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5 Reasons Why Every Startup Owner Should Seek a Mentor. As a startup owner, you need a mentor to help you overcome the many challenges you are sure to face when running your business.

5 Reasons Why Every Startup Owner Should Seek a Mentor

These challenges include coming up with a good business idea, business plan, or product to name a few. And these challenges are despite you not having started the business yet. Once it is up and running, more crop up. But with a mentor by your side, you increase your chances not only of overcoming any hurdles in your path but also of succeeding despite them. A mentor’s perspective, tough questions, contacts, experience, and words of motivation all keep you grounded and focused. Image by pexels. Tips to Get a Small Business Loan with Bad Credit and No Collateral. Small businesses need to prove their ability to repay loans if they’re ever going to secure funding from one of today’s top lenders.

Tips to Get a Small Business Loan with Bad Credit and No Collateral

Typically, small business owners need to provide a business plan, their credit history, equity investments, and collateral to prove their worth. When everything is supplied and acceptable, small businesses usually qualify for a low interest rate loan with favorable terms. Top 8 Essential Software for Your Windows Computer. Windows is the world most popular OS for PC computers and many free software are designed to support Windows.

Top 8 Essential Software for Your Windows Computer

Installing some software on your computer can extend its functionalities and increase your work productivity. Many of the free software can be downloaded online from software download sites. Some free versions are trial versions while others are simply freeware that you can use for free. The following are the top 8 software that you can install on your Windows computer. Tips for a Loved-Up Honeymoon to Niagara Falls. For more than 200 hundred years, Niagara Falls has been luring newlyweds to its shores.

Tips for a Loved-Up Honeymoon to Niagara Falls

The destination attracts many thousands of honeymooners every year, on both the U.S. and Canadian sides, and is a fun place to spend your first few days or weeks of wedded bliss. Read on for some ways you can enjoy a honeymoon in this part of the world. Image by Pexels See the Falls Of course, the first thing to do after you and your partner have checked into your choice of Niagara Falls hotels is head straight to see the falls themselves. 5 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Windows. Windows that work smoothly and look nice can make all the difference in any home.

5 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

With today’s energy-efficient windows and new designs, there are many attractive, cost-saving and functional benefits of replacing windows. If you’re looking for an upgrade that doesn’t involve repainting (again), take a hard look at your windows—could yours use replacement? Image by Pexels Unsightly Appearance Flaking paint, water stains, or general deterioration of the window/area around it is one sure sign that your windows need replacement.

Troublesome Maintenance. Pension Funds Are Directly Investing in Tomorrow’s Winners. Here’s Why. In late 2014, Institutional Investor’s Eric Bernstein wrote about major pension funds’ accelerating move away from the hedge fund model.

Pension Funds Are Directly Investing in Tomorrow’s Winners. Here’s Why.

Earlier that year, one of the United States’s most influential pension funds, California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS), announced the closure of its in-house hedge fund portfolio, Absolute Return Strategies. Payday Loans: Don’t—Unless There’s No Other Choice. A Last Resort The best advice concerning payday loans is: avoid them, at all costs.

Payday Loans: Don’t—Unless There’s No Other Choice

Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law and life in general don’t always allow people to. The reason is that sometimes unexpected expenses crop up, and you have no choice but to pay them. However, an advance on your paycheck will accrue high interest. Not only is interest exceptionally high with payday loans, but it often compounds incredibly quickly. While certain people consider any interest to be usury, seldom is this more apparent than in the case of the payday loan. Bidvine Explores Learning Capabilities of Gamers. Human mind never stops learning and evolving, that’s a settled fact.

Bidvine Explores Learning Capabilities of Gamers

Fillings and Crowns: The Basic Dental Treatments. The thought of a dental checkup gives shivers to most of us; be it simply filling a cavity or getting a crown.

Fillings and Crowns: The Basic Dental Treatments

To cater to this pressing need, Hallock Family Dental has initiated a measure to reduce the patients’ anxiety by simply explaining the basic dental treatment methods and procedures. Let’s Explore Fillings and Crowns Before getting into the detail of what exactly is a filling or a crown, lets explore the causes behind the two procedures. The need for a filling arises when the structure of our teeth is lost primarily due to the damage caused by a combination of acids, food and bacteria. This happens when food gets stuck to your teeth and plagues your dental enamel and causes tooth decay.

How to Improve Your PCs Speed. There is nothing more frustrating than a slow, sluggish computer which can cause hindrances for businesses, gamers and internet browsers.

How to Improve Your PCs Speed

Lagging, buffering and long waiting times can cause a company to lose customers, result in unfortunate in-game deaths, missed opportunities on gambling bonuses (you’ll find examples here) and the inability to do anything remotely useful. Of course, Apple fans will find their Macs invincible. However, Windows PCs can suffer from bugs, viruses or an absurd amount of applications running in the background, slowly draining your computer’s performance. 4 Ways You Can Improve Your Business’ Online Presence Now.

We are a web design agency in New Jersey that works with hundreds of clients a year. Small companies come to our office every day wanting to “have a better site that will rank on Google,” but do not necessarily know what is involved with getting to page 1 for the terms that they want to rank for. Fortunately, there are a lot of easy, inexpensive ways that these businesses can start moving towards page 1. Image by Pexels 1. Top 4 Guidelines to Follow Before Buying an Electric Space Heater. Without a good heating system, you most likely cannot walk around your house in winters. Today central heating system is not the only heating technology, space heaters has wormed their way into our homes too.

Being able to move the heater anywhere in the house and cost efficiency are the biggest conveniences these heaters bring us. Unlike central heating units, electric portable heaters are used to heat up smaller spaces and individual rooms. 80’s-inspired Beauty Looks to Try Right Now. The 1980s may often be remembered for its excesses. Big hair, big shoulder pads, and ginormous stilettoes. While these fashions have been used as punchlines for the past few decades, it’s time to take another look at the beauty behind the 80s. There are actually quite a lot of flattering, cool, and flirty beauty looks from this decade that you should try out. So whether you’re heading out on a gal’s night out or a hot date, give these 80s looks a try!

Image by Wikipedia 1. One enduring beauty look that was created in the 1980s is the punky, New Wave-inspired neon lipstick. Best places to see the Northern Lights: Lapland, Sweden. For the final part in our series of where to catch the Northern Lights, we look at the Arctic wilderness of Sweden’s Lapland. The city of Kiruna is one of the last outposts of civilisation, being 145 km inside the Arctic Circle, and it is where most tourists fly into for their Lapland wilderness adventure.

The town of 23,000 people is so far north, that the only reason it exists is because of the rich Iron Ore deposits beneath its streets. It is farther away from Gothenburg than the Austrian city of Vienna. 11 Best Programming Language Trends of 2017. As the saying goes, ‘New year, new beginnings’. Many of you will graduate, search for new job opportunities or build your own career, as you proceed with this year.

But before stepping into the game, you need to reflect on your skills. We all know programming has gained a worldwide popularity when it comes to designing websites, building software, producing apps or feeding instructions in hardware. In short, an impressive grasp on programming languages is highly in-demand for securing top-notch jobs. Employers use coding tests by Tests4Geeks as their ultimate tool to analyze the coding skills of any candidate before interviewing them. 5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog.

Do You Have a Small Business? Here’s How a Serviced Office can Truly Benefit You. Serviced offices have become all the rage, and for good reason. Serviced offices are, after all, the wave of the future when it comes to the commercial and business sector – they are practical, functional, efficient, attractive, and accessible. The Future Of Banking: IoT & Mobile Banking Trends. In this age of information, almost everything is connected to the internet. Mobile Application Creation: Lucrative, Just Maintain Apps Proactively. Learning App Maintenance Programs Is Easier Than You Expect When it comes to mobile applications, as it turns out small businesses developing them is“the new normal”.

A Beginner’s Guide to A Gluten-Free Diet. A gluten-free diet is one of the most buzzed-about diets. Although less than one percent of Americans suffer from celiac disease and have to eat gluten-free food, people are ditching gluten for other reasons. One in every five Americans tries to eat gluten-free meals and one in six keeps away from it altogether. Top 12 Websites for Securing Freebies in 2017. It won’t be wrong to say, ‘free stuff allures everyone’. Form Vs Function in WordPress – Everything You Should Know. Form and Function are the two main parts of a WordPress website. The Essential Features of an Effective Laboratory. Can an Introvert Become a Successful Entrepreneur?

Most people assume that to be a successful entrepreneur you need to be outgoing, or in other words, an extrovert. When we think of entrepreneurs we picture outspoken, gregarious people who are comfortable standing in front of a room of people, putting their ideas out there and being the life and soul of the party. In reality, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many well-known entrepreneurs, including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet and Sam Ovens are all self-confessed introverts. 6 Steps To Take Toward Retirement Now (If You Haven’t Already) Top 5 Sports Utility Vehicles for 2017. Make the Most of Your Finances by Investing Online.

Cars with a Hive Mind: Automobiles in the Age of Internet of Things. Why You Should Choose an Aircraft Management Service. The Healthiest Beverages That You Can Consume. Careful, it’s Wet Out There! Guidelines to Installing a New Window. Find Your Needed Academic Paper Here Written By Real Pros. 6 Ways Planner Software Can Improve Your Business’ Bottom Line. Consider Ras al-Khaimah for a Brilliant Holiday.

Thinking About Vaping? Here's What You Need to Know. Truck Repair Advice And Tips For Differential Oil Change. Tips For Hiring A Good Web Design Agency. 8 Tips to Throw the Perfect Graduation Party. How to Maintain Your Garden in Winter Employing New Trends. Stand Out From The Crowd In Your Crowdfunding Campaign. Top 5 Tips for RV Road Trip Preparation. How To Decide Suitable Business Vehicle. The Most Valuable Startups In 2016. Home Improvement Projects That Can Actually Help Your Health. Precision Gets Set To Move As London Business Expands.

3 Best Travel Accessories to Stay in Contact. UK Offshore Health & Safety: The Statistics. Top Tips To Start Your Career In Aesthetics. Earn Money by Driving Your Car. Keep Your Drinking Establishment Fun. Forget Your Forecourt Worries and Sell, Sell, Sell! TSG Wins 2016 Nintex Partner Award for Solution Innovation. Some Of The Best Value-For-Money Cars On The Market Right Now. Top 10 Supercars That Put Speed Before Need. No Room? 15 Ideas To Help Maximise Your Living Space. Branching Out: 4 Services You Should Be Offering To Your Customers. Marketers Need to Sleep Around More. Nine Types Of Bad Driver. Vintage Home Décor Inspiration: Best of Britain’s Time Capsule Homes. Summer Skincare: keep it healthy! Popular Fashion Shows For Wedding Dresses. 8 Signs That Identify A Good Business Opportunity. Run A Business Blog? Here's Why Your Readers Might Hate Your Content! Common Myths About Small Business Financing. 30 Tools That No Designer Can Live Without.

9 Best Web Development Trends of 2016. Max Speed Motors: 9 World’s Fastest Cars (Infographic) Get The Style Of Home You've Always Wanted With These Awesome Tips. Does Your Business Have These Customer-Pleasing Qualities? Awesome Reasons To Play Team Sports. Everything You Need To Setup A Business In The Motor Trade Industry. 3 Amazing Ways To Become A Green Business. A Checklist for Comparing Guarantor Loan Companies. Incredible Ways You Can Take Your Business To The Next Level. 4 Financial Steps You Should Take After A Car Accident. 3 Steps To Buying A Used Car. How you make your house guest-friendly. 7 Grand Fitness Motivation Tips. Enterprise Video Conferencing Allows IT to Show Instead of Tell. Features to Look for in the Cars of Today. How Insurance Has Changed. How To Open Up An Online Forex Trading Account With XTrade.

Protecting your finances: How to spot a Ponzi scheme.