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You get out of life what you put into it. With the right attitude, nothing can stop you. I do the internet. When you shake someone's hand you look them in the eye, when you speak to people you give them your attention. Be Nice. Top hashtags #webmecs #pizza #localsearch

Analytics Assistance Find The Data That Makes You Money. Use Web Analytics To Enhance How You Market Your Brand!

Analytics Assistance Find The Data That Makes You Money

Everyone loves analytics said no one ever…well we do! The ability to configure and measure goals, funnels and see the performance of a website is fascinating well we think so. Little known fact, Most agencies underestimate the power of analytics and how to accurately use the data provided by monitoring website performance. Power Local Search With A Google My Business Account. By Shane Pollard Business can create and list their information free on Google maps, helping customers find them online and in the real world.

Power Local Search With A Google My Business Account

With consumers using mobile search more and more, your business must adapt to the shifting trends in search. Many businesses are NOT listed on Google Maps and have no idea that it even exists. To compete in the local markets you need to have your maps listings setup. Power Local Search With A Google My Business Account. Micro Moments and the Impulse Decisions - Webmecs. By Shane Pollard What Are Micro Moments?

Micro Moments and the Impulse Decisions - Webmecs

Micro moments are those split second impulse decisions where someone for this example searches Best Hair Salon near me and the searches will present to the user the most relevant locations near their location, mobile search is the way of the future everyone has a mobile and mobile search has taken over. Be prepared and optimise for micro moments so you have the lead over your competitors when it comes to your buyers making choices that you can answer. Micro–moments occur when people reflexively turn to a device more so their smartphones to action a desire to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or purchase something.

These intent-rich moments are when decisions are made and preferences shaped. Micro Moments and the Impulse Decisions - Webmecs. Review Your Google Web Analytics. By Shane Pollard I always schedule time once a week to look over my own websites and look at what’s working and what I need to pay more attention to.

Review Your Google Web Analytics

Looking at client website analytics data is scheduled in 3 times per week just to keep track of their campaigns. We enjoy tracking and reporting on the success, and helping to improve on not so successful campaigns for our business clients. Testing and refining the campaign each step of the way, optimising for whatever your end goal is we help you get there. How Do You Get Clients Right Now? Scopeleads. By Shane Pollard Simplified Client Discovery Method With Scopeleads Prospecting for clients used to take me days.

How Do You Get Clients Right Now? Scopeleads

I used to spend countless hours analysing potential clients leads sifting through bad Yelp reviews, visiting Page 2 and beyond for clients needing help even visiting Adwords adverts to see if the landing pages were optimised for success and then correlating all that data and manually contacting the prospective clients and it took hours of scanning data copy and paste and then entering the info into my emailer what an absolute waste of time. Until I was referred to a new software that made the ultimate claim of reducing my workload and helping to automate the process for me, Yes I know my spider senses were tingling as well there are so many shady marketers online and is this the next sales con or is this one of the most innovative softwares to hit the market. Thanks to Scopeleads now I get clients and have a long list of clients that I can target now or save for a rainy day. Should you Automate your Schema Markup. By Shane Pollard Now for those that are unsure of what Schema is the easiest way to describe schema is by adding code to your website that groups your information making it ready to be easily served to a search engine bot making your website information more compartmentalised and ready to digest.

Should you Automate your Schema Markup

Schema can also be associated with a buildings blueprint schema the drawings of how to conceptualise the mechanics of the blueprints plan, funny story I was searching for relevant images of schema for this post and I was being served pictures of building blueprints and mechanical schema’s it made me think of how I was phrasing my search terms a bit more in depth but very relevant that how I understand schema is not how a building architect interprets schema, Fun Fact! Exactly How Does Schema Work? If you have ever added any markup to your website before it works much the same adding some micro-data to your website that helps define what the page is and how it should be classified. Smartphone Virtual Assistant Review & Comparison.

By Shane Pollard Smartphone virtual assistants are getting smarter and more functional but have they taken over?

Smartphone Virtual Assistant Review & Comparison

I have Siri and I have Google assist I use Siri to request outrageous tasks just to hear her blunt unimpressed tone, I use google assist to get things done without much thinking Now Im a Google guy and I enjoy apple products but I have dabbled with Android and can see both sides of the coin with this debate. Siri had all the hype on early release was the world ready for a virtual assistant living inside our smart phones? Not really but how slow and non functional Siri was way back then we soon caught up and surpassed her with request of new features and functions. Alternative Keyword Research Tools Free and Paid. Alternative Keyword Research Tools Free and Paid. Keyword Research Processes That Will BOOST Your Content. By Shane Pollard Keyword Research Effective Processes Do You Even Keyword Research?

Keyword Research Processes That Will BOOST Your Content

Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP Heading To A Mobile Index.