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How to Repair Your microSD Card - WebFeed360. These days smartphones come with enough internal memory but still for many of us it is less and looking for a way for more memory and the best solution to this is external microSD card.

How to Repair Your microSD Card - WebFeed360

Yes, it is true that many of smartphones didn’t come with an external memory card but the truth it no matter if you are providing 1 TB onboard storage people still want an external card slot. It seems that you are the one who is using microSD card and you are here because your card is not working, right? Well, you can recover your important files from your broken memory card. Amazing Hacks To Live an Effortless Life - WebFeed360. Every day, even if we plan our day, clock ticking put a little stress by reminding that time is short and lots of tasks are to completed.

Amazing Hacks To Live an Effortless Life - WebFeed360

And we start wishing to get 48 hours instead of 24 in a day. But, there are several smart ways with the help of which we can save our time and ease the task. These smart ways are actually Amazing hacks that make life effortless. Starting from the Morning: When feeling lazy to get up and preparing breakfast In the evening we get some free time when we talk to the family members, and sit without work. Via. PM Modi Puts Another Ban On Red Beacon To End VIP Culture!! - WebFeed360. To end the uncontrolled VIP culture in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi government has decided to remove it from the VIP cars. via According to a government, move taken on Wednesday only five constitutional posts, namely the President, Vice President, the Speaker of Lok Sabha, Prime Minister, and Chief Justice of India will be permitted to use the red beacons on their vehicles from May 1, 2017. via.

PM Modi Puts Another Ban On Red Beacon To End VIP Culture!! - WebFeed360

Mouth-Watering Maggi Recipes - WebFeed360. Haye you ever tried unique ways to cook Maggi?

Mouth-Watering Maggi Recipes - WebFeed360

If not, then you must. Check out the top 11 lip-smacking Maggi recipes. India’s First See-Through Coach Vistadome - WebFeed360. India’s First coach, Vistadome is launched yesterday.

India’s First See-Through Coach Vistadome - WebFeed360

It has features like a GPS-based information system, LED lights, Glass Ceiling and Rotatable Seats, etc. via With the current Indian Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu’s countless achievements in a proposal to make Indian Railways the wonder that it has become now, there’s rarely any room for us to ask for anything. via With cleanliness, quick responses, world-class technology, graceful booking facilities, reduced complaints, and a lot more, services with the Railways of India have touched a new high. via.

Poor Remark to Snapchat Rating from India - WebFeed360. Snapchat CEO says India too poor to consider expansion.

Poor Remark to Snapchat Rating from India - WebFeed360

According to the report, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel have said that his photo-sharing app was not for ‘poor countries like India and Spain’. via Now, this is a big news for Snapchat users in India. Sensory Skin Invention by NASA. Nasa ‘s scientist has developed an object named as “sensory skin” this object is made especially for the astronauts . with this object the astronauts are able to find out the damage outside their spacecraft.

Sensory Skin Invention by NASA

This new invention uses different series of different technologies that is used to create circuits printed on thin layers and that can be later embedded in a spacecraft’s structure. Sensory skin is a “sensory system” that picks the signal of the damaged occurs in the spacecraft and also find out the level of intensity of that object. This sensory system consists of several systems from low-voltage electric to circuits printed on Kapton thermal insulation film to unique software that tracks the damage. A big part of the work also includes in making the assembled methods more useful so that the technology can more easily transfer to commercial companies for potential use. Source: Reliance Jio Prime Subscription Membership May Be Extended Beyond 31 March.

Learn About Health Benefits of Banyan Tree. Check out the amazing health benefits of banyan tree: The are many health benefits of Banyan tree.

Learn About Health Benefits of Banyan Tree

Its leaf, seeds, bark and fig are used for the variety of disorders such as dental, diabetes, diarrhea, polyuria, and urine disorders. via. Reliance JIO Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer. Indian telecom’s newcomer, Reliance Jio, withdrew its ‘Summer Surprise’ offer in the face of TRAI opposition, but Reliance Jio has some good news to share with its customers i.e The new Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer.

Reliance JIO Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer

What is Jio’s Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer?? Via. Amazing Fitness Tips: Exercise Is Beneficial With Empty Stomach. We all know that exercise is good, and exercise in the morning is always suggested.

Amazing Fitness Tips: Exercise Is Beneficial With Empty Stomach

But do you know that it is best to exercise with empty stomach? Most of the time we do conversation on what we should eat or what not? Also sometimes a question comes in mind if we should do the exercise on an empty stomach or not. Some facts related to this came into the existence after a group of researchers from the University of Bath debate. Trending Archives - Trending News - Webfeed360. Travel & Adventure Archives. Lifestyle Fashion Trends. Technology Archives. See How Honey And Cinnamon Help You These 5 Diseases. Honey and cinnamon are the most common thing, which you can always find in your kitchen. Ideas About Health And Fitness. OMG Archives. Celebrities Archives. Earn Money From Home.