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LanSchool. VODCASTING. Resnooze. Screencast. Cepis. Eapn. Spread your digital influence - Webit Digital Influence Project. Edu4U. We Are Teachers. Internet4Classrooms - Helping Students, Teachers and Parents Use the Internet Effectively. Nokia N8 To Get Early UK Release On 23rd September.

2 September '10, 12:01pm Follow It looks like an eager Nokia employee has jumped the gun and given an early release date for the Nokia N8, citing September 23rd as the date Nokia customers can head over to Nokia Online and grab their new smartphone a week before general release.

Nokia N8 To Get Early UK Release On 23rd September got the scoop, one of its readers spotting a Google Adword associated to a specific Nokia N8 search, saying the N8 would be “In-Stock, Ready For Dispatch 23rd Sept – 1 Week Before Anyone Else”. Free Domain Tools, DNS Tools. E-Safety from a Self-Management Perspective. Last year I was invited to talk to a group of school students aged 16-18 years on the subject of keeping yourself safe in online social networks.

E-Safety from a Self-Management Perspective

An easy task, you might imagine, except that it has two main difficulties. The Making of a 21st-Century Teacher. CLASSROOM 21 | by Greg Limperis Click here for PDF version.

The Making of a 21st-Century Teacher

Using Various Google Sites - 180 Free Technology Tip #2. Social Media School Group News. Internet Time Alliance View of Change. 0000003448.png (PNG Image, 1260x958 pixels) - Scaled (76%) Blog Action Day 2010 Topics Survey. Why Twitter is so powerful. Sal Khan: Bill Gates' favorite teacher - Aug. 24, 2010. Khan turns out thousands of videos from a converted walk-in closet in his Silicon Valley home.By David A.

Sal Khan: Bill Gates' favorite teacher - Aug. 24, 2010

Kaplan, contributorAugust 24, 2010: 5:53 AM ET FORTUNE -- Sal Khan, you can count Bill Gates as your newest fan. Gates is a voracious consumer of online education. Web 2.0 in the Classroom by darren walker on Prezi. Linguistic Diversity Index. Wetoku : Itțs showtime for you and your friends. Full Sail University. Master's Degree- Online For most educators, it's all about the students, but who's looking out for our teachers?

Full Sail University

Full Sail's Education Media Design & Technology Master's Degree Program was created to help teachers keep up with the changing needs of the 21st century student. In the program, you'll learn to motivate students while utilizing new-media creation tools and technology to create an inspirational and innovative learning environment. Specialized Areas of Study: Educational Design Motivational Development Multiple Learning Theories & Applications Online Course Development Learn to IncorporateMedia into Education: Film & Video Music Games Podcasts Digital Arts Internet Full Sail's online curriculum is the result of 30 years of innovation in delivering immersive, accelerated curriculum. Use custom-built learning tools that promote interaction and collaboration with instructors and fellow students. 100 Ways Google Can Make You a Better Educator.

In the Belly of the Whale: How to get your Twitter problem fixed. Update: If you follow @Support, you can DM them (even though they don’t follow you) and ask your question that way. Though it doesn’t always work. For what is often a better but sometimes slower way to contact Twitter support, read on: Top Issues Account hacked? Google for teaching adults how to describe statistics. Information retention from PowerPoint and traditional lectures. The benefit of PowerPoint^(TM) is continuously debated, but both supporters and detractors have insufficient empirical evidence.

Information retention from PowerPoint and traditional lectures

Its use in university lectures has influenced investigations of PowerPoint's effects on student performance (e.g., overall quiz/exam scores) in comparison to lectures based on overhead projectors, traditional lectures (e.g., ''chalk-and-talk''), and online lectures. Thus far, comparisons of overall exam scores have yielded mixed results. The present study decomposes overall quiz scores into auditory, graphic, and alphanumeric scores to reveal new insights into effects of PowerPoint presentations on student performance. Analyses considered retention of lecture information presented to students without the presence of PowerPoint (i.e., traditional lecture), auditory information in the presence of PowerPoint, and visual (i.e., graphic and alphanumeric) information displayed on PowerPoint slides.

The Freenet Project - /index. În sfârşit vin vaccinurile - Stiri si informatii din Resita, Caransebes si Caras Severin pe Caras Online. Portal de stiri Resita, Caransebes si Caras Severin, matrimoniale, fata zilei, party, vremea, locuri de munca. 9 Ways to Cartoonize yourself. Sometimes it happens we feel boredom to put our real pics again and again or we don’t want to put our Real pics in any online profiles.

9 Ways to Cartoonize yourself

So why dont we do some intresting things by create a cartoon characters of yourself? It’ll be fun and unique to others when you are representing yourself in a cartoonized way in any online profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, orkut etc. and it also give a new look to your online profile! There are many free web services and applications which can create cartoon of yourself and you don’t have to pay an artist for your cartoon illustrations. Here you can find some of the best tools including Face your Manga, South Park and Meez ( A 3D Animated Avatar generator ) character generators. Here’s 9 websites that allows you to create a cartoon of yourself. Chew TV Network - A communication network for a connected generation. GoMobile4Learning. Detailed Tutorial on Glogster EDU. OpenID Foundation website.

When are young people ready for technology? 26 July 2010 | By Martin Cocker Categories: Education, Privacy | I recently provided some information for an article in a weekend paper, which I’ll reproduce in full here.

When are young people ready for technology?

The question was basically - at what age are young people ready for different technologies. Its a good question, and one that many parents would be asking themselves. The problems is – its not possible to create a technology vs age readiness table that has any real value. Each parent needs to decide when their child is capable of managing each technology. Emerging Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010.

10 Ways to Evaluate Blogs. Now that the new school year has started, or is about to start, we all want to have fresh insights into how to do the things we’re paid to do.

10 Ways to Evaluate Blogs

It may be how to teach better, or how to engage students more. In my case, not being a school teacher any more, I want to keep my feet on the ground and my finger on the pulse; I want to know what new applications and innovations folk are talking about, and to keep abreast of current thinking. One of the places we children of Web 2.0 turn to, of course, is blogs. But how can you tell if a blog is worth reading? StarPlanIt. Google Books. Learning Objects Community - Objects of Interest. As we get closer to the next school year, it is a good time to re-think some lesson ideas and find ways to refresh them, and, ideally, incorporate some technology into our day-to-day teaching and learning. Here are some ideas for using Social Media in the Classroom. Course Blog - Create a class blog and share it publicly to let others know what your class is learning and doing.

Add an RSS feed so students can subscribe to the blog and get updates on the go.Individual Student Blogs - Enable students to blog on their own to learn how to share their work with others. Journals for critical reflections.Post homework, notes, and lectures - provide easy access for students. Share materials, news, current events, changes to syllabus or class schedule.Share resources / build a class knowledgebase. Web3 Platform - NetworkedPlanet.