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Application. My Favourite Resources for Sponsorship Professionals : : Kim Skildum-Reid's Corporate Sponsorship Blog. My blog is usually full of advice, a few opinions on hot industry topics. What I’d like to do this time is provide a list of some of the resources and tools I rely on to get good information on corporate sponsorship. ABI/Inform Full-Text Online This is an essential (and free) resource for people in this industry. I could not be effective in my job without it. You can enter – Google-style – keywords and it will search the full text of articles on thousands of business publications around the world and bring you back the whole articles. Examples of best practice sponsorship – win-win-win! The kicker is that mostly only university and major public libraries have a license to this.

Publications There are thousands of free e-newsletters that are related to our industry, and that can be a great way to get lots of information in a concise format. Brandweek – This is a treasure trove of great ideas for sponsors and sponsorship seekers. Recommended sponsorship blogs Twitter recommendations @cannonjw. Österreichs Kompetenzzentrum für Wissensmanagement. Recommended Sponsorship Resources. I recently made a comment on a Sponsorship Insights Group discussion on LinkedIn pointing out my favorable opinion of sponsorship industry leaders pointing to valuable resources. I really believe that when you take a “neutral” position as an industry thought leader, and are able to offer direction to assist people in navigating towards valuable resources which focus on the many aspects one must consider to grow their sponsorship efforts it does several things: That being our stance at SponsorPark, we decided it was time to take our own advice and start pointing the finger in the direction of resources we believe are bar none.

If you review the list and believe something has been left out or you have found to be well worth your while, feel free to comment! Power Sponsorship - Kim Skildum-Reid has a tremendous background in sponsorship, and her books as well as her blog have become powerful resources underscoring best practice sponsorship. Sponsor Gallery: Gov 2.0 Summit 2010 - Co-produced by UBM TechWeb & O'Reilly Conferences, September 07 - 08, 2010, Washington, DC. Salzburg NewMediaLab. Das Kompetenzzentrum „Salzburg NewMediaLab – The Next Generation“ (SNML-TNG) begleitet die Wissens- und Medienbranche ins Future Internet.

Denn die viel gepriesene „totale Datenverfügbarkeit“ kehrt sich schnell ins Gegenteil zur „fragwürdigen Datenschwemme“. Zu den großen Herausforderungen der Wissensgesellschaft gehört daher das intelligente Strukturieren und Personalisieren von Daten, um sie zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort in den richtigen Kontext zu setzen. In innovativen Informationsplattformen werden wachsende Datenmengen nicht nur gespeichert und verwaltet sondern vormals isolierte Daten auch intelligent miteinander verknüpft – dies ermöglicht unternehmensweiten Zugriff auf relevante Daten im täglichen Arbeitsprozess und eine nachhaltige Nutzung der Inhalte ohne redundante Speicherung bzw. Beschreibung. Punkt. netServices - Intelligent access for information - concepts and implementation of intranet and internet systems.