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Web Design & Development Case Studies - Web7direct UK. Here are some of our casestudies to find out how our team successfully delivered solutions for our clients.

Web Design & Development Case Studies - Web7direct UK

Web7Direct developed an interactive quoting system and back office platform for Big Yellow Express. Big Yellow Express offers you a reliable, affordable and efficient option for moving jobs. Their man and van is uniformed, professional and friendly and they will work hard and leave... View Full Case Study.. Havering Adult College offers a variety of courses for 3000+ students from different backgrounds, age and abilities. The Havering Adult College offers a variety of courses across the borough, to ensure that learning takes place... Affordable Web Development Company London - Web7Direct UK. The Best E-Commerce Software for Small Businesses.

Our Blog Updates - Web7Direct. How to Generate Website Leads? Latest Trends in Web Application Development. Bespoke Software Development, Enterprise Software Solutions London. Affordable web development london Web7Direct. Affordable Web Development London. Web7Direct - App Development Company London, Affordable Services. Will 2017 Witness A Large Adoption On Cloud Technology?

Leading web development company in London - Web7Direct. Web7Direct - The Bespoke Web Development Company in London. Bespoke Web Development Company in London. Affordable Web Development Company London. Jumbo Toilet Paper Rolls, Dispensers, Toilet Tissues Rolls Online UK. Why We Are Different In Web & Software Development - Web7DirectUK. Web7Direct Corporate Video. Web Application Development London. Mobile App Development London. Buy Janitorial Cleaning Products. Web Design & Development Case Studies - Web7direct UK. Web7Direct in London offers custom web development services. Mobile Web Designers London, Dedicated Mobile Websites - Web7DirectUK. Apps Development London - Web7Direct. 5 Most Dominant Front-End JavaScript Tools. It may not be an exaggeration to say that there is at least one new JavaScript library or framework released every week.

5 Most Dominant Front-End JavaScript Tools

So, it is not practical to analyse each and every one and furnish a comparative report. Secrets behind the popularity of WordPress. Released in 2003, WordPress is an open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL.

Secrets behind the popularity of WordPress

WordPress is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system in existence today thanks to its amazingly easy to use user interface. At present, about 27% of the top ten million websites and about 60 million blogs are powered by this free CMS and the user base is rapidly growing. WordPress was developed by Matt Mullenweg, an American online social media entrepreneur and web developer and Mike Little, an English web developer. It is managed by the WordPress Foundation now and is available under the GNU general public license. WordPress can be downloaded and installed on your web server for free from Top 5 E-commerce Rivals of Amazon in the UK. Top 5 SEO Techniques to Avoid. Nowadays, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become as important as building the website, and most of the web development companies have a team dedicated for SEO.

Top 5 SEO Techniques to Avoid

Though nearly all SEO professionals proclaim that they use only fair SEO tactics, it is easy for clients to be tricked by SEO professionals who use certain “black hat” tactics that fetch instant results, but damages your site’s reputation in the long run. Here we list some of such widely used cheap tricks you should stay away from. Cloaking This is a popular technique in SEO, initially used as a method to inform search engine spiders about content that is embedded in videos and such elements of a webpage, by providing content to users that is different what is presented to search engines. Though better methods like progressive enhancement have surfaced to tackle such issues in crawling and indexing, many SEO professionals still use cloaking to get easy organic search ranking. Content Plagiarising Article Spinning Spam Commenting. Best Software Development Services in London - Web7DirectUK. Major Web Browsers – Some Facts and Figures.

Six Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out. Mobile app development is not restricted to smartphones and tablets anymore.

Six Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out

With a plethora of smart gadgets such as android wear and smart televisions, new technologies are evolving in the mobile app development arena at the speed of thought. The Internet of Things and technologies such as cloud computing has drastically changed the scenario of app development for mobile devices. Though innovation has presented mobile app developers with smart tools and features, they are also posed with newer challenges.

To stay ahead of the competition, it is a good idea to look at some of the recent trends in mobile app development. More Demanding App Security It was recently reported that almost three fourth of all mobile apps appeared in 2015 had basic security flaws. Enterprise Applications Enterprises are now paying more attention to mobile applications as a means to stay ahead. Beacon Technology Swift Programming Language. Web Development Trends for 2016 and Beyond. For web developers, year 2016 is looking promising with a plethora of new frameworks, tools and technologies.

Web Development Trends for 2016 and Beyond

In this article, we try to keep you updated on the most discussed and debated current trends in web development. Motion UI Developed by Zurb, Motion UI is a standalone library that facilitates animations and CSS transitions, which are powered by separate transition classes. It is gaining massive popularity among developers, as it helps you easily create smooth transitions with the help of predefined motions. The seamless integration of animated elements is what makes Motion UI the favourite library framework for developers. Fresh Responsive Design with Advanced Platforms. Apps Development Services in London. Why We Are Different In Web & Software Development - Web7DirectUK. Mobile App Development by Web7 Direct. Web Development Service in London. Perks of Inbound Marketing. In order to have a successful business there are a few vital steps.

Perks of Inbound Marketing

One of these steps is making sure that you advertise your business well; to do so every business needs to make sure to have a strong marketing strategy. Outbound Marketing There are two ways in which you can promote your business; the first one is outbound marketing-also referred to as “traditional marketing”- outbound marketing is a strategy used to getting your marketing message around to as many people as possible, with hope to generate customers despite the fact that they might not be interested in those particular products/services. Examples of outbound marketing include; direct mail, television adds, billboards and cold calling. All of these techniques are based around the business “initiating the conversation” and pushing its message towards an audience.

Another example of Inbound Marketing is SEO. Did you know? Tips on Having a Successful Inbound Marketing Plan Know your audience Make it stand out Blogs Consistency. Enterprise Software Solutions - Web7DirectUK.

Software Development Company in London

Web 7 Direct - Mobile App Development Company in London. Software Development Services London. Web and Software Development Company London, User Experience Design - Web7Direct.