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Important Steps of a Successful Website Design & Development Process. Building a website is no trivial task that can be achieved overnight or in a matter of days.

Important Steps of a Successful Website Design & Development Process

It is a protracted process requiring you to make the right choices and decisions. And guess who can guide you through the process and help you with the technicalities? Of course, it is a professional web development company. If you want to create an impactful online presence, it is a must that you engage help from professionals who are adept at web design in Dubai and worldwide. Apart from checking their credentials and experience, you must also confirm if they follow the right design and development process or not. Research – Conducting in-depth research lends a strong foundation for a web development project.

Prototype & Wireframing – At this stage, the designing team has to create the sitemap, which contains the main areas of your website, and maintains the flow between webpages. Design Phase – In the wireframing/prototyping phase, the website layout is prepared by the designers. Mobile App Personalisation – Best Practices You Must Implement. As the number of apps continues to grow in the app stores, it is clear that the app market is getting extremely competitive each day.

Mobile App Personalisation – Best Practices You Must Implement

Thus, to deliver a rich user experience and get a competitive edge, businesses are now implementing several technologies to improve the quality of their apps. In this connection, it is worth mentioning that Artificial Intelligence has revolutionised and raised the bar of the app industry. With AI making inroads into the app market, personalisation has become one of the most sought-after features in mobile apps today.

Every top mobile app development agency in Dubai now makes the best use of personalisation to provide values to the users. So, if you are planning to launch your app, make sure you include the personalisation features we discuss below. Advanced analytics — To deliver a personalised user experience, you will have to start with user data collection. What Are Core Web Vitals & How Will They Impact Your SEO in Dubai. Are you busy creating great content for your off-page SEO?

What Are Core Web Vitals & How Will They Impact Your SEO in Dubai

Are you focusing on building high-quality backlinks? To improve your SEO performance, you can keep working to meet the most important ranking factors, but don’t let the Core Web Vitals slip your mind. Wait, what? Is this your first time reading about them? Don’t be anxious because we are going to discuss all of it in this blog. 6 Tips on How to Rank on Google’s Featured Snippets. Do you think ranking on the first page of Google is the ultimate target of business brands?

6 Tips on How to Rank on Google’s Featured Snippets

Well, the competition has got difficult with them trying to rank their websites on the featured snippets on Google. So, what are featured snippets? These are exclusive search results that appear just above the usual organic search results and right below the paid advertisement searches. Often written like a paragraph, list, or table, featured snippets help enhance your online visibility, improve brand exposure, and maximise click-through rate by resolving users’ queries.

7 Measures that Ensure the Security of Your Mobile App. With the app market growing each year, every business now stands a chance to reach its target audience and flourish with a mobile app.

7 Measures that Ensure the Security of Your Mobile App

It does not end here, for all these benefits can easily drive greater conversions and revenues for your business. However, the picture is not all rosy as it seems to be. The use of apps is growing, so is the rate of mobile cyber crime. According to a cyber crime report, over 80 suspicious apps are identified each day ( Also, the rate of fraud transaction through mobile apps has increased by 680%. Compulsory User Permission – When someone uses your app, they will have to agree to particular permissions and thus decide their security settings based on individual preferences.

Encrypted Source Code – A malware introduced by the cyber criminals can exploit lacunae in the source code and steal information in the process. Backend Security – Securing the back-end is as important as protecting the front-end from security threats. 5 Steps to Hire an Expert Magento Developer for Your Project. It’s commendable that you have finally decided to take your retail business online.

5 Steps to Hire an Expert Magento Developer for Your Project

But have you chosen the right e-commerce platform for your project? While you may have heard of several e-commerce applications available in the market, the boom of Magento e-commerce development is real, justified, and prominent. This platform is open-source, mobile-friendly, offers custom website design, SEO support, fast loading speed, and so much more. What Are Some Desirable AI-Powered Features in E-commerce Websites? The e-commerce market is exploding like there is no end to it.

What Are Some Desirable AI-Powered Features in E-commerce Websites?

And as more and more customers turn towards online shopping, the craze around e-commerce is only expected to grow. Want a Cross Platform Mobile App? Top Tools You May Choose. Are you planning to invest in mobile app development?

Want a Cross Platform Mobile App? Top Tools You May Choose

A cross-platform app delivering native-like performance is something that all businesses desire today. However, when it comes to choosing the right platform for mobile app building, most of you will be confused and far from making an informed decision. After all, as non-professionals, it natural for you not to know the popular cross-platform tools available in the market. That is why you should always consult a reputable mobile app development agency to select the right framework for your app project, make the right use of your resources, and cut down on overall costs. In this blog, we discuss the top mobile app development tools so that you make the best pick for your business needs.

Node.js — The apps built on Node.js are efficient, responsive, and offer plugins for Cordova and Reach Native as well. React Native — Managed by Facebook, Reach Native is effective for creating responsive, customised, and efficient user interfaces. Shopify Vs WooCommerce – Which One Should You go for Your Online Store? - Website Design Company in Dubai. With the number of digital shoppers increasing these days, this is now time to bring your retail business online.

Shopify Vs WooCommerce – Which One Should You go for Your Online Store? - Website Design Company in Dubai

An e-commerce website or online store can increase the prospect of sales and keep the cash flowing in for your business. But the main dilemma is – which e-commerce building platform should you go for? According to an e-commerce design company, there are many technologies out there, but Shopify and WooCommerce are the most popular solutions in the e-commerce landscape today. Even if you have narrowed down the list, you still have to choose one out of these two options.

To help you make a suitable choice and reap benefits, we discuss a few parameters based on which you should take your final pick. Ease of Use & Themes – With plenty of tools in store, both Shopify and WooCommerce are easy to get started with. 6 Key Performance Metrics to Measure Your Social Media Success. Marketing your business on social media is important and rewarding.

6 Key Performance Metrics to Measure Your Social Media Success

So, if you have just launched your social media strategy, it is a good start. However, that’s just one side of the story. No amount of effort will bear fruit if you don’t keep a tab on the progress or performance of your marketing campaign. Does Your Business Need a Mobile App Now? Get Your Answer Here! 5 Best WordPress Plugins for a Successful Website Design. In the world of website design, WordPress is called one of the best Content Management System (CMS) platforms not without a reason. From easy customisation and SEO compliance to hassle-free management and extensive functionalities — WordPress built websites are top-notch and the dominant players on the web.

How to Choose Between Android & iOS for the First Time App Development? With the number of smartphone users increasing each day, you cannot negate the importance of building a mobile app anymore. In fact, mobile app development is one area in which you should definitely invest to reap the benefits in 2021. Now, the million-dollar question is – whether you should invest in iOS or Android app development? See, both have their own sets of pros and cons. Top 5 WordPress Themes for Designing High-Performance Websites.

In the world of website design & development, content management systems are the saviour for all businesses, especially start-ups. Using a CMS, you can develop a top-notch website at a fraction of the price required for custom website development. And when speaking of CMS, how’s the discussion even complete without talking about WordPress? Commanding 64% of share in the market, WordPress is hands down one of the most popular content management systems. Learn How to Optimise an E-commerce Store for SEO with Our Quick Guide. Like it or not, the trend of online shopping is not going to die down anytime soon. With people inclining towards digital media today, you must realise the importance of taking your business online.

A mere brick &mortar store is never enough to tap into the increasing pool of new customers anymore. Is Following an Iterative Website Design Approach Worth it? Are you planning to take your business online? Or do you want to revamp your existing website? In either case, investing in professional website design services becomes important. Discover the Top Benefits of Using Flutter for Mobile App Development. What Do You mean by a Logo Grid & Why Must You Use it? Designing a unique logo requires creativity as well as a mathematical approach. Reasons why it’s High Time to Make Your Website Secure with HTTPS. Factors Expected to Impact Your SEO Strategy in 2021. The on-going pandemic has pushed many businesses to take the digital route for survival. With so many brands coming up every other day, you must make sure your digital marketing strategy is powerful enough to combat the rising competition. And of all activities, we suggest you eye on SEO for improved online visibility, increased brand awareness, and gaining credibility among your audience.

5 Best Practices for WordPress Websites You Must Implement in 2021. The year 2020 has proved the inevitability of having an online presence for your business. With brick-and-mortar-stores losing importance, building a website is the best way to keep your business relevant and growing in the competitive landscape. Want to Optimise the Speed of Your Website? Try Our Top Tips. Agile or Waterfall – Choosing the Best Approach for App Development. Smart Website Design Hacks to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment. As of March 2020, the shopping cart abandonment rate stood at 88.05% ( Improve Mobile App User Experience with Gamification Elements. Pro-tips to Create SEO-friendly URLs. Have you built a robust and feature-rich website? Killer Social Media Tactics to Drive Maximum Traffic to Your Website.

Quick-win Link Building Strategies for Optimal SEO Performance - Combine Social Media & Video Marketing to Score More Conversions. Dominate Local Searches by Adopting Simple Yet Effective Strategies. How Can SEO Services Help Your Local Business Thrive During Pandemic? Increase the Profitability of your Ecommerce Store with Prototype Testing. Gain a Competitive Edge with a Healthcare App during Pandemic. Unique Post Ideas to Boost Customer Engagement on Facebook. Technical SEO Factors – How Important Are They for Website Ranking? How to Revive your Business from the Covid-19 Crisis Using SEO. Do You Know How to Create High Converting CTA? Get Tips Here - Webbiner Digital Solutions. Responsive Website Vs Mobile App – Which One to Pick? Want to Boost E-commerce Sales? Revamp Your Website the Right Way. How to Conduct a Social Media Audit? A Quick Guide for You. Adopt Landing Page Best Practices for Your PPC Campaign. Top 4 tips To Optimize Your Google Ad Campaign for Better Results.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Measure Your Social Media Marketing. Surefire Ways of Generating Leads in Digital Marketing. SEO Vs SMO – Which Is Better for Your Business? - Webbiner Digital Solutions. Is PPC Beneficial for Small Businesses? Find Here the Facts. Are You Making These Digital Marketing Mistakes? Take a Look. Stand Out from the Crowd with Diverse Social Media Content. Ways to Utilise Covid-19 Lockdown to Secure Online Presence - Webbiner Digital Solutions. What Are the Different Categories of Mobile Apps? Find Out Here.

5 Critical Steps for Fighting Social Media Marketing Challenges. How to Approach Your Marketing Strategy Amid Coronavirus Crisis? 4 Trends and Innovations in the World of Mobile App Development. 5 Effective Ways of Getting a Unique Logo for Your Business. Native or Hybrid App – What Should Be Your Choice? Does Email Marketing Still Matter in 2020? Clear Your Doubts Here! Want a Futuristic Business Website? Follow Web Development Trends 2020. Elements of Successful Social Media Marketing Strategies. Copie de Why Must You Add GIFs in Your Digital Marketing Strategy? What are the digital marketing trends of 2020? Create User Friendly Website As Per Google Guideline 2020. Hire A Social Media Marketing Agency. Mobile App Development Trends to Look Forward to in 2020. How Can You Reap Benefits from the Latest Digital Marketing Trends?

4 Must-have Features of A Mobile App Development Company in Dubai.