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Techtonic is a fast-growing website designing and development company in Delhi NCR.

Top Technology Trends In And After COVID-19. During the lockdown when almost all segments of the economy were slowing down, only 2 sectors were showing positive outlook and they are farm and IT/ITES.

Top Technology Trends In And After COVID-19

Virtual classes, zoom call meetings, online graduations, work from home became the new normal and in this article, we look through the crystal ball to predict trends for the next few years. Flutter Vs Ionic: The Right Framework for Your Mobile App Development. The key feature behind the success of mobile app development is reaching the maximum number of people irrespective of their operating systems and devices.

Flutter Vs Ionic: The Right Framework for Your Mobile App Development

There are two popular ways to develop successful mobile apps, i.e., native development and cross-platform development. While the native applications are developed for specific platforms and high performance, the cross platforms are designed using a single code base that runs on multiple platforms. In this article, we will discuss the differences between the two major cross-platforms frameworks, Flutter vs Ionic. Flutter Vs. Why We Love Jamstack! Until recently website developers had two options, one was to create a static HTML website or create a website which would interact with a database to get the latest content and images.

Why We Love Jamstack!

Both the choices have their pros and cons: If you choose to develop a HTML website: Lesser hardware requirements and potentially your website can be hosted directly on CDN, Which means that the website load time will be low compared to a database based website. Low cost since you will not need a beefy serverPotentially better page speed scoreLesser maintenanceShorter development timeIt will be difficult to edit content or images because the website owner should be able to write and understand HTML/CSS.Form submission will be an issue.

Staff Augmentation vs Project Outsourcing. Due to the recent circumstances, we have seen strong momentum towards digitization and remote working.

Staff Augmentation vs Project Outsourcing

As a matter of fact, most companies are looking for possible ways to cut their costs and yet maintain the quality of their software solutions. Get The Most Out Of Virtual Events & Exhibitions. A tech company with expertise in Gaming & Payment solutions with its R&D centers located in the world’s most famous IT hubs.

Get The Most Out Of Virtual Events & Exhibitions

Founded in 2007, it is a part of the industry leaders in Lottery & Gaming operations. They have been frequently participating in real-world exhibitions all over the world. Unfortunately, just like many others, the global pandemic caught them off-guard and while it created a lot of challenges it also brought a wave of opportunities for the ones willing to adapt. Nothing can stop brands that are driven by passion. How to Choose the Right Tech Stack or Technology for Your Start-up? So you have a tech startup idea and are wondering about the roadmap of the company.

How to Choose the Right Tech Stack or Technology for Your Start-up?

Execution is the key and most startups fail to achieve their goals because of poor on-ground implementation. One of the most essential decisions at the beginning of a venture is to choose a technology stack that suits your organization. Sometimes founders do not give so much importance to it but they surely realize later that they should have done more research on this. Maintenance, scalability, and user experience are directly or indirectly dependent upon picking the right tech stack or technology. What is a Tech Stack? To put it in simple words, the tech stack is a set of programming languages, tools, patterns, servers, software(s), and frameworks that are used in building software applications. What Is New In Flutter 1.17. Flutter is a cross-platform programming framework that facilitates the process of developing numerous cross-platform applications without having to deal with the hustle of the non-native codes.

What Is New In Flutter 1.17

All you need is some basic knowledge about Dart programming language and you can easily develop apps for iOS, Android, desktop as well as web using Flutter. Single Page Application And The Modern Web. In today’s fast-paced world, developers and designers are always in search of methods of offering superior quality of user experience.

Single Page Application And The Modern Web

Web application and website response speed greatly impact the overall user experience. Hence, single page applications are becoming popular because they are efficient in their view updates and also can help in reducing the number of server queries. Is Flutter The Right Solution For Mobile App Development? Flutter is an open source application development framework which was developed by Google.

Is Flutter The Right Solution For Mobile App Development?

It permits the creation of top-notch mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. Functional Programming In React. Now before diving into the concepts of functional programming in React, let’s understand what is functional programming?

Functional Programming In React

The functional programming is a concept of creating pure functions for software logic. Node JS Development Company. Node.js (Node) is an open-source development platform for executing JavaScript code server-side. Node is helpful for creating applications that require a diligent association from the browser to the server and is regularly utilized for constant applications, for example, visit, news channels and web push notices. Node.js is proposed to keep running on a dedicated HTTP server and to utilize a single thread with one process at any given moment. Node.js applications are event-based and run nonconcurrently. Code based on the Node platform does not take after the customary model of get, process, send, pause, get.

Rather, Node forms approaching solicitations in a steady event stack and small requests one after the other without waiting for responses. This is a move far from standard models that run bigger, more unpredictable procedures and run a few strings simultaneously, with each string sitting tight for its suitable reaction before proceeding onward.

The Fast Suite Run with Data Streaming.

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