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WeblineIndia is a veteran Web and Mobile app development services provider creating delighted clients across 25+ countries since 1999. We have earned a niche position as one of the most reliable offshore software development partner. Through our proven RelyShore Model, we help start-ups to enterprises for their offshore outsourcing needs for Agile based software development. Our RelyShore model ensures highest quality at affordable costs through flexible engagement models which are fixed costs pricing, T&M and dedicated resources hiring. Quick Overview: - 18+ years track record of serving Offshore Clients in IT Industry - 150+ highly experienced and multi-skilled Software Developers - 3500+ Projects delivered - 800+ Delighted Clients from diverse domains spread across 25+ Countries - 24x7 Technical support - Transparent Business Processes and inclusive Project Management with Clients - Onshore and Offshore consultation for various technologies and infrastructure Our Services: Next-Gen Solutions - IoT (Internet of Things) - Chat BOTs - AI (Artificial Intelligence) / ML (Machine Learning) - Wearables - BlockChain Technology Enterprise Solutions - Serverless Architecture - Microservices - AWS and AZURE - Microsoft Dynamics CRM - NoSQL / Hadoop Consulting - BigData Solutions - Liferay And Alfresco Solution - SharePoint Solution Web Development - DOT NET Development - PHP Development - Java Development - Open Source Development - eCommerce Development - Web Applications - Web UI / UX Design - Front End Development ( AngularJs / ReactJS ) Mobile App Development - React Native App Development - iOS App Development (iPhone / iPad) - Android App Development - Cross-platform / Hybrid App Development QA Services - Test Automation - Performance Testing Happy to cater to any of your sales related inquiries. Call us: +1-213-908-1090 (USA) +61-2-8011-4668 (AUS) +44-207-193-7507 (UK) +91-79-26420897 (IND) Also reach us at:

Oracle’s Java 16 is Here: Check Out All Exciting Features It Brings. Originally, Java was designed for the interactive television industry, but unfortunately, at that time, the technology wasn’t highly advanced for the television industry.

Oracle’s Java 16 is Here: Check Out All Exciting Features It Brings

The team members of java worked together to develop a technology for set-top boxes, televisions, etc. However, it was found that the technology is more suited for internet software programming which led James Gosling to develop java in 1995. Today, he’s known as the father of Java. The main principles for establishing Java programming were platform-independent, robust, secured, simple, multi-threaded, high-performance, dynamic and interpreted. With the advancements in technology and the extensive popularity of this programming language, numerous configurations are built to suit several different kinds of platforms. Oracle Announces Java 16 Coupled with the capability to boost the platform’s performance, security, and stability, Java is still one of the most famous software programming languages among software developers. .Net Developer for Hire, Key Points to Consider Before Making That Decision.

For many years, .NET has been the go-to platform for web and desktop application development.

.Net Developer for Hire, Key Points to Consider Before Making That Decision

Many businesses have started considering and been looking for .Net Developers for Hire to join their software team. A strong understanding of client-side technologies and database applications are key traits of a quality .NET developer. A .NET Developer is responsible for creating and designing web and computer applications for businesses using DotNet technologies. .NET Developers have a strong knowledge of C#, VB.NET, HTML, and MSSQL. Hiring a .NET developer will enable your software team to develop rich web and database applications. .NET development also enables the creation of e-commerce solutions and .NET integration. Common Challenges in the Process of Hiring .Net Developer. Software Development Outsourcing, A Complete Guide for 2021. What is Software Development Outsourcing?

Software Development Outsourcing, A Complete Guide for 2021

When a business finds itself strapped for extra time or resources, software development outsourcing is an excellent way to stay productive. Software development outsourcing means delegating out projects to other third-party software development companies. This can be an external agency, freelancer, or a third-party company. Mobile App Development Trends 2021 Infographic. 10 Key Mobile App Development Trends to Watch in 2021.

In recent years, mobile phones have witnessed a massive transformation, from being a luxury to a fundamental need.

10 Key Mobile App Development Trends to Watch in 2021

Mobile devices have come a long way. Initially, mobile phones were invented for people to connect, but now there are so many things that one can do from their phone. With digital transformation, the capabilities of the mobile handset and mobile apps are growing leaps and bounds. 1. Bill Sharing App, A Flagship Product Development. When client approached us, they wanted to hire a dedicated software development team with expertise in various technologies like Mobile native (iOS and Android), Java, MongoDB, AngularJS, Elastic Search, Microservice Architecture and various Cloud technologies.

Bill Sharing App, A Flagship Product Development

Within a few meetings between client’s team and our technical experts, we got a good perspective of client’s business plan, their tight timeline, market release expectation and other challenges they would face with their current limited software team. Our agile software development team accepted the challenge to help the client achieve their dream of becoming a market leader with Flagship product, a Bill Sharing app. Convert Flash to HTML5. Convert Flash to HTML5, The End of Adobe Flash in 2020. It’s announced and true, Adobe Flash is dying.

Convert Flash to HTML5, The End of Adobe Flash in 2020

Adobe has already announced that they will discontinue Flash development in 2020. There are many reasons for it. However, it is not dying a natural and peaceful death. Adobe is abandoning it to the software graveyard. Flash played a key role in transforming the internet into a more exciting and immersive environment. It is the rise of HTML5 that gave plenty of good reasons to Adobe to abandon Flash completely. Grabbing Benefits By Efficiently Outsourcing Web Development Service. Web development is the dire need in today’s critical competition.

Grabbing Benefits By Efficiently Outsourcing Web Development Service

Web is the core of the global market. Web Development Tips for Small Business Owners. Today, all the individuals, business owners, and government professionals use the internet for various purposes.

Web Development Tips for Small Business Owners

Some do research online while some make online purchases. It is important for every small, mid-sized, or large business owners to develop a website that acts as an online identity and helps to generate leads and profits. Having a website has become the necessity of every business owner. Online Learning Management System - Covid 19. Diabetes Tracker App for Health Tracking Company. Overview The client has worked with many healthcare & fitness companies providing Health Tracking Services.

Diabetes Tracker App for Health Tracking Company

Tips to Hire Software Company - Infographic. Choosing the Best Software Development Company, A 9 Point Checklist. Evans Data Corporation states that there were 23.9 million software developers worldwide in 2019.

Choosing the Best Software Development Company, A 9 Point Checklist

The same report also says that India is emerging as a hotbed for software developers and would overtake the US by 2024. With such an overwhelming number of software developers across the globe, choosing your desired software development company becomes a daunting process. Outsource Shopify Development. Outsource OpenCart ecommerce Web Development. Risks Associated with Offshoring Software Development and How to Avoid Them. Environmental Monitoring System using IoT, AI and ML. Overview Client belongs to one of the notable Environmental Monitoring companies. Business Need Client wanted to have a centralized environment monitoring system using IoT to access various graphical representations of the global environmental data like temperature, humidity, wind and directions etc.

Upcoming IT Cities in USA other than Silicon Valley. Gone were the days when Silicon Valley used to be the IT place for those that intend pursuing a successful career in technology. But with recent changes in the industry and increase in the number of tech enthusiast across the country, new tech companies seem to be emerging across the country. Living the dream of working in Silicon Valley is not possible for everyone, but for the passionate and energetic tech experts; the tech world doesn’t end with Silicon Valley.

There are plenty of other cities that are thriving as tech hubs with plenty of startup tech companies and best universities that offer innumerable opportunities to all tech geeks. Let’s look into top upcoming Tech Cities in USA other than Silicon Valley. Raleigh, Capital of North Carolina. Hire Enterprise App Developer in USA. Case Study - Coupon Aggregator Site for a Corporate Gifts Company. Overview Client is part of one of the reputed Corporate Gifting Companies in the USA. The company provides corporate gifts to their clients, holiday gifts, branded gifts, etc. to the customers all across the USA. Business Need Client wanted to build a Coupon Aggregator Site which would be used by merchants as well as shoppers. Whenever anybody searches “where to find coupons online” on Google, they would come across many websites and applications from merchants.

How to Communicate with your Offshore Software Development Team? We all know that communication is key, but when you are dealing with your offshore software development team, this can be incredibly difficult because they aren’t there on site with you. So how do you make sure that you effectively communicate with your software development team? Here are some tips on what you can do to open up communication. Communicate Consistently. FREE Software Development Resources & Tools by WeblineIndia. My Browser Info My Browser Info is a FREE tool that tells you what user agent browser and version you are currently using, operating system and many other parameters.

My Browser Info, helps you save all the hassles and complicated steps to find out what versions of the software you have, what features are enabled on your browser & whether your web browser is up to date. In short, we help you focus on solving the problem. Get Browser Info. Magento 1 End of Life; Migrating to Magento 2. Finally, the date for Magento 1 End of Life has been revealed and it’s June 2020; beyond that Magento will no longer offer support for Magento 1.

15 Best Tech Hub Cities Emerging in USA. Infographic - Robotic Process Automation An Extensive Guide on RPA. Robotic Process Automation - An Extensive Guide on RPA. What is RPA? RPA can be defined as a software which can process tasks with the association of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Serverless Architecture - A Detailed Guide. The concept of Serverless architecture has started to grow in popularity. Mobile App Development - Top Aspects to Consider. Select best offshore software team. How to build an Offshore Software Development Team. Today, the web is packed with IT personnel, tech talents and building the right offshore software development team has become a need. A good percentage of people think that the only factor to have at your finger-tips is the cost-saving factor. However, if we probe deeper, we’d find that this is wrong and having a “cost-saving” team isn’t a surety to efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence: The Birth and The Growth. Similar to its name, artificial intelligence contradicts nature. Intelligence, a complex term, defined by dictionaries as the ability to be logical, intrapersonal, interpersonal, linguistic, spatial, naturalist, musical and existential. On the other hand, artificial means to recreate the naturally occurring phenomena, hence, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Solution for Finance Industry. With best practices on RPA Implementation, team at WeblineIndia worked deeper to evaluate the suitable RPA solution that meets client expectations.

It involved detailed planning like selection of only processes that can be automated, risks involved, Tool selection, RPA Bots creation, pilot and actual execution. Factors evaluated during Tool selection were total cost, ease of use, security, integration features, cognitive automation capabilities, recorder features being offered etc. Team implemented different Digital Workers for repetitive manual processes like navigate various Emails, extract the Purchase Orders, access details for further data processing like merging data from all sources of enterprise, transformation and reconciliation of data etc.

The Benefits of AI in Smart Healthcare. AI in medical field will help in early detection of disease and suggestion of proper treatment will help save lot of lives. Infographic - Smart Healthcare with AI, ML and Deep Learning. Smart Healthcare with AI, ML and Deep Learning. This robot is getting ready to revolutionize health care sector and the humanoid is already being used to help research autism and other diseases. More Business People Embracing DevSecOps, But What Really Is It? Features and Technology Stack That Make Logistics And Transportation Apps A Success - Infographic. Top 10 Ways – AI is Helping Marketing.

DevSecOps - Solution For Your Software Development. Features and Technology Stack That Make Logistics And Transportation Apps A Success. Risks Associated with Offshoring Software Development and How to Avoid Them. Top 10 Ways - AI is Helping Marketing. All About White Label Software Development Services. Multilingual Dynamic Enterprise CMS : Case Study. Know How Progressive Web Apps Will Change Mobile E commerce in 2019. Why new shopping portals are using Ruby on Rails eCommerce. Know How Progressive Web Apps Will Change Mobile E-commerce in 2019. Integrated Cloud based CRM System : Case Study. Student Loan Management Case Study. Emerging Offshore Software Development Trends to Lookout for in 2019. Forex Management App. WeblineIndia Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence in Technology. CRM Solution for Travel Agency.

Smart Customer Service Alert System Case Study. Offshore Software Development Services – A Complete Guide for Startups. Realtime Analytics Case Study. Advantages In Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development Work To Well Equipped Offshore Companies. Reasons Why You Should Hire Android App Developers From India. Digital Banking Case Study. How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Global Retail?

Bill Sharing Platform. Case Study: Automation Testing Using Selenium for Utility & Service Industry. Case Study: Business Targets & Performance Tracking Solution. How To Turn Your Shopify Store Into A Chatbot In 5 Minutes? Case Study: Virtual Class & Education Solution. Case Study: Fantasy Football Gaming Platform. Case Study: IoT enabled Home Automation Solution. Case Study: Truck Logistics Tracking Service.

Case Study: Dental Service Utility Platform. Secret Santa Celebration. What's Possible With Artificial Intelligence for Your Business. Why Pick PrestaShop As Your Ecommerce Solution? Case Study: Chatbot for Super Market. Microservices Architecture - Everything That You Need To Know. Digital Trends Shaping the Future of E-commerce. Trends in IT and Software Outsourcing for 2019. React Native - Build Mobile Apps with Increased Developer Productivity. Benefits Of Having Mobile Apps To Grow Your Business. Real Estate And Advanced Technology To Turn Your Living Space Smarter And Comfortable. Online Shopping To Get Revamped In 2019 - Trends To Follow.

Full Stack Developers - The Rise of New Breed of Developers. Plan Smarter, Collaborate Better & Ship Faster With Modern DevOps Services. Top 15 eCommerce Trends For 2019 And Beyond. Augmented Reality Application - The Next Big Trend in the Education Industry and Future of Learning. Managing Time Zone Difference in Software Development Outsourcing. Gym Management App: Essential Features that Gym Start-ups Can’t Afford to Miss.

Why An Offshore Ecommerce Development Is Better Than An In-House Team? Top 5 Trends To Check Out In Next Gen Technology Solutions. Top 5 Backend Framework Development Trends To See In 2018. Know How Enterprise Solutions Can Affect Your Business. How to Hire a Great Offshore Software Developer. Case Study: Kids Goal Planning & Rewards System. Case Study: City Guide Chatbot. Case Study : Smart City Traffic Control System. Hyperledger Fabric, A Blockchain Technology for Smart Contracts Development. Meet WeblineIndia at CEBIT 2018, Germany - Europe’s Largest Technology Fair. The Goods & the Bads of BOTs. Case Study: Smart Geo Solution. Teaching with Technology.