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21st century teaching. Curation. Debategraph. PLN is MY PASSIONATE LEARNING NETWORK.I like collaborate with teachers worldwide in #edtech20 project Dear teachers and researchers I invite you to join free and collaborate in #edtech20 curation and semantic project in XXI Century Education and to discover toghether the best #edtech20 edtools who can bring edreform in XXI Century Education .


On this blog I will add the edtool of the day used in our project and you are welcome to collaborate . If you have a propose or feedbak about this project please add here like comments and for more informations you can contact me and write your name, your email , your country , your twitter username , your blog and I will invite you to join . You can read more about this project on facebook page and see a interactive presentation using 21st century multimedia tool for educators GlogsterEdu.

Web20andsocialmediaeSafetyinXXIcenturyeducation. #3DTin – Modeler that runs in your browser using 3d #edtools4chrome #edtech20. 15 Apps for Recording Skype Conversations. 15 Apps for Recording Skype Conversations. No matter if you use Skype for personal or business use, one thing remains the same: you may want to record a call from time to time.

15 Apps for Recording Skype Conversations

Although this may sound like a difficult task, nothing could be further from the truth. There are many ways to easily record Skype calls, making it simple for you to save them locally for future use. Regardless of your budget (there are both free and paid options) or operating system, you should be able to find a couple of apps that offer exactly what you are looking for. Apps to Record Skype Calls on Windows 1. With CallBurner you can record Skype calls directly to WAV or MP3. Features: Clean, professional recordingAbility to record all calls – set it and forget itWorks with all versions of Skype Platform: Windows Price: Free, $49.95 after 30 days to record other calls (not Skype to Skype) 2.

Are you looking for a way to bring Outlook and Skype together? Price: $134.95 3. Price: Free, $38.90 for businesses. A Marketer’s Guide to Content Curation. There is an elephant in the online marketing “room,” and the elephant’s name is Curation.

A Marketer’s Guide to Content Curation

Curation is the most important part of online marketing that no one is talking about. With the rise of inbound marketing, content has become front and center in the minds of marketers. This focus on content as an important marketing tactic creates two extremely important problems. First, content creation is difficult. Having the time and skill to create relevant and interesting content is difficult for marketers who are already overloaded with daily tasks. Applying Curation to Our Problems As marketers, how do we solve these two problems? Curation has become a fixture for many successful news blogs on the web today.

Examples of Curation Some of the most popular posts on this blog have been from curated content. #picplz Upload and apply vintage image filters to your photos for FREE! #edtech20 #edtools4chrome. Grand Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. #FileStork offers Dropbox users an easy and secure way to request files from anyone #edtech20. Classroom 2.0 Live May 2011. TEDxBloomington - The Wisdom of Play. #Citebite - Link directly to specific quotes in web pages #edtech20. #Bloglines, the best resource for local blogs, news, and events #edtech20. #ComicLife for #iPad #iphone #ipod has everything you need for creating and sharing comics and #animation20 #edtech20. #Ekiga (formely known as GnomeMeeting) is an open source SoftPhone, Video Conferencing and Instant Messenge #edtech20. #blekko slash the #semanticweb #edtech20 #socialmedia #web30 #curation #edchat #ukedchat #elemchat.

TripLingo: Personalized Language Learning #edtech20 #edchat #lrnchat #ukedchat #elemchat #elt #efl. Teenagers must stick at English and maths. 12 May 2011Last updated at 14:41 By Sean Coughlan BBC News education correspondent Professor Wolf's review warned that too many pupils lacked basic skills in literacy and numeracy Teenagers who fail to achieve good GCSE grades at English and maths will have to carry on studying the subjects beyond the age of 16.

Teenagers must stick at English and maths

This has been announced as the government accepts Alison Wolf's report on improving vocational education. Professor Wolf was critical of the quality of skills being taught to many youngsters in the 16 to 19 age group. "Good qualifications in English and maths are what employers demand," said Education Secretary Michael Gove. There will also be changes to school league tables to show the spread of high and low achieving pupils. Professor Wolf's report expressed her concern that too many teenagers are leaving school without adequate basic skills. "For too long the vocational education system has been devalued by attempts to pretend that all qualifications are intrinsically the same. — The best way to show and embeded documents on your website #edtech20. How to Build a Free Social Media Monitoring Dashboard.

Do you need a better way to manage the monitoring of your social media?

How to Build a Free Social Media Monitoring Dashboard

Don’t want to spend a lot of money? How about a free alternative? Keep reading to learn how… Google Alerts has its uses, but it is simply not effective as a stand-alone tool for monitoring social media conversations on a day-to-day basis. New #eTwinning two latest publications #edtech20 #sid11. Technology Integration in Education. The End of the Destination Web and the Revival of the Information Economy Brian Solis. InShare639 In recent weeks journalism and the future of all media have once again gone under the knife.

The End of the Destination Web and the Revival of the Information Economy Brian Solis

Experts on either side of new media debated whether or not Twitter’s CNN moment truly was indicative of the future of journalism. Twitter’s role in the spread of online dialogue speculating the death of Osama Bin Laden was studied at great depths to better understand when and where news actually surfaces, how it’s validated, and how news travels across the Web and in real life. Perhaps nothing visualized the power of a single Tweet with such dramatic effect as the network graph developed by SocialFlow. Twitter is becoming a veritable human seismograph as it measures and records events as they unfold. DEN Blog Network » Must Make ISTE Sessions. 11 Excellent Online Converters That Can Help You Convert Files And Formats. Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster.

11 Excellent Online Converters That Can Help You Convert Files And Formats

There are many online file converters out there for designers and developers, but getting by good ones is not that easy. That is why I am sharing 11 Excellent Online Converters That Can Help You Convert Files And Formats. Read each entry in the list and see which one suits your needs best. You are welcome if you want to share more online converters that our readers/viewers may like. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at, just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter and follow us on Digg as well to get updated. iWebPrint You can convert web pages to elegant printer friendly PDF. #eqentia Content Aggregation, #Curation and Re-publishing Platform for Competitive Intelligence #edtech20 #semanticweb. #Docstoc - upload , promote and emebeded your documents #edtech20.

#synchtube - Enjoy synchronized Videos With Friends #edtech20. #Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs slideshare presenation #edtech20 #elearning. Des Moines Amplified Events. KnowledgeWorks OLI: RT @collectiveinven: RT @w... LaunchRock - Create a #curation viral “Launching Soon” page in minutes #edtech20. #CloudReaders is a free book/comic viewer, fully optimized for #iPad #ipod #iphone #edtech20. #TranslationCloud is an innovative application which allows everyone to work from home as a translator #edtech20.

#edtech20 project(@web20education. Search and filter options allowing you to find people to follow depending on location, influence, number of followers, how active users are on Twitter and many more!

#edtech20 project(@web20education

Find the most beneficial people to target so that you can grow and increase the quality of your Twitter community. Find out your best time to tweet, discover the interests of a custom sample of users and endless extra features! To find out more about our product. Happy #EuropeDay 2011 teachers around the European Union #edchat #ukedchat #lrnchat #elt #eltchat. RollGator: Create easily your own public/wall display with your feed #edtech20. 20 Things I Learned About Browsers & the Web - Chrome Web Store #edtech20 #edtools4chrome. #Portrit aims to make photo sharing more social. #edtech20 #edtools4chrome. #Mangahigh a new games-based maths and #animation20 teaching resources #edtech20. #OpenHeatMap turn your spreadsheet into a interactive online map #edtech20.

Web20education (web20education) - #edtech20 blog pearltrees blogul meu teach web 2.0 presentattions photos #edtech20 hub #edtech20 ning secondlife blog @web20education web 2.0 curator #edtech20 group channel lucian hub. #searchcube is a graphical search engine that presents search results #edtech20 #semanticweb #web30. The #edtech20 project Daily. LikeJournal - Bookmarks for the Like Button Take control of your Facebook Likes #edtech20 #edtools4chrome. #AmazingPhotoWallDesigner for #ipad #ipod #iphone the easiest and best photo wall designer. #edtech20 #mlearning #edchat. #Shidonni developing the next generation of creative 3virtualworlds for kids. #edtech20.


#socialmedia #edtools #edtech20 #curator. Lucian #edtech20 Social Media Curator. {*style:<b> #edtech20 project Teaching web 2.0 safety in the clouds 1.Pearltrees is my favorite social curation tool in 2010 and here you can make a PLN - social curation community.

Lucian #edtech20 Social Media Curator

It is the social way to discover, organize and share the stuff you like on the web.Use Pearltrees to keep the stuff you like on the web at hand, to discover new things in your areas of interest and to share them with your friends. </b>*} ProfesorLucianDuma's Channel. #edtech20 - Free project in the clouds for teachers around the world. Edtech20 » Tagalus. Lucian Duma. TIS4TEACHERS - Free project in the clouds for teachers around the world applications, e-safety, education, education , social media, tools, web 2.0. Edtech20 eSafety project - Copied webpages by dumacornellucian. @web20education - Sprred. Teacher (14) - Google Wave. Teachers and students can use free web 2.0 and social media in a safety mode.

Web 2.0, Social Media in safety mode in education. Web 2.0 in education in safety mode . Teaching and learning in XXI century using in a e-Safety way tools and applications web 2.0 and social media in education 2.0. Web 2.0 with Lucian. Web 2.0 , Social Media and New Tehnologies in education still 2010. Best content in 2010groupforteachersandresearcherswhousenewtehnologies.

Web 2.0 and new tehnologies in education still 2010. Web20andsocialmediaineducation2010 - home. Web 2.0 eSafety (web20education)