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Weaccountax is an online Bookkeeping firm which provide accounting, Tax, VAT, and business formation services.

Impact Of Brexit On UK Business. The United Kingdom has started the process of Brexit from March 2017 and is expected to leave the European Union by April 2019.

Impact Of Brexit On UK Business

United Kingdom’s joining the European Union was confirmed by referendum in 1975. The European Union is a political and economic union of 28 member states primarily from Europe. It is considered as the biggest economy in the world. The significance of Union can be assessed by the fact that it promoted GDP growth in the entire economy because of its free to trade and work policies throughout the union. Single currency / trade freedom agreement. How to make a Finance CV. Accountancy Scheme for Small Business in UK. What is Bookkeeping and Process. Accounting Vs Bookkeeping. Financial reporting process has gained a lot of popularity in the small to medium scale businesses as they have seen multinational companies building fortunes by the use of valuable financial information in the right framework to resolve business-related problems.

Accounting Vs Bookkeeping

Financial reporting process has following steps: Identify and Analyze:Identify and analyze the business processes and potential business transactions which ought to be recorded in the financial books. There are various material movements and transactions being carried out within the organization and outside of the organization. Not all of those transactions are supposed to be recorded in the financial accounts of the company.

The Benefits of Effective Financial Reporting. Bookkeeping is considered as the foundation step for financial reporting.

The Benefits of Effective Financial Reporting

Over the years financial reporting has become a business needs for almost all the businesses regardless of their size, industry, nature and organizational structure. Following are the benefits of effective financial reporting: Financial reporting enables the business to keep a thorough track of their financial performance over a period of time. Various financial statements are used to deal with different matters and a complete set of financial statement is capable of developing a thorough monitoring over the entire business.

Introduction to Financial Accounting. Double entry bookkeeping system is the heart of the financial accounting.

Introduction to Financial Accounting

Each transaction is recorded by using double entry accounting system. The term “double entry” means that each transaction affects two or more company accounts. Importance of Branding and Marketing in Today's life. Branding has always been really important for the success of the business.

Importance of Branding and Marketing in Today's life.

Even in the earlier times, when the word branding was unknown to mankind, human beings were constantly trying to brand their business rather unconsciously to make their business grow and expand. Even in earliest times of Roman era, businesses were marketed by the use of labels and wood plates to exhibit are the particular name of the business. What You Need to Know When Hiring Your First Accountant ? What is a cash flow statement? 9. Market structures / What determines the behaviour of firms. A Brief Introduction to Global Crisis - weaccountax. The global economy has been drowning in the world business crisis since the depression of 2008 which started from the United States of America and smeared across the entire world.

A Brief Introduction to Global Crisis - weaccountax

The debt crisis of 2008 is considered to be one of most horrific of the history of humanity. The revival of the economy has been based on zero-rated monetary policy and injecting dollars into the banks for a further loan to the general public. Though FED balance sheet is expanding it seems to be working as it is consistently adding jobs and employment crisis is continually improving. The Same policy is adopted in the United Kingdom and the European Union and it has been proving to be a viable option for this matter.

Setting up your first business can be a difficult task. Contact us | Register | Login Setting up your first business can be a difficult task.

Setting up your first business can be a difficult task.

NEWS— No matter how much experience you have of other companies, you can never be fully prepared for setting up your own business. That’s why we have come (Finance) Importance of Branding and Marketing in Today's life. - weaccountax. What is The Business Structure? Business structure refers to a way of doing business.

What is The Business Structure?

There are three types of commonly used business structures in today's business environment. 1) Sole proprietor: These are individually owned business and have no separate existence. They are taxed under income tax section rather than corporation tax sector.