitless. jSlickmenu is a jQuery plugin to create slick menus using CSS3. After releasing several jQuery scripts, I wanted to take the whole jQuery programming to another level.

jSlickmenu is a jQuery plugin to create slick menus using CSS3

For that reason, I'm proud to release my first jQuery plugin for everyone to use. The plugin called jSlickmenu, creates, well, slick menus with jQuery. 55 CSS Menu And Button Coding Tutorials. Navigation menus and buttons with CSS styling are being used in almost every website.

55 CSS Menu And Button Coding Tutorials

There are a lot of techniques to utilize and a good developer should have some basic knowledge about them all. Below you will find a lot of tutorials each teaching you something different and appropriate. 20 Useful CSS3 Menu and Navigation Tutorials. Although CSS3 has not been supported by some browsers yet and many people are unenthusiastic to use it, many other people have enjoyed using it with its features to create many fabulous stuffs.

20 Useful CSS3 Menu and Navigation Tutorials

However, there many features that can be gotten by using CSS3 in building a website. We can use the features of JavaScript and images to create website in good performance with features like navigations menu. Below are some great tutorials from the professional designers and developers that maybe useful for you to create awesome menu using CSS3. A Fresh Bottom Slide Out Menu with jQuery. In this tutorial we will create a unique bottom slide out menu.

A Fresh Bottom Slide Out Menu with jQuery

This large menu will contain some title and a description of the menu item. It will slide out from the bottom revealing the description text and some icon. 15 Super-Simple jQuery Menu and Navigation Plugins. There are lots of jQuery menu and navigation plugins freely available that can do anything you could possibly imagine.

15 Super-Simple jQuery Menu and Navigation Plugins

We love those innovative and ground-breaking plugins we really do. But, as we are sure you will agree, the most of the time, all we basically need is a lightweight, functional and easy to style solution. Barre de sous-navigation enrichie. Barre de navigation rollover. RésuméCaractéristiques. Nav Top pour eCommerce. Excellent jQuery Navigation Menu Tutorials - Noupe Design Blog. Jun 17 2010 If you are a web designer, you will agree that to keep the interst of the visitors, design of the website must be clear and intuitive.

And, of course, the key to clear design is a clear navigation, so it’s important to make it both attractive and easy to use. Today we are presenting you some of the most hunky-dory jQuery-based navigation menus. If you come across more interesting stuff do share the links with us. Nav+SousNav avec effet RollOver. Barre de navigation.